Business Assignment on TryCarriage

I have a Business English assignment
words: 700 

chosen company: Carriage
it is a delivery service company, it delivers food from restaurants, medicine from pharmacies, supplements and other items.

business idea: to ADD ambulance services to be part of carriage business line

Carriage #

It’s a platform whose aim is to provide the best food delivery services in Kuwait. Their main is to provide the best delivery service of food from local restaurants, and they want to do it with so perfection that it will become a high-end quality food service who also handle all of logistics. Carriage increase the opportunity for local restaurants to target more customers and carriage will deliver food with high-quality services to them. One of expansion also allows the carriage to collect the medicine from pharmacies and hospitals and deliver it to desired consumers. Carriage allows restaurants to focus on their core competencies which are good and quality food and they will do their free marketing and deliver it in its real condition.

As the carriage is already working on some products for delivery and has a positive impact on the market. In this condition, it right time set up a new business line. Ambulances are a new business line which is going to introduce by carriage in the existing business. When someone suddenly becomes sick, and they do not have vehicles, this ambulance service will help to reach in hospital at the time and get cured. First aid will be provided to patients who use this ambulance service and also drop patient to treatment place in less time. Introduction of this business line will help the company to grow in the market and also enables the company to have a competitive edge

Mission #

The carriage mission is to deliver quality food, medicine and ambulance delivery service in Kuwait.

Vision #

They want to deliver all products of food, medicines and ambulance service as fast as possible and best condition possible, with no minimum charges and also track their orders with carriage.

Ambulance services #

Ambulance service is need of these days, in a busy life where everyone is busy in the office and other matters. No vehicle is available at home. In this scenario, this service is very convenient. In middle east ambulance services are very low as compare to other countries. The existing companies do not provide enough facilities in an ambulance which is also lacking in this market innovative ambulance services in the carriage business line is a good development which will help it to grow. The introduction of new service can give the advantage to the try carriage, and it suits their nature of business of delivering the services of manufactured goods to the doorstep of the customers it can also give the competitive advantage to the trivariate as there are number of businesses selling their services but the introducing of ambulance in this business model is a new concept, and this can change the outlook of the try carriage business. There is a number of benefits of introducing the ambulance service in the trycarrige business it can give a huge advantage to their business while increasing the customer base and revenues. This can make there name more established as the company has its own assets and the new addition to the service provider. It can enhance the performance of the business. It can also give the benefit to the new customers as they are already buying the services and new service will give them more convenience. It is a service based business and can give the strength to the existing business and can contribute to the long-term goal of the business. Before introducing the service, try carriage should take some steps to successfully run the ambulance business operations. They can research their competitors to better understand the business and challenges of it. Then they need to identify their target customers who are people in need of urgent help, and then they need to develop the marketing strategy to promote their business. For this, they need a detailed marketing strategy and include different type of aspects of marketing to successfully launch the product and achieve the desired results.

Conclusion #

They are already established business, and it can give the competitive edge to try carriage over others. All these aspects of a business can contribute to the success of their new service. Trycarriage can also consider further option after the success of their new ambulance service. They can also introduce the cab service which is related to transportation industry, and the experience of their new ambulance service can give them the knowledge to diversify in other products and services.



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