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Changes that are taking place in the lifestyle of the Turkish airline consumers in the digital age #

In the digital age, the use of digital technologies like smart devices enhances because they offer high convenience and the peace of mind to the customers. The lifestyle of the people become more relaxing, and they need the airline service with the high technology supported like Wi-Fi, private digital spaces in airlines, etc. that make their traveling experience better and support the companies to attract more customers. Now the customers become more individualistic and demanding, and they become less loyal and are not ready to accept lower service. They become less willing to forgive the corporations whose services and the products are not meeting the high standards. The leading lifestyle trend of the customers in the airline industry in which Turkish airlines operates its business are looking for the speed and the convenience and high technologies. The Turkish Airline analyze the need of the customers in this digital era and offers services like application for online booking through which consumers become able to book their tickets online. They also gave their packages detail online so customers become able to compare the services packages of Turkish online with different companies by using the search engines and will select the one that matches with the high standards that raise the competition in the market. As the loyalty level of the customers are less, and they switch quickly when they observe that other companies are offering better services at reasonable prices, so Turkish Airline always conducts the online surveys and get feedback from customers to ensure that their services are unique and effective that enhance their customers level of loyalty. The Turkish airline management understands that businesses are becoming highly virtual and attracting more customers in this digital era, so they use the effective online marketing because they understand that now customers use many search engines to select the best products and services. The Turkish online offers the online booking service, online inquiry service to their consumers for their convenience and time-saving modes. But the customers also demand the tracking service of their cargos that Turkish online have to offer in the future for getting high customers volume (Turkish Airline Incorporation, 2018). The Turkish airline major target audience is business class, and they want the fast and quickly travel so by the online booking service they book online and travel fast by the destination flights of the company. The Business class people along with fast travel also demand luxury leisure traveling, so the Turkish Airline offers premium cabins with first-class seats and entertainment systems. It also offers the standout cuisines with the touches like the on-board chef and the powered battery candles on the trays to stimulate the candlelit look dinner. All these changes the consumer’s behavior and attitudes (Olmsted, 2018).

Reflection of these changes on the Turkish airline marketing activities

These changes in the consumer’s lifestyle and attitudes impose a significant impact on the marketing activities of the customers. In the digital world as the consumers use the search engines for the selection of the best company, so the company marketing team have to ensure that they have a good presence on the online sites and also ensure that they communicate and respond to the consumer’s inquiries effectively to raise their customer’s volume and to make a healthy relationship with them. They also have to use social media channels to market their services effectively. The company already uses the Facebook and YouTube Channels, so they have to ensure that they update them on daily bases and provide customers with information related to their packages, new services, discounts, etc. to attract more customers. They also have to provide complete and transparent information on their websites and also offer the online booking and tracking service on their sites for the convenience of the customers that is a significant concern of the today’s customers. They also have to affiliate themselves with the review sites so that the customers who on the bases of these sites review make their decision of selecting the company will be attracted and this improves the sales volume of the company. So, by improved virtual and online appearance through active marketing activities, the brand equity of the Turkish airline will be enhanced efficiently.


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