Benefits And Limitations Of Cloud

If I would be the chief information officer of the firm, how would I explain the working, benefits, and limitations of the cloud? #

Working: #

It works on almost all the network technologies like LAN, WAN, and PAN but it will prove to be more cost-cutting and effective on WAN(wide area network) to connect computers operating on two or more different sites.

All the data received worldwide will be treated equally on the cloud. Messages are first broken into packets then these packets move around the internet, passing through networks. (Bohra, 2010)

Benefits: #

Cloud is the most advanced technology in the field of IT. It solves the entire data storage related problem in a blink of the eye. It has just a one-time setup cost, and as a result, it reduces the average monthly data storage cost up to 50%.

It has many other advantages like all the incoming data automatically uploaded virtually, no physical space required for the whole setup. It saves power up to 80 percent and also no time or physical resources consumed for the backup process.

It can automatically adjust itself to the unpredictable demand for data storage. Thus it helps in reducing the financial risk for the company, and the average cost of data storage also decreases with the increase in the size of the operation. It also cuts in the cost for hardware support staff up to 70 percent. (Gantz, 2011)

Limitations: #

Cloud has obviously some limitations with it like when some industry or organization requires physical possession of data or firm control on all the related data physically than cloud is surely not a good choice.

Cloud equally treats all the content means no blockage or slowing down the process of storing or retrieving data associated with competitors but some people pay more will acquire more bandwidth on a cloud. Data on a cloud is stored in the form of plain text hence easily accessible to hackers.

Bibliography #

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