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my professor ask me to act like I am a business manager at the university, so my homework is to make a simple comparison between these sites

  Then build a simple vision to launch center (or maybe app) specializing in selling products with the university logo on it.

Introduction #

Big giants in the market like Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and other big names have made companies and generating billions in revenues, and the other big tech giants including small business are focusing on the e-commerce to generate more revenues and attract more customers. Tech giants are also using their name on different products which customers want to buy, and their name on the merchandise is the type of marketing which will be done by the consumers who are wearing these merchandises from company’s website.

Comparison #

Cisco is a Merchandise Store website which is handling and shipping its customers by giving the best series and products to customers. It is a U.S website. The UPS delivers online orders for the Cisco Store. It takes orders in its own country and from also another country internationally that are usually delivered by the FedEx. This website builds a remote and optimizes workspace in office to inspire their new ideas for the customers.

Customers can place their online orders and further, they all managed by the workers. In their accessories, they sell toys, stickers, pets and other things. The electronic devices have speakers, power bank, cables and headphones. It is famous for its clothing materials. Water bottles, mugs with bags are also available at the Cisco store. Only Cisco employees can open the site and they are responsible for managing all the orders from the customers.

It an online shopping website and need customers details for the delivery. They are selling tier products at reasonable prices. Their products are unique and can be delivered on the given location at the given time. They also ship their products to some international locations. The out of stock products can be made on demand of the customers. The availability time of the Cisco Store is 24 hours service.

VMware believes that online websites have the power to attract more people to our planet. Their software gives digital foundation which power services, experiences and apps transforming. Their company wants to give the best experiences to customers, and employees. Their software computes the networking, security, digital and cloud workspace.

VMware gives an ability to customers to manage, protect, run and connect all apps and reduce their costs, innovate faster and can gain efficiencies. Their software gives the SDDC, Cloud management and data center platform. The company is giving the security and management in their applications for customers and employees. Connectivity and networking security are also given by them to users.

This company also helps people by delivering life-saving mobility and cloud services to the hospitals. Also, help Armor to protect the transactions yearly. They are giving advanced technologies for good. VMware’s operations and products have a large impact on people around the world.

Other online websites are also talking about stores, in comparison, are all selling their merchandise on their e-commerce website it is beneficial for a company branding strategy, and people see their name on different products will help businesses to remember the name of the business by attracting physiologically.

It is a beneficial technique for marketing the products, and these techniques are helpful for the businesses to market their name. VMware, Cisco merchandise store, online google store, Microsoft online store, Lockheed Martin store are the example of these companies which are the tech companies, but they diversified their business and selling their merchandise with their name and logo on every item they are selling on their website.

The items include the wearables like tees, zippers, uppers and another day to day use things with their branding. It promotes the brand name and also contributes to the revenue of the company although revenue from these activities are less they are considering this as a good marketing strategy.  The logo on these products has several benefits which can also give a boost to the idea of launching our products with the university logo. Here are some reasons we should introduce the products with the university logo.

  • Logo on the products make the image of established and bigger business
  • It can also increase the revenue for the university
  • It can also attract more students and clients
  • It projects the business image as more reputable
  • It also explains your business name
  • It also helps differentiate your name and standout in the crowd
  • It shows your commitment to the business

All these benefits can boost the business and help people to remember the name of the business when they need anything related to the business.

E-commerce Benefits through online websites #

E-commerce business also has its benefits which can be good for the company business. E-commerce needs are increasing, and every business needs e-commerce nowadays as it has the number of benefits for the business.

  • Convenience and easiness of buying is one of the biggest benefits an e-commerce store has to offer as it can be selling the products 24/7 365 days which is in itself is the biggest benefit
  • It offers the product description which each product
  • It uses search engines to be more visible to the target customers
  • It also has the warranty information communicating the policies
  • It also reduces the cost of inventory management
  • It is a competence option due to the low cost of setup
  • The happy customer give revies to your product which increases the sales further
  • It can also give the business greater reachability
  • It is the economical option as it does not require a large investment, you just have to have the unique idea and product
  • It also helps boost brand awareness among people
  • Decreasing cost is another benefit as it reduces the advertising and marketing costs, employees cost and also eliminate the travel cost to sell the product
  • It offers huge information on the products which is not possible to give in person
  • It offers easy analytics on the data available as it can measure the effectiveness of the sales, promotion, marketing, and other techniques and challenges can be overcome.
  • It expands the horizon as a customer can reach to you through the internet
  • It has the huge potential of scalability and businesses can expand themselves through multi-site which can give huge potential to business to grow

Vision Conclusion #

The above benefits of the e-commerce store can give be a huge benefit for the university, and the university can offer products with their name on the product which will aware the customer about the university and help the university to raise more revenue and increase their brand awareness.

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