Culture Shock Assignment


  1. Think about a time that you experienced one of the four stages of cultural adjustment. What stage was you in?  What did you experience? #

I had experienced three out of four stages of cultural adjustment. In the beginning, when I moved to another country for the sake of good quality education, I was very excited; the honeymoon period was going on, new atmosphere, curious and ready to experience new adventures as well. After a few weeks of excitement, I started feeling frustration over different behaviors in the surroundings. I was asking the question of why people bother themselves to watch weather updates after each hour. Why don’t people talk to each other about their misdeeds instead of holding a grudge? Then after months, I started understanding the behavior of people and some facts about culture. This is the phase where I once again became relax and started making progress in academics and in personal life as well.

  1. Why do you think you were in that stage? (15 points) (Write at least 7 sentences.) #

There is the obvious reason that whenever a person moves towards a new culture or to different countries find numerous challenges. In the beginning, everything seems like a dream come true and a person feels delighted and excited. Hence when I moved I was very eager to move to other culture and to get familiar with new surroundings and new atmosphere. But when I was in the second stage my all excitement vanished and the excitement started going low. I was started experiencing an unwanted event. I felt homesickness and was anxious in dealing with people or meeting the challenges of academics. Hence I felt and faced a frustrating phase of cultural shock. Then gradually, in the next stage, I started adjusting myself with the new environment and new requirements. I had made up my mind and once again was normalized in accepting culturally different things in the daily routine of life. Now I am familiar with most of the different traits, norms, and nations. I am well adjusted now but still struggling to adapt to the new environment.

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