Organizational Behaviour Portfolio Assignment

The course MSB 305 provided me a chance to explore myself and to analyze my management capabilities. Self-exploration is something of vital importance. Throughout my life, I have always looked forward to self-exploratory sessions and have always found them helpful.

While general self-exploration is important to lead a peaceful and prosperous life, specific self–evaluation is important when it comes to a particular profession. This course gave me the chance to evaluate myself from an organizational point of view, which I see as a rare and golden opportunity.

To evaluate me, I took M.B.T.I. (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) test which is known to be the most accurate of all the available tests. This single evaluation test has allowed me to rediscover my capabilities and recognize my faults and work on them.

Types of the MBTI #

Out of the 16 personality types, my results for MBTI came to be ESFJ which stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judgment. These people are also known as ‘the Caregiver’.  I was informed that this test is very accurate but I could not believe that it could be this fitting to my actual personality.

People who are close to me i.e. my family and friends, usually define me as a caring person and it is something that comes to me naturally. It can also be due to the fact that at my native home, it is a usual practice that people take care of each other a lot.

The E in ESFJ is for ‘Extravert’, being an extraverted refers to being outward and is opposite if introvert. This is very true, I am anything but an introvert. I have lots of friends, I make friends wherever I go. I never find it hard to go to someplace alone as it is easier for me to talk to strangers.

In fact, it is one of my interests to meet new people. I believe every person has something new to teach you which you did not know already. The S in ESFJ is for being sensitive. I have been a sensitive person since I was very young. It is not that I always take things personally but it is very easy for me to relate to others’ pain and suffering.

Being described as sensitive and warm-hearted is something which I truly am. I understand what people are going through and this helps me forming a personal bond with them. But being so sensitive also sometimes makes me feel vulnerable as it can cause me to get hurt by others easily.

So I have been trying to take things less deeply. So that I do not let others’ indifference affect me greatly. But this does not let me be rude to people, I am always welcoming to others and it is very hard for me to say ‘No’ to people. This makes me that friend who is always there to help.

The people who are categorized in ESFJ are called people persons. I never acknowledged it that much before now I realize that it is the reason I do so well at gatherings whether these are family gatherings or parties with friends.

Like some of the other kids might have some issues in talking to people, I usually do not find it hard. As a reaction to this behavior of mine, people tend to be around me as they think I am a good company.

As an amateur, these qualities can be exploited by others and people can take advantage of you and can also hurt you in the end. This is something which I have learned through my years and while I am a friendly person,

I tend to see through people well enough to judge them if they are being true to me or not. Surprisingly, one of the characteristics of ESFJ is also that people who fall into this category can judge others well. This shows the accuracy of the MBTI. I think that due to the fact that I have been so social my entire life.

I have fallen down the path, people have betrayed me, and they have used me. But now, at this stage of my life, I know who my true friends are which makes me aware of my surroundings. While I can have a good conversation with anyone standing by my side, I am not affected if he has a bad comment about me because that says about him and not about me.

Harmony and discipline are something of great importance to me. I am a very organized person and work well in an organized environment. As the results describe, I am a good team player. And I believe, that to work successfully as a team, harmony is a must pre-requisite. This involves that people should know their collective as well as individual goals so that they can work together to achieve them.

Organizational Structure in Organization Behavior #

In a team, if a single person is hurt or troubled, then the whole team is in trouble. Hence, it is important to help each other on the way. Here, I think my skills of being a good helper and friend will come into play as I work well to provide what people want from me. Time management is something which is crucial in every given task and I have always focused on that.

While working on group projects through my academic years, I have found myself to have the qualities of a team binder, I never let any member think that he is doing something which does is not important enough and also used to solve other issues.

Loyalty is something that comes naturally to me. I am a very loyal person by nature, I have never betrayed any of my friends. I love people and usually, people love me back all the same way/ But there have been cases where this was not the case, and the only solution to such problems is that I back out.

My personal experiences have made me aware of this fact that if I cannot get loyalty in return for loyalty then I do not want anything else. So I am sure that I will be completely loyal to the organization I shall be working with. Encouragement is something which every person needs to work harder.

Incentives and rewards are one way of showing that but I personally love the good compliments which are given to me by others. Like I have always looked forward to the feedback of my teachers, while their criticism helped me grow, it was their compliments which actually kept me going and encouragement from them which helped me excel.

So while a general reward system is necessary for me as it is for all others, it is a single good compliment from someone that actually makes my day.

Conclusion #

Overall, the MBTI test has amazed me on one hand by being so accurate and on another hand, it has helped me become more self-assured about who I really am. While I knew some of the basic things about my general friendly nature and being social.

I never truly acknowledged these qualities of mine to help me grow in my managerial skills. The test results have allowed me to go through some very important aspects of my personality and how these can be used in a productive manner and can be helpful for my organization.

These kinds of tests allow students to find their true potential, while it is important to analyze our weakness and work on them, it is equally important to recognize our strengths. I am really glad that I took this test as it has been of tremendous help.

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