Learning from Game Essay

Introduction of Learning from Game #

Games have been a part of human society for many decades and with the passage of time their prevalence and the importance in our lives have only increased.

Thanks to the magnanimous research, development, and efforts that have been inserted into the field of computer science the industry of video games has highly improvised and has not seen any shortfall in demand and interest of the players and viewers all over the world.

Video games are played by each and every age group in our society whether it is small babies, children of young ages, small boys and girls, teenage youngsters, schools and college-going students, professionals, parents, elderly people, everyone is seen captivated by the high-quality video games that bare available through different resources.

Games have become so essential part of human life that some people cannot even think of getting rid of their games for one day.

The daily routine of the modern lives has become so much busy and people have hardly time for their friends and families but still, everyone can afford to buy some time for from their busy schedule for the games on their computers, mobiles, laptops and another electronic gadget that have reallocated the video games form the TV screens or big gaming consoles in the playlands to our hands at a much suitable size.

Whether it is school, offices, home, college, university, academies, even the football fields and sports ground, bathrooms, kitchens every has some kind of source of entertainment for him or her in the form of a gaming device.

The technology has made many alterations and modifications in the gaming zone that whatever concept was prevalent in the society when it came to video games has now completely been altered.

It was the older days when the video games could only be considered as an indoor activity and the customers were not able to carry their fun time activities outside their houses into the open environment where they can not only enjoy the nature but also keep their mind activated by some kind of thought-provoking game.

Types of Games #

As the computer sciences and the development that has been made in the gaming industry have emerged different types and forms have also been classified.

There are plenty of options to choose from for the game lovers. Everyone can now pick the game that suits their moods and time routine while also gives them mental or physical relaxation in their busy lifestyles.

Also, smartphones and mobiles and laptops are all those devices that can be easily carried by a person without any kind of extra load.

Therefore the people have now loads of games already installed in their gadgets and this has not only increased the demand of the sophisticated electronics but also has created so many hypes that people, kids and almost individuals belonging to each part of the society have now some sort of device where they can actually get themselves involved without the mental torchers of sitting at one place in front of single gaming console.

There are many types of games available in the industry including

  • Action or Platform Games
  • Adventurous and thrilling games
  • Mission or Goal Achieving games
  • Sport-related games
  • Mystery resolving suspense games
  • Revenge or Battlefield games
  • Strategy based games
  • Character-based Games
  • Simulations

With so many different types of options available to get some luxury time or to have fun with friends or family, it seems almost impossible that people would ever get tired of the games.

The competitions are held at different levels of the society where the participants can get to compete in the most favorite games.

This is a very important factor in gathering the attention of the customers towards this field. Not only at the level of the players but also the development of the games has recently gained so much attention that event he certified professional can be seen in the society everywhere that offer the services is not only creating the new games from the scratch but also provide their opinions and methods to improve the features of already created games.

All the above-mentioned types have been explained in detail below.

Action games #

This is one of the most commonly found game type in our society and hold special kind of features that keep the users or gamers captivated by the action-based moves and tactics involved in the games.

These games most of the tome contain the characters in the form of fighters where each fighter has its own skillset or supernatural qualities and they both compete with each other where the actual competition is between the players who control the fighters using their remotes and consoles.

There is a certain limit of power that is present for both the characters and that player whose character loses all of its power by more injuries loses at the end.

The fight or competition can be played in single or team mode battles. The member whose all team members die first then wins the game. Taken and its various parts is a very popular game series.

Adventurous or thrilling games: #

These kinds of games hold quite a percentage in the gaming industry because the developers of the video games at any level have to keep in mind always that what id their target audience and what is their demand.

The thrill is associated with these games in several aspects like the character may have to pass certain kinds of obstacles in the path that has been created and then also might have to fight with the existing other enemies while also keeping himself safe from getting harmed.

Mission or Goal Achieving games #

The main character in such games is assigned a special target that has to be achieved by successfully completing all the different steps and phases of the game by getting over all the hurdles.

The final target may of different types that have to be achieved at the end of the game. Also, different small prizes are also kept in the game that keeps the interest of players developed all the time.

After the goal has been accomplished other parts of the games may be present for future assignments. The other special feature of these games is that all the things have to be performed by following certain instructions or codes of conduct in order to receive the full credit.

Sports-Related Games #

There are countless outdoor sports and physical activities that have been graphically created in the form of video games. The most important games that are directly related to the sport include cricket related video games, soccer or football games, hockey, basketball, badminton, and tennis.

All of these different sport games have gained a huge appreciation and people are always thrilled and quite enthusiastic whenever a new game is being launched in the market.

Mystery Resolving Games #

These are thought-provoking games that but the interest of their players by creating doubts and uncertainties about what might happen to the characters in the future.

Also, such games might include the complete search of castles or different places with the help of the character that might sometimes be only one may be chosen from a list.

Revenge or Battlefield Games #

For all the aggressive people out there a huge collection of the games that include the killing and detailed or finely created fighting sequences is present. The thirst to kill the character that is most hated by any player is fulfilled by such games.

Also, these games might be created with a certain historic background or a true story of fighting sequence that could have occurred in the past and became very famous.  Such games might be single-player or require multiple players. They can also be very helpful in providing information and learning to develop some useful tactics.

Strategy Based Games #

Some games are based on special scenarios that are either created by the developer of the game himself or by the cases related to the police or gangsters. So for all those people who kind of like to get themselves in dangerous or enjoy thrilling situations, there are games to satisfy their search for some thrilling adventure.

These games sometimes include the interaction of fighting sequences with the enemies of the targets. Also, the weapons that are available to the soldiers or fighters are the main point of attraction for the users.

Character-Based Games #

There are some globally famous cartoons or comic characters that are idealized by the children at young ages. A lot of films, cartoon series, and dramas have been created with such characters either in animated form or roles played by actual actors.

Comic characters have also been the main point of attraction for the game makers because it is easy for people to associate themselves with their favorite superheroes and comic characters.

Batman, Superman, spider-man, hulk, ant-man, member of justice league, green lantern are some of the most known characters and loads of games have already been made in which the players get to protect the world from evil powers and devils with the help of their heroes.

Simulations #

These games are available nowadays and are most abundantly seen in the smartphones where there is particularly no character and the game could be in the form of a puzzle that has to be resolved.

These simulations are artificially created real life of animated scenarios where the players can get the rewards or several prizes by successfully accomplishing the targets.

Game #

This video game that has been created is a mixture of different types of gaming concepts that include the adventurous, thrill, target-based, and goal achieving games.

Actually the complete game has been created as a simple yet exciting time spending activity that helps the players to get involved with the character and feel like they are actually jumping, running, and flying along with the character because of its extraordinary appearance.

There are five different levels in the game that have to be complete successfully in order to complete the game and win the ultimate prize at the end.

The game actually has a character that is dressed up in the form of a warrior who is all set to make out his way through the evil world and is also highly skilled and trained to defeat all the evil creatures and his enemies that come across his way.

There have also been small targets placed along the complete path of the warrior in the form of food items. The character actually eats all the foods that are vegetables, fruits, and other things to maintain his power.

The power of the character is also displayed on the top of his head which works like an indicator by displaying the actual power available to the user about the ninja warrior that is struggling not only to save his life from the enemies that are present at each and every corner of his path.

The target is to pass over all the enemies with the help of flying or jumping keys and also consume all the food products that are available along the entire path which would be crossed by the warrior on his quest towards victory.

At each level of the game, a different country is shown where one of its most famous places has to be conquered by the character. But the complete space is full of the enemies as defined before and the protection or precautionary measures have to be taken by the player to save him from getting killed or harmed.

The power lost during the fighting with animals depicted as the character’s enemies could be maintained by eating the food. The complete hierarchy of the game has been defined with the help of the flow diagram below.

Level 1 #

Place: China #

When the first level of the game begins a warrior can be seen on the gaming screen who is continuously revolving his sword like a ninja and requires the player to control his movement with the help of the key. But the quality of the screen is so good that everyone can define that’s what is going on in the game.

The keys for the control of the character’s movement are also very defined as there are no options expect jumping which has to be constantly performed by the warrior on competing against his enemies.

The technical aspects would be covered later in the report however the location chosen by the designer of the game for the first level is the Great Wall of China which is not very clearly seen.

Also if this location was selected then the route of the warrior must have been selected along with the wall which is exactly what has been done as it is visible that the character is jumping in the air along properly created steps that have a complete correlation with the actual location.

The features of the selected location have been enhanced in a way that title and the idea of the game have no relation with China. The steps are also quite strange as they don’t follow any specific path making it more exciting and challenging

Enemies: Horses #

As visible in the picture the horses have been selected as the enemies of the game character that is also somewhere running on the ground or flying in the air that is completely out of sense to make it further exciting because they have not to be shown to possess any special qualities or wings but still can absorb the power of the warrior.

All the horses are just running and when the warrior hits with the horses they don’t perform any action of there is not defined fighting but they just pass by each other and the power of the ninja decreases which ultimately becomes zero. This was done in order to keep the concept of the game simple.

There is not defined how much power will be lost by each interaction. Just jumping has to be performed by the player by constantly holding the space key that makes the game very adventurous as there is no interesting feature like any special moves by the hero or magical power by the horses, but just running.

Also, the movement of the character is very simple as keys completely define the direction but the hero just keeps running forward while moving back even if the backward key is pressed that shows his thirst for the quest.

Food: Lemons #

To regain the power lost by the ninja by just passing by the horses, the player has to constantly consume all the lemons that are placed at different locations across the entire path. There does not seem any relation between the horses, ninja, lemons, and the Great Wall of China but this is what creates conceptual diversity in the game.

All the objects that have been added into this game are quite interesting and keep the interest of the player developed into the game all the time. The food must be placed somewhere close to the enemies that would be challenging for the player to achieve.

Also, the lack of any interaction with the path and the location has made this level very challenging. However the final destination of this game is the door at the top of the picture that has been placed in the sky and has to be reached in order to complete the game.

Level 2: #

Place: Italy #

After the completion of the first stage, there is no sign or the congratulating statement shown neither there is the number of the points gained or the scores that have been gained by the player throughout this level.

However, bypassing through the door the player then enters the next stage and the country selected by the player is Italy because the location that has been selected by the designer is Eiffel Tower.

The appearance of this stage is also very appealing because the entire concept of the design has been properly selected and it just seems that the gamer has artificially selected the photograph of the location and has then modified it by making the self-introduced features.

The Eiffel tower has been placed at the center of a lake that is very funny and creates an adventurous image about the whole conceptualization of the game’s designer.

Again in this level, there has been no link created about the location selected for the stage and the final destination and the goals that have to be achieved by the player to maintain objective diversification.

The path has been created by the gamer itself and compliments or goes along with the location selected for the background.

Food: Apples #

Like in the first stage of the game the same concept has been followed by the gamer and the food that has to be consumed by the ninja in order to maintain its power is actually apples that have been placed at various locations across the complete screen.

The player has again to jump over his enemies and capture the food just like the old path and this is very easy for the players because there is nothing new in this stage as well and no new concept has been added while also the target achieved by the ninja has not changed and like previously is just a door that has to be reached by overcoming all the obstacles. To keep the players committed to the game the difficulty level has been kept the same.

Enemy: Rats #

Just similar to the level one the enemies that have to be overcome by the player in order to protect itself from becoming the target are the rats that are constantly moving backward and forward just like the horses. There are extra powers or added features that are included by the designer of the game to create some interest by the players.

The picture quality of the enemies is also quite good and anyone can hardly figure out that what is the animal actually. The rats in any way have no relation to the culture of the Paris, Eiffel Tower, ninja, and the apples but seem quite funny and adventurous to play with.

The mission or concept of the game as in the previous level has not been elevated at this level too. The rats, similar to the horses just kill or consume the energy of the ninja by passing along its side which would be again retained by eating the apples.

Level 3 #

Place: USA #

After flying over all the rats in level two and passing over the background picture of the Eiffel tower the character finally reaches the third level of the game which has been selected in America. The location this time is also one of the most popular places in the states, a Statue of Liberty.

Again in this level, the ninja-like character is very visibly clear and all the movements of the character appear quite seem like it is in fighting mode. The movements have not been classified even at this level while also no improvements have been made in the complexity of the stage.

The complete path that has been created in the form of the steps created by the player itself is not linked to the dynamics and the architecture of the place to create a little twist, unlike former stages. Like the previous levels, the jumping has to be performed by continuously pressing the space key.

The movements are controlled by the direction keys but no modifications have been made in the movements of the ninja warrior.

The lack of clarity of the complete scene makes the game very interesting and a bit difficult, but this is the real essence of video games, that they are challenging. The door has been placed near the head of the statue and has to be reached by the character.

Enemy: Spiders #

The previous levels had horses and rats as the enemies of the ninja that had to be crossed by jumping over them. A similar concept has been used by the game designer in the third part just that the enemy in these stages has been replaced by the spiders.

There are steps created by the gamer on the face of the statue and then spiders have been placed at each step. As the game had in its first two-level the enemy does not possess any special powers and just by touching the ninja character take all of their power. If the ninja warrior comes in contact with the spiders then they pass through him and take its energy away.

Food: Bananas #

The locations of the enemies are also the location of the food supply that has to be consumed by the player in order to increase its life.

The contact, however, is not clear in any way between the bananas, spiders, and the statue of liberty. But just like the old times, the game goes own by jumping over the spiders and eating all the bananas.

Ultimately the player reaches the door and then passes onto the next level. The bananas are a good source of energy as food and this is an important fact to make the children learn about nutritional foods.

Level 4 #

Place: Saudi Arabia #

Just like the plots for the location of the previous levels of the games were randomly selected, in the fourth part, Saudi Arabia has been selected by the gamer as the location of the ninja warrior who has done nothing in the game except jumping over the head of the enemies.

The desert has been selected as the place for the player which is very appealing and has no link with the previous part. Also, the difficulty level has also not been increased and the same concept has been followed in the level. The Saudi Arabian location is quite clear and objects like tents, camels, and camps make it look more realistic.

Enemy: Sheep #

Randomly placed sheep have been chosen as the opposition of the player in the fourth level because like in the old stages of the game no link was developed between the actual warrior and the enemy. Also just like old times jumping has to be performed by the player because it just loses its complete power by touching the sheep.

Also, it happened in the previous parts that when the character comes in contact with any enemy then all the keys stop functioning, and then no movement is made by the fighter who just keeps losing all of its energy displayed on top of its head. This feature is added to increase some difficulty levels in-game.

As the desert kind of environment has been used as surrounding locality the camels could also have been chosen as enemies of the main hero.

Food: Grapes #

The only relation that could be thought of after looking at the food at this level was that grapes are a very nutritional and powerful source of energy and can be used in such low nutrition areas like deserts as food.

However the date tress is quite abundant in such kind of locations, if the designer of the game wanted to develop any link with the concept or theme being followed in the background picture then dates could have been selected as the source of energy to regain the power lost but just to think out of the box and make it look little bit more interesting grapes were chosen.

But all of these food supplements become useless when the character stops moving after interaction with sheep and ultimately loses all of its energy, so jumping has to be constantly performed.

Level 5 #

Place: Egypt #

After the door has been reached by the player in the fourth part of the game, the warrior then enters into the last quest of the game which at first glance seems quite interesting just like the previous ones.

Egypt has been selected as the country to be conquered by the warrior and what could be a more suitable location for the background of this level than the pyramids.

The self-created steps like in the first four levels have completely enhanced the charm and interest of the location where the randomly created steps of stones have been placed by the designer and have to be crossed by the player. The steps like in older parts reach the door at the top of the pyramids and ultimately reach the end of the game.

Enemy: Donkey #

This part has a very special character that has can be seen at the various points selected by the designer and that is a donkey which like other animals is simply moving backward and forwards with even turning and lacks any kind of villain like appeal.

The complete concept of the game has been designed like the creation of a vague dream that has been implementing just like seen in the dream in an unclear way or it appears as the result of the wild imagination of any child.

Food: Oranges #

The link between the oranges and Egypt is that the location is quite dry and hot so oranges provide juice and nutrition for the warrior. Oranges have been scattered at various points of the plot to retain the power if it has been lost after any interaction of the main character with the donkeys.

Error #

When the game is completed by finishing the last level and as the warrior or the character passes through the door at the top of the Egyptian pyramids then sign or statement displaying the completion of the game or congratulating the player that he has successfully finished the mind tiring game.

An error message appears saying that a fatal error has appeared which shows that the complete exercise was done for nothing and the end of the game has not been properly planned just like the rest of it. Instead of the error message about the objects of the game designer must have made it a little bit exciting.

Analysis #

Concept of Game #

The complete games have been inspired idea from the games we used to play in our early ages where a small man had to cover different stages and in each stage there were steps and each step had an enemy that was created by the designer and its appeared in the form of an animated character.

Everything is interesting or attractive in this game that could keep the attention of the players towards itself. The enthusiastic ninja warrior just keeps running all the time even when it is not moving. Other than just jumping over the animals at a different level no other activity is performed by the character to keep it simple and easy.

The fight with the enemies is also quite interesting in a way that just touching them could get all the power. The final target or the achievement of the character in each level is just a simple door place arbitrarily in any location at the top of the picture.

Diversified links have been established between different levels and the country of origin chosen while also the selection of the food and the enemies is quite unique.

The whole idea and the theme of the game are very simple yet entertaining and seem like a lot of effort was put in the development of complete design or to maintain any level of commitment by the player.

Graphics and Picture Quality #

A huge effort has been put into the graphics of the game as all the characters are quite unique because the appearance of the ninja is the same all the time which is constantly running while the facial view is also not clearly seen as it is moving quite wildly.

All the enemies that are animals are just the real animals that have been specially created and made into very suitable size to recognize and just placed at different places of the level, randomly.

The sceneries that have been selected as a background are very beautiful and famous places specially selected and developed to maintain interest with the whole idea of each level.

Objects #

All the different objects including the character or hero of the game, enemies, and food have been mentioned in the description section of the game and are visible in the picture below.

The figure above shows the different objects like the names of the countries, Egypt, the USA, China, Paris, and Saudi Arabia.

The names of all the animals and their graphical images of rats, donkeys, horses, spiders, and sheep have also been placed into the game’s design. The overall components and objects of the game have been carefully selected and linked to each other.



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