Leveraging Search Technologies-Apple Report

Leveraging Search Technologies )

Identify an organization that is using at least one online search technology. Briefly describe the organization, and then answer these questions:

Of the various types of search technologies, which ones are they utilizing?
Why is the organization using these technologies? What are the benefits?
What are some metrics the organization could use to evaluate how effective these technologies are in supporting organizational objectives? Explain.
Identify areas in which the business could expand or improve upon using the search technology. Explain what they could do and why they should do it.

Your well-written report should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages. Use academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citation at every paragraph (either in the end or in the beginning), use at least 9 scholarly peer reviewed as references. analyze more.


Apple #

It is an American Company with multinational technology. This organization is already designed, developed and have online services and computer software. The company includes tablet, computers, laptops, smartphones and media player. It has many software’s that include iTunes, iOS, and iWork, iCloud and safari web.

Apple is the largest information technology organization. This company is founded in 1976 which is 42 years ago from now. It is spread all over the world, that’s why Apple is considered to be the part of Big Four technology. It is a well-known company for its revenue and its size. It has the best brand loyalty which is ranked in the most valuable world’s brand (Aljafari, 2016).

Apple has a search engine by which it shares the information. The default search engine is used for Safari and the Siri web. A search engine is a software that many companies use for the transformation, information and its online web presentation for the customers.

Apple Search Technologies #

The search engines are designed for the web search and have the information of any query of web search. Tier information may have images, infographics, research papers, web pages, and articles. They also have real-time information on web crawler by running the algorithm.

DuckDuckGo is a well-known search engine. This search engine call bangs. This provides the way to the users to go directly to the sites with the starting query with an exclamation mark. It also added some new extensions in the product line. This search engine also gives proper privacy on searching. (Sterling, 2019)

Gibiru is the search engine which has a Google algorithm. It gives a reliable search platform without any tracking. It is much faster than the NSA search engine. It is also outspoken against Google to censor and manipulate the search results.

Escobedo is created for protecting users by providing them privacy. Like Google and other search engines it doesn’t track the information. Escobedo doesn’t use other analytics search engines.

Safari is the best web browsing search engine. Safari is a default browser of Apple. This doesn’t give that much security and privacy to users for searching data. It is the most efficient and faster browser of Apple. DuckDuckGo is built-in which help them to avoid tracking. Default Safari have a good option to use iOS 8.

Google is a search engine that Apple mobiles have for the Safari browser. It gives the platform of searching. It is the most advanced and common among users. It facilitate with the best results of information and privacy to users. (Balakrishnan, 2017)

Bing is a search engine and Apple uses MSFT Bing as its default search engine. But it is replaced by Apple for Siri with Google. It is still used by Siri which searches for the images. But Apple has changed it for the default search engine of Siri. Generally, Apple doesn’t have its search engine but Google pays to them to use it’s as a default search engine on their devices. Anyone can change search engine by modifying the settings of Safari and can download the app in the iOS device (Patterson, 2012). Apple is using DuckDuckGO, iOS 8, Safari, Google and Bing as their search engine. Google is paying around $3billion to Apple to use it in their devices. But Apple is much better than Google or Android which provide proper security to the users. This company gives privacy with operating the biggest search engine technologies. (Cross, 2018)

The reason the Apple Company is using Search Engine Technologies

Apple usually uses the mechanism of Mac’s spotlight to build its search engine. The company didn’t build any search engine by own. This organization is providing great services and products. It is a famous organization for innovative marketing techniques for products. For organizations, the search engine technologies are cost efficient that provides the way to target the audience. Apple has millions of customers all from the world and can be more from these search engine technologies.

It gives tracking security to the users due to which the organization takes advantage of more customers. It helps in finding the right information by using the advanced filtering options and queries. The search engine technologies give Rest interface to the users which give easiness to integrate (Bhandari, 2017).

Benefits of Search Engine Technologies to Apple Company

Search engines technologies give the benefit to the brand. Apple is generating traffic on websites by increasing its brand awareness. The service or product ranks in the search engine consume more websites which increase the revenue of the company. Apple is taking reviews from customers by search engines. These search engine technologies are giving the setup to maintain its websites and other applications. These also help Apple to fulfill the customers need. Apple is taking the information and reviews of its customers by using these search engines. (Martyne, 2011)

Safari is very beneficial to this company and provides an organization with the best defense against other competing browsers. IOS 10 and iOS X is giving the latest browser of Safari to the user which is increasing Company’s customers.  The revenue is increasing by the search engine. Apple doesn’t have its search engine, but they are taking benefits by giving the search engine services to their customers. Apple gives proper privacy and security to its users on its data.

Metrics of Apple Company

The Apple brand is expanding its products range with new strategies.  Apple is designing the world’s best products along with iWork, OS X and other professional software. The computer is providing people with its best innovation in hardware and software. (Katherine Johnson, 2012)

An organization wants to increase its revenue and investors with the help of these innovative search technologies.  According to 2018 financial report of the company, it breaks the record of $88.3billions up to 13%. Apple growth is becoming increasing to increase its fame and revenue. Due to the search technologies build in Apple devices, the gross margin is updating. Apple is providing the services of App Store, AppleCare, licensing, iTunes and Apple Pay. (Sparks, 2017)

The growing service is growth company’s business and results in delivering s strong growth to the company. The latest technologies of Apple decline to be profitable to the company. It is receiving the privacy of data which demands on Apple services and products. Different algorithms are used by the search engine technologies which is increasing the company’s ranking up to level in all over the world. The sale is increasing and customers are attracting towards Apple new search technologies.

Changes to expand the business of Apple Company by search technologies

The company should build its search engine that will be unique and can’t be used by any other competitor. Online browsing is becoming very common among people. It is also increasing the market value of Apple at the international level. The information about the company’s new invention and upcoming devices should be given to the user before its launching. That will help to attract more customers towards them. Apple should make some new marketing strategies for cost leadership that will help in getting more profits by avoiding losses. Business can expand by search engine technologies as users need privacy on their data.

Apple can make more online apps to compete with other Android companies. It is the best and the most advanced Technology Company. Apple should improve the digital assistant Siri by giving some new operating system originated from the search engine. The company should build AR apps for their devices.

Conclusion and Recommendation

A multinational company, Apple offers the advanced services and products having the unique operating system of OS, Apple Pay and iCloud. The search engines can maintain the processes of indexing, web crawling and searching which are the needs of every company. Apple should have its well-known search engine to compete with its competitors. The search engine technologies are giving a large range of customers and increasing the company’s revenue. The company is providing the best ways to its users in search privacy by giving advanced browsing functions.







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