Cultural Presentation Questions And Answers

How does it help you to understand the cultural differences? #

The mini ethnography Is greatly helpful in understanding the cultural differences and to have knowledge about the fact that how some rituals being practiced by society creates a cultural difference for the other society. By reading and understanding the mini-ethnography based article on Nacirema, I came to know that body ritual also play a great role in differentiating the culture and defines the values and limits of the culture.

I also came to know that some of the values and beliefs being followed by culture are not necessarily followed by the other culture. And also, it is not necessary that one cultural practice is also acceptable by the other culture. Hence, this reading has helped me to understand the cultural differences and how these differences are of great value for the people living in a specific culture.

Cultural descriptions make us consider familiar cultural behaviors in a new light. Did Miner give you a new perspective on health care practice in the US? #

It is right to say that cultural descriptions are helpful in understanding the cultural behavior and also to believe that cultural descriptions define the real set of activities being performed by the individuals regularly.

Miner has also started a new perspective on health care in the United States as he has discussed and briefly described the daily practices in Nacirema, such as mouth rite is considered as a ritual that needs to be performed daily.

He has also discussed the fact that the various cleaning tools were used in the culture, and this practice of cleaning teeth and using various tools has led to the practice of brushing teeth.

Miner has also presented the fact that ethnocentrisms can be avoided in the culture only in a way if one culture is not compared with others on the basis of the values of other cultures.

By understanding Miner’s theory, it can be stated that he has brought a new perspective of cleanliness and hygiene in the United States.

How can you connect it to the quote at the beginning of this PowerPoint? #

It can be related to the quote of Mark Twain that it is not only important to understand the cultural differences but also it is important to acknowledge these differences.

It can help individuals to understand the role of culture and respect the values of other cultures. Also, it can be related to the quote of Clyde Kluckhohn, by understanding the fact that the individuals are not the same and they belong to different cultures, and they have different values while living in society.

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