Decision-making paper

Requirements #

one page paper , doubled space 
Please, to forget to see the 2 powerpoints files that I sent. 

 I have a Decision-Making paper

 it is just only one page. 

I need to talk about these 3 requirements
Our thoughts:
What we’ve learned 
What we don’t agree with 
What can we do better?

See the powerpoints attachment, I want you to use the PowerPoint

What we’ve learned  #

From this, I learned that decision making is the most crucial aspect for attaining the success and desired goals. Some of the decisions are programmed that are made previously and are supported by the experience and will be solved through the simple numerical calculations, rules and policies. While some of the information’s are non-programmed these are new and complex decisions and have no proven solutions. So for solving these problems the rational model is most effective to make the right decisions. The persons for making the right decision has to follow the following steps that are identification and evaluation of the problem, generating the alternative solutions, analysing all the alternatives their pros and cons, select one of the best alternative, implement the best alternative and evaluate the decision results. The evaluation of the decision will be done through getting feedback and after the feedback the decision maker has to make modifications for attaining the better results. The decision maker must be vigilance in implementing all these stages of the decision making for attaining good results because the success and failure of an organization mainly depend on its decision-making process. I also learn that brainstorming, team working and creativity support the decision-making process but teams must be handled effectively for attaining the desired results.

What we don’t agree with  #

I disagree that in the group decision making one of the people is dominates because of this rise the conflicts while in the group decision making all the team members work mutually for generating the better alternatives and jointly decide one solution that supports the better decision-making process.

What can we do better? #

Through making the right and experienced people teams in the group decision-making process who respect and encourage each other the chances of occurrence of conflicts reduce that affect the decision making process, and we become able to generate the effective alternatives that positively support the better decision making process in the organization.

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