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Social Norm is an accepted behavior which anyone expects to confirm the community, groups, and cultures. The negative or embarrassing behavior or attitude in public is the social norm violation. I also went through it many times. I was walking on the road and put the headphones. I played some fast and loud song my phone with full volume that. I was not able to control myself. I started singing the song and dancing on the street in my rhythm. I didn’t notice that everyone is watching me. I was looking for a joker.

The song I put on my headphones has loud beats which can encourage everyone to dance so do I. From my home to the bank I was dancing and loudly signing that song. When I watch my children, who are making fun of me and doing my steps I got so much embarrassed at that time. But to be true, I didn’t feel any regret on doing this. I just enjoyed the way I am.

Many boys watched me doing this, and they made fun of me by making funny faces. They also shouted on me and said dance on that song and said I am a good pole dancer. I got too much ashamed after listening to these kinds of comments. And some of them were laughing on me with a smiling face. One old granny slapped for me and asked me why I am happy when I was crossing her, but I didn’t bother her.

I teach me that I should obey the rules and social norms, especially in public.  I should take care of myself and others and don’t allow anyone to make fun of you even if you’re doing something inappropriate. And one thing more people should not take any bad comments or abusing words too seriously, do what you’re comfortable with. But don’t violet other’s privacy and other’s comfort. Adopt the culture in which you’re living and avoid to do wrong things which betray your respect or confidence.

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