When Spending Become you Summary


The people spending more on things is more complicated and competitive. The writer points out the striking features practiced in American houses. How the typical American consumer continues to buy things without giving importance to money. The professional travelers want to buy personal procession things.

The procession relates to persons’ wants and needs. Susan Fournier observes that there is 61 percent always look for buying the things.

There is only 27 percent of people dream of buying things. The people wish to the procession of things with a long wish list. Our fantasies creep to gain others’ esteem, but everyone needs to earn before buying.

Almost All Americans dreamt to borrow buy things for their homes. Americans feel the pressure of debt because they continue to engage in borrowing money.

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Only 1% of consumers were having no customer debt, excluding mortgages. The social circle in America moves around in friends, family, and co-workers. It observed that people judge the personality of others with their materialistic needs. The millionaire does not want to changes their social circle. They are satisfied with their life.

To borrow and buy sequences become the Centre of attention for other people. Schor says, “Americans live with a high level of denial about their spending patterns.” We continuously spend more without realizing the importance of things.

The money for expenditure is so common even they do not pay attention to spending money on important things. Education is a principal thing for parents to spend money on for the children.


In considering money, parents need to understand that takes a lot of income to support a child. According to Retail stores report there is a 25 percent income spend on Christmas gifts.

To get the middle-status position is not enough to increase the home going upscale. Americans do not lose the social entity they got in society. They want to keep it maintained. After involved in sports, they want to eat better food and drink.

That’s why one can say spending becomes you. All Americans do is spend, spend, and spend. It is almost as if one can’t have fun without spending money.

Those who try to live on less become aware of social costs. For ordinary people, there are few ways of socializing without spending money.

Scholar brings a question up in this chapter starting, “Once we get the item do we use it?” No, not all the time. Americans just don’t know when to stop spending their money. They never have an end to spending.

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