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Developing the leader within you 2.0 is the 25th-anniversary edition of the classic book. Which also have changed the way people think about leadership. In this book, John C. Maxwell gives an insight into how to create value, vision, influence, and motivation required to be a leader.

Furthermore, developing the Leader within you has not only revolutionized the process of becoming a leader, and the book has sold more than 1 million copies due to its influence over people. John C Maxwell also has published the 2.0 edition after 25 years of further experience and research on leadership, which makes this work more fascinating and compelling.  Book also gives insight into the leadership process as the author further added the 25 years experience after his first publication.

Developing the leader within you 2.0 cliff notes

Developing the leader within you offer not only principles but also the insight, which people can use to refine their leadership skills no matter in what area or field they are working in and how well they know about their work. Leadership intimidates people. The book gives several leadership lessons from which the key are the following:

  • The book defines leadership as an influence: Influence is needed to be the leader.
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    • The leader needs followers who follow his mission and thinking
    • People choose their leaders for different reasons and similarly follow them for their own sake
    • The position is essential as people follow someone who has the area, and they have to follow because of status.
    • Permission: People will follow their leaders because they want to
    • Productivity: People will follow leaders for what they have done for the organization
    • People Development: People follow their leaders for what they have done for their people.
    • Similarly, Person Hood: People will follow because of your personality and who you are.
    • The key to leadership: Priorities. Leadership requires to keep his priorities straight, and he makes sure to use time and his energy wisely.
    • Not only is this but also another key ingredient to becoming rise as the leader of his integrity. Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you have said. A leader cannot be a true leader if he does not do what he said.
    • A leader takes responsibility for his decisions and behavior.
    • He held himself accountable for his actions
    • The test to become the ultimate leader. Creating a positive change. Lead that change to spread over the whole organization.
    • The leader did not resist change. They give momentum to change and lead from the front for the desired change.

    Developing the leader within you talking points

    • The sure-fire way to become a leader is to become a problem solver. Problem-solving is described as a gift in the book as it is an opportunity. To learn new things and expand your knowledge. Finally, Having a positive attitude while solving a problem is key to leadership.
    • The enhancing characteristic of a leader is their attitude. Attitude can entirely change the leader’s position. A leader can not control his surroundings, but surely, besides that, he can control his responses towards them
    • Leadership requires work on attitude and mindset. A positive outlook is needed to replace the adverse reaction.
    • Developing the most visible asset: People. Leaders also pay attention to their followers, and they inspire them. Eventually, motivate them and shape them in a way so they can become a leader too one day.
    • There is indispensable quality leadership that requires Vision. Furthermore, great goals require vision, and achieving them needs direction. The leader has vision and direct people’s focus and energy towards goal congruence.
    • The Price tag of becoming is a leader is a self-discipline. A leader consequently will not always do what he wants to do but what he has to do. Leadership requires discipline so he can do what he needs to do, not only what he wants to do. Training is the self-implied check of a leader and makes himself accountable through this trait.
    • An important lesson to be learned, Staff Development. Staff development is a trait of leadership as if one is a leader, and he will not do work alone. Instead and he will focus on to keep everyone focuses on the ultimate organizational goal. For that leader has to choose the right people for the correct position. To create a well-supported team is crucial for leader success in its venture.

    Three Key Lessons becoming a leader

    1. Innovation
    2. Well functioning team
    3. Focus on the right people

    Stuff through Innovation

    Share information and also discuss the aspects of the hurdle ahead. They also discuss the solutions. Give people knowledge and introduce them to study the problem and present solutions. Choose the best potential solution by voting.

    Well-Functioning Team

    Make your team expectations clear, loud, and sound. Give equal opportunity to individuals to make them shine brightly. Inspire them to do exceptional work and give them credit for their progress. Be present to help your team with the best advice and beside the fact lead their actions to be setting an example. Leaders, furthermore, reward their team for their contribution towards the organizational goals to make them feel privileged.

    Focus on Right People and leave the rest

    The leader also has their sight for the right people, and they focus on the right people. Leaders do not intimidate people who have small minds but also not from individuals who are of literal-minded. People who do not dare to pursue their dreams after several failures. Individuals who follow the tradition for their own sake. Individuals who are also afraid to be different from the crowd. People who are also seeing problems everywhere rather than solutions for them. People who are too selfish to prioritize their needs and leave the rest behind and have a fear of failure.

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    Developing the leader within you 2.0 chapters: The Wrap;

    The book thoroughly defined almost every aspect of leadership. It gave insight into everything related to become a leader and discussed all the factors which are crucial for a leader. Hence, Leadership furthermore can be learned, although some people are born leaders. Leaders do not also have to refine their skill set but also to become an exceptional leader.

    The book is relevant to every person and no matter in what arena of life he is working. It will be beneficial and helpful for people to enhance their leadership skills who already have leadership in them. It will enable people to follow the process of becoming a leader and developing the right skills.

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