In the present father good father, not a good leader, where competition has become cut-throat and where globalization phenomenon has increased the complexity and volatility, businessmen need to be both an effective manager as well as an effective leader to succeed. It is also known well in the business arena that leadership and management are two different and complementary systems of action since each of them has its own functions and characteristic activities. By becoming effective at both ends, a businessman will be able to cope with complexity as well as the change needed in the rapidly changing business environment.

It is also a reality that effective businessmen who have good management skills try to develop or improve their ability to lead, however, they should remember that strong leadership with weak management is no better, and is actually worse, than the reverse. Ironically, they must try to combine strong leadership and strong management and use each to balance the other(Kotter).

On the other hand, every businessman cannot be good at both leading and managing people. Some businessman has the capacity to become effective managers but no strong leaders, while despite having strong leadership potential, remain unable to develop strong management skills.

In this paper, leadership theories have been applied to my father’s current role in a business setting where he is a successful businessman and good manager while lacks strong leadership skills. Apart from this, he is a good father since he holds strong fatherhood abilities and successfully manages the business as well as family matters (Kotter).



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