I choose male brain book due to the philosophical approach of the author. She just did not study the brain and how it works but she tried to explain what is already present in the brain and what a man can gain by using his brain. Moreover, it deals with the behaviour of every age gender. By studying such type of book one can know how the male brain is different from the female brain with respect to their working and thinking process. The most important and interesting thing about this book due to which I choose this book is that this book deals with all aspects of brain during the various stages of complete life cycle and it shows how the male brain functions in such a way that it makes the male a born leader and how understanding the workings of the male brain, one can garner and polish qualities such as being broad-minded, inspirational, fair-minded, honest, forward-looking, supportive and dependable.

The book is about the behaviours of genders that how a male brain works so differently not just from the female brain but it also helps us to study the behaviour within the male genders. It deals with the male brain either the brain is of the old or young. In this book many aspects of male brain are compared with the female brain such as accusing of being emotional. Temporal-parietal junction system or TPJ is a system in brain which a man uses and it turns them to a problem solver rather than emotional empathizers and those are the qualities and traits that a leader possesses as per Kouze’s and Posner’s top ten leadership traits. Showing the breakthroughs in male psychology and neurology, the book asserts that a male brain is a problem-solving machine which is a quality of born leaders, they can mold themselves to the situation and present ideas and solutions relevant to the situation. A male brain uses his analytic approach and not his emotional one to resolve a problem which is a vital quality of a leader as per Ralph Stogdill’s trait theory.



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