I choose male brain book due to the philosophical approach of the author. She just did not study the brain and how it works but she tried to explain what is already present in the brain and what a man can gain by using his brain. Moreover, it deals with the behaviour of every age gender. By studying such type of book one can know how the male brain is different from the female brain with respect to their working and thinking process. The most important and interesting thing about this book due to which I choose this book is that this book deals with all aspects of brain during the various stages of complete life cycle and it shows how the male brain functions in such a way that it makes the male a born leader and how understanding the workings of the male brain, one can garner and polish qualities such as being broad-minded, inspirational, fair-minded, honest, forward-looking, supportive and dependable.

The book is about the behaviours of genders that how a male brain works so differently not just from the female brain but it also helps us to study the behaviour within the male genders. It deals with the male brain either the brain is of the old or young. In this book many aspects of male brain are compared with the female brain such as accusing of being emotional. Temporal-parietal junction system or TPJ is a system in brain which a man uses and it turns them to a problem solver rather than emotional empathizers and those are the qualities and traits that a leader possesses as per Kouze’s and Posner’s top ten leadership traits. Showing the breakthroughs in male psychology and neurology, the book asserts that a male brain is a problem-solving machine which is a quality of born leaders, they can mold themselves to the situation and present ideas and solutions relevant to the situation. A male brain uses his analytic approach and not his emotional one to resolve a problem which is a vital quality of a leader as per Ralph Stogdill’s trait theory.

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This book deals with the different aspects of male brain in his life cycle. The book persuades me because it just not deals with the fixed age male brain but with the male brain of every age either the brain is of a child or the old one. Moreover, it explains how the male brain psychology and neurology differs from the female brain. This book refers a male brain a problem solver which is the most prominent and interesting feature of the book which especially attracted me to study this book. It highlights the qualities and the behavior of a male as being different from that of a female due to the differences in the psychology and neurology of the male brain which shows how males interact in a team, in a project and in situations in which they are required to be leaders differently than females. This book gives a favor to every man who wants to understand the puzzling women in their life and also indicates how males are programmed to lead better than females. The most interesting thing which gives me an ‘ah-ha’ moment in this book is that the author gave emphasis that we just not learned from our environment, gender stereotypes are ingrained in our DNA which explains the trait of quick decision making which is said to be inherent in leaders. This book explains the things which I never knew of before and never realized them to be true in my personal or practical life. By reading this book I came to know how male reactions are different from the female reactions and in most situations males’ reaction and the handling of a situation is more calm and assertive as well as more logical than females, another quality that highlights why males are more natural leaders than females. In this book, the author tells us that the male has the twice the brain space in hypothalamus devoted to sexual drive. By reading this book I learned many things that I just had no idea about before. By reading this book I am sure you will get a full understanding of the chemical processes, psychology and the instinctual impulses that produce unique male and uniquely female thoughts that explain the differences in male and female leadership roles. By reading this book I came to know many things and I did not know how men thought before which I can use when I aim for a leadership position in my career.

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Yes ,this book challenges the current thinking process and material. Before this, I didn’t even know about the fact that the male brain is working differently as compared to the female brain. This book has a philosophical approach as well. Moreover, from this book, one can know the idea that some knowledge is gained through the environment and remaining is ingrained in our DNA which shows why some leaders have a value-based leadership while others have an ethical leadership and many others have authentic leadership (Anonymous). From this and other things ,this book is a challenge to the current thinking but also asserts the very statement that ‘men are born leaders’. This is the very first time I read such type of book and realizes the potential of the knowledge of the difference between the male and female brain holds. This book is about the difference between the male and female brain functions and their brain psychology. We do not have to link our children’s brains to strengthen gender stereotype. This is the wrong assumption that the male and female brain is linked. So long as our children’s brains are in the course of increasing and making relations, don’t be in debt it to them to give them the maximum chance feasible of break away.

By reading this book I had a ‘ah-ha’ moment. This book inspires me very much as it delivers me a knowledge which I never know before because it explains why some leaders prefer an autocratic leadership style while others prefer a democratic leadership style (Miller). On the other hand, as I discussed before this book challenges the current thinking of whether leaders are born or whether there are inherent characteristics that make a person to become and act like a leader (Tanya Robertson). When I relate this information from this book to my workplace, I can decipher aspects of my behavior where I am unable to change my reason or reaction to a situation because the brain works in a certain way which sometimes propels me to be a better team player and at other times not a very good leader. By reading this book I feel differently about the brain thinking process. From this book, one can easily differentiate between the psychological behavior as I do and use it to one’s advantage in becoming a better team player, in taking charge, in motivating others, in handling stressful situations and managing the task in a better way. This book gives me new information that both men and women did not belong to separate planets, although, they both execute different psychological behaviours which have an effect on the activity of both the genders at their home or anywhere else as well as their career. By reading this book I come to know that, in reality, the brains of men and women are wired differently. This book tells me that average men can link front to back (parts of the brain) while on the other hand women can link from left to right (parts of the brain) which explains why men react better than females in stressful situations. It is attractive that we can realize some of the practical variations in men and women fundamentally(Brizendine, 2010). The most noticeable thing which I realized is that this book is not discussing the behaviour of individuals but it deals with all population as a whole. From this, I conclude and suggest by studying this book that, male brains may be improved for motor skills, and female brains may be raised for joining critical and sensitive thinking. By reading such type of book one can easily notice that there is a difference between the neurology and psychology of male brain and the female brain. One truth that I feel after reading this book is that both male and female do not communicate in the same way.

This book can help us to understand easily why the behaviour of both the male and female are different from each other at their work. The female-brain works make use of ability for compassion and communication, while the male ones manipulate the capability to examine complicated structures.


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