50 Best Macroeconomics Research Paper topics 2021

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1-Impact of Inflation on the GDP of United States of America, and how to overcome this?

Inflation is key determinant of GDP, and this can be a good topic to see progress of a country about whether they are growing or not.


2- Stock market role in financial stability of the country, and risks involved for future generations


Focusing on the whole country makes it a macroeconomic study and a stock market plays vital role in the economy as it impacts everything as a whole.

3-Impact of covid-19 on the world’s oil prices

Covid-19 hit every country of the world and it resulted in the fluctuation of not just oil prices but all products in the world.


4- Pakistan’s unemployment rate and its impact on productivity of a country

Unemployment is an undesirable factor that hinders the productivity in many ways as a whole. This can be a good research topic to analyze unemployment rate.

5- Impact of health on the global education


Health is a key factor and can never be ignored in the economy.


6- How to stimulate Economic growth in a country and what are its benefits in the long run?

Stimulating Economic growth can be tricky, but the benefits are long lasting.

7- Impact of smoking on the world

How smoking can impact the world as a whole is an important topic for health concerns and economy.

8- Deforestation, a gain and loss to economy due to global extinction of ecosystem


Deforestation not only harms ecosystem but also harms economy in so many ways.


9- Global financial crisis of 2008-09, and how the economy came back to normal


These were dark times for the economy of the whole world, and they overcame it somehow.


10- Impact of political economy on Chinese trade

Political negatively and positively impacts the trade and economy of any country as a whole.

11- International Monetary Fund and its role in financial success of European countries

IMF is an integral part of economy as a whole and countries depend on it in economic dealings.


12- Adam Smith’s “Invisible hand” concept importance in economy as a whole

Economy works in different ways invisibly on its own as well. This topic is interesting for the overall observation of economy.

13- Role of remittances in stimulating Economic growth

Remittances often go unnoticed by the observers of the economy, but they are significant factor of economy.


14- Economic recession of 2008-2009 and its long lasting impacts globally

Recessions can break the backbone of the entire economy. This topic is interesting for Macroeconomics.


15- Mixed economy and free market system of Germany

Economy is never of one type and works in a variety of ways. This topic is good choice for macro level research

16- Income inequality in global economy

Reality is often disappointing, and the study of income inequality is another interesting topic for Macroeconomics research

17- Difference between short run and long run aggregate supply curves of the economy

This is another interesting topic as it shows how and why the economy shifts between long and short run supply curves.


18- How money laundering in economy is considered crime

There are culprits of money laundering in the entire history of economics and this topic is eye catching for highlighting important points.

19- Global mortgage crisis in the economy

How the house prices plummet, and the borrowers go to default is an attention catching topic and really good selection for macro research papers.


20- Impact of spiking interest rates in Republic of South Africa

This can be good topic for macro as well if you want to find out how the interest rates impact economy as a whole.

21- Role of world bank in the global economy

The functions of world bank can be good macro topic for research in order to understand economy better, as a whole.


22- Impact of immigration on Canada’s economy

This is good research topic for macroeconomics because immigration can impact economy as a whole over the long period of time.

23- Impact of covid-19 on the stock prices and future trends

Covid as a whole is impacting entire economy and stock prices are in continuous fluctuation. This topic is interesting as well for Macro researchers.

24- Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Saudi Arabian Economy

Another great topic to understand the impact of FDI from one country to another and eventually global.

25- The role of Balance of payments in economic growth of France

The international transactions play a key role in BOP deficit or surplus of any country. This topic is a good insight of the economic growth.

26- Profit maximization in the global economy

Good topic to understand macroeconomic policies that can aid in maximizing profit.


27- IS-LM curves and the market equilibrium

How and why the equilibrium levels change all over the world in IS-LM model is a topic worth researching in Macroeconomics.

28- Impact of monetary policy on the economic stability

Monetary policy may or might not help economic stabilization and research on this topic can help to understand this concept.

29- Is Fiscal policy effective in times of economic crisis, or is it a myth?

This is good topic to find out if this government tool is effective enough for the economy or not.

30- Exchange rate advantages and disadvantages

Good research topic to compare developed and underdeveloped countries in terms of exchange rate differences.

31- Impact of resources on economic sustainability

How resources play a role in future security and sustainability is another research to work on.

32- Link between poverty and inequality in an economy and prevention

Whole economy relies heavily on whether its poverty and inequality are eradicated or not. This research topic can shed light on these critical issues and possible solutions.

33- Impact of Human Capital Index on economic productivity

Human capital index is like health of an economy. The better the HCI is, the better the productivity will be. Researching on this topic may lead to more interesting concepts.

34- Impact of factories and mass production on environment of Russia

Not every action of productivity proves beneficial for the environment of any economy or nation. A macro level research on any economy can reveal the consequences.

35- Impact of technology on the economic growth

Technology is a step towards significant growth. Researching on technological advancement of any economy can help to understand better.

36- Impact of climate change on trade

Climate change hugely impacts the economic progress of a country and can have consequences for international trade. A research topic worth looking into.


37- When is contractionary policy used in the economy, and what are the benefits?

The entire market structure can be manipulated using this policy and the topic is one of the centers of attention in Macroeconomics.


38- Role of expansionary policy in saving the economy

A really good topic for research in order to find out the rescuing power of expansionary policy.


39- The issues of underpayment of wages in the economy

Commonly talked issue and topic which will reveal economic issues in the economy for researchers.

40- Global warming as a result of poor waste management in an economy

An issue which is overlooked most of the time and is contributing towards bad climate changes.


41- Impact of Internet on Education of national economy

Internet is a gateway to education in modern world and education as well as economic progress relies on it.

42- Impacts of Industrialization in economy

Industries have both pros and cons, and only research can reveal them.


43- How stagflation takes birth in an economy

Good research topic tip for those wanting to find origins of stagflation in an economy.

44- Importance of Quantity theory of money in economy

45- Taxation as a tool for economic development

Taxes are necessary part of the economy and it cannot run without system of taxes.


46- Impact of Financial Literacy on the economy

47- Impact of government funding on agriculture

Agriculture is still regarded as a key component of economic growth.

48- Impact of unemployment on crime rate in the economy

The unemployment has been associated with crime rates in most research data and is determinant of whether an economy is progressing or being hindered.


49- Role of Central banks in Economic growth of a nation

The role of Central banks are not to be taken granted for because it stabilizes the economy and controls various factors in the economy.

50- Difference between open and closed economy and its impact worldwide

The closed and open economies from all around the world contributes toward changes in the global economy. A good research topic for someone focusing on the global economic changes.

51- Impact of investment and saving in global economy

Investment and saving plays a key role in the global economy and this can be good research topic for those wishing to not only see the impacts but also differentiate between the concept of both as one of them is long term and the other is short term.

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