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A research paper is an important educational project for every student of higher education because the research paper has a great significance because the effective and efficient topic for the research paper is equally important for the students. The whole work of the research paper largely depends on the nature of the topic that is selected before research work has been started.  The selection of the research paper is a very complicated problem that further leads to create the problem during the research because if the students and the researcher are not selecting the research paper topic after finding the gap that is presented in the research, then it will be problematic for the students.

There are multiple challenges that are faced by the students when they enroll in universities and colleges, and writing a good research paper is one of the leading problems that is faced by the students and researchers. The selection of the research topics is time and energy-consuming, and it required a lot of creativity and time, but once you understand how to select a good research paper topic and you can get many research ideas in no time.

How to Find a Good Research Paper Topic

The following techniques will help you to select the research topic that is most suitable and well organized according to your research idea.

Conduct Background Research: The background research relate to your research idea helps you to find the most suitable research paper topic because you can easily find a huge amount of literature on your area of interest.

BrainStrom Topic Ideas: It helps you to find an impressive and interesting research topic, and after that, you can get help from your professor to identify the main idea to write the research paper.

Find Relevant Information: The finding of the most relevant information is the most important part in the selection of a good research topic and reads all the points that are available on the internet related to your idea of research.

In this article, we present the top 70 best research paper topics of 2021 that are important for the researcher and students who want to write a research article in their respective filed.  The top 70 research paper topics from all fields are as follows,

Research Paper Topics from Business Filed

The business world is creating opportunities for all by delivering benefits to all the people, and this is the main reason the huge number of researchers and students are entering into the world of business by studying management and business studies. The research paper topics of the business fields are important for the students to write well-organized research articles. The topic of research papers is important for the students because they used to examine the different perspectives in the business fields and to create a lot of interest for both the reader and writer of the research paper.  Top research paper topics of the business in 2021 are as follows,

  1. Joint Revenue, its advantages, and disadvantages
  2. Different kinds of Key microeconomic factors and their impact on the exchange rates
  3. Investigates the impact of foreign direct investment on the development of a different kind of business of the state
  4. The impact of organizational culture and also the leadership qualities in the decision making process of the business
  5. The different patterns of the business and their relationship with the government police and their collective influence on industry up gradation process of the country
  6. How does corporate governance have an influence on the performance of the organizations, globalization, and internationalization
  7. The role of human capital and human resources management and strategies on the organizations from the nonprofit sector
  8. Evaluating the performance of the different business teams with respect to multinational organizations and the corporate sector
  9. The impact of cultural changes on the international and the multinational companies: en evidence from profit analysis before and after cultural changes in the country
  10. Nature of changes that are required to achieve the higher growth level in the small and medium-sized enterprises to adjust with the requirements of globalization

Research Paper Topic for Business Management

The different kinds of strategies and proper planning are required to achieve a higher level of growth, and the organizations need proper research to manage the business because research leads the organizations to make the proper strategies and to plan to get success in the business. The research article from all around the world related to the management of the business will help the companies and organizations to achieve a higher level of growth. The topic research paper topic related to business management is as follows,

  1. The impact of various employee benefits on the productivity and the organization of the business: Measurement of business productivity through various employee benefits
  2. The role and significance of outsourcing with regard to business practice and efficiency of operations
  3. The impact of socio-cultural factors on the management of the business and the role of cultural changes in the development of the leadership relationship
  4. The importance of gender equality in the success of all kinds of business and what is the role played by the management of the companies to support gender equality in the domestic and international organizations
  5. Business management and emotional management: the success and failure of the emotional management in the business management
  6. How the management system of one region will affect the operational sites in other regions: Evidence from Brexit Countries
  7. The symmetric and asymmetric relationship between human resources management and success of the business
  8. The role of various people management practices helps to achieve great strategies in business
  9. The role of technology integration in the success and management of business: the adoption of technology integration by Z generation
  10. The most effective and efficient ways to manage the business and strategies that help employees of the X generation to enhance the living standard

Research Paper Topic in Education Field

          The research conducted in the field of education is important for policymaking in the future. The research in the field of education is also important for improving the teaching abilities and the student’s ability to learn in a more efficient and effective way by taking advantage of the research that has been conducted in the field of education. Some top research topic in the field of education is as follows.

  1. The role of social media and technology in informal learning of students and students satisfaction towards learning abilities
  2. The comparative analysis of adults and young students learning on the basis of capability of understanding a task
  3. The impact of course work and the homework in the various age groups of students by measuring the time value of learning
  4. The technology integration and regular curriculum. How technology makes getting education easy for students
  5. Factors affecting the student’s decisions of studying abroad and how the abroad study help the students in future by enhancing their abilities to learn
  6. What are the factors that forced students to leave their education after high school and the factor that affects the learning of students
  7. Online education system vs. traditional education system, what is better for students
  8. Group learning vs. Autonomous learning. What is more productive for individuals
  9. The process of implementing inclusive education in a country and how students are taking benefits from it
  10. How different age groups boost the level of learning and their competition boost the level of innovative education

Research Topics in the Field of Banking and Finance

The research in the field of banking and finance helps to make the strategies for the future as far as the banking sector is concerned.  In this section, the top ten research topics in the field of finance are presented below, and these research topics will contribute to banking and finance in a positive way; the top research paper topic from banking and finance are as follows,

  1. Key factors that influence the modern banking system success form the advancement in the field of information technology
  2. The impact of various kinds of credit programs on the development and growth of the medium and small size businesses
  3. The nexus between the size of the business and various financial decisions of the businesses
  4. Management audit: various concept and their outcomes
  5. The relationship between real estate sector growth and banking loans: Evidence from developing countries
  6. The nexus between nonperforming loans and banks growth; Method to recover nonperforming loans
  7. The impact of financial risks on the company’s success; types of financial risk that are faced by the modern company in the recent time
  8. The impact of the tariff on international trade; European Union trade tariff on third world countries
  9. The role of foreign direct investment and microfinance on financial development in the third world countries
  10. The significance of international institutions in the development of the third world countries economies; evidence from World Bank

Research paper topics in Law

The situation of the world has been changed in the world with the structural and cultural changes in the world, and modern research is required to establish the new rules and regulations not only at the domestic level but also on the international level.  The modern and latest research is required to establish the new laws and find the flows in the already establish Law. The new research in the field of Law is also useful to making changes reforms the old laws because modern research is creating new paths for the development of the new laws. The most recent and advanced research topics are presented below that will be useful in the future; the top research paper topic in the field of Law is as follows,

  1. Country-based various ways to deal with the serious issue related to poverty and homelessness
  2. Degree of freedom of speech in selected countries, the role of the free press in the implementation of Law; evidence from media freedom index
  3. The rights of immigrants and refugees; how countries should treat the refugees and immigrants for the revival of their life
  4. The prisoners are still having a right to vote because they are the citizens of the country, the basic and fundamental rights of the prisoners, privacy right of the prisoners that should be protected under the International Law
  5. Internet and privacy; legal actions against the internet for violating the privacy of citizens
  6. Difference between punishing a child and abusing a child: Modern laws are required to protect the child rights
  7. The women rights: different ways to protect the female rights of marriage in different countries
  8. Assisted suicide is legal or not: in case of a terminal patient and what is legal action should be taken against the people who forced someone in condition of suicide
  9. The legal issues faced by the poor countries in case of child labor: laws used to protect the rights of the child labor
  10. Same-sex marriage and inter-caste marriages are legal? What are the disadvantages and advantages are associated with them

Research Paper Topics in the Field of Psychology

The research paper in the field of Psychology is very important because very students who study psychology on a higher level are going through this. The research paper has significant importance in the educational career of the students, and it is very important for the students to write an authentic research paper. A proper and well-organized research paper topic is needed because without a proper topic, the next proceeding of the research will be difficult for the students. With a good research paper topic, the researcher and the students in the field of Psychology are able to take the complete insight of the research paper and raise critical arguments. We present the top psychology research paper topic below for the years 2021.

  1. Examine the different tricks related to the final price and its impact on customer’s decisions
  2. Main types of mindfulness practices and their impacts on students learning’s and benefits associated with their types
  3. Explained how the females deal with the inequality they face on the basis of gender and issues related to gender take place on the global platform
  4. How to use the emotional intelligence in a positive and trying to make people by using the emotional intelligence level
  5. Examine the different kinds of therapies related to animals and their impact on the patient that suffering from different diseases
  6. Nexus between emotions and reasons and moral judgment. Social disorder and emotional intelligence
  7. Association between anxiety and social disorder: how they linked through impaired social cognition
  8. Nexus between poor societal system and depression: The increasing trend of suicides in students
  9. Relationship between disappointment, fears, and expectations, and pains: Evidence from poor countries
  10. The impact of a social disease: So-called fundamentalism and nationalism on child minds

Research Paper Topic in Economics

The research in the field of economics has changed the face of the world economy, and most of the countries in recent times are getting huge growth and development on the basis of the research. The modern and advanced research in the field of economics has been changed the measure of the growth countries without concerning their categories. In economics, you are required to select the research paper topic that will contribute to the living standard of the people because the attractive and good research paper topic will help you to convert the average research paper into an exceptional one. The important research paper topic is as follows,

  1. The role of women empowerment towards inclusive growth in South Asia
  2. The impact of conversion of agricultural land and demographic transitions through agglomeration transition in Developing countries
  3. Nexus between Nuclear energy and economic growth: Evidence from developing economies
  4. Analyzing the Asymmetric relationship between environment and economic growth in Developing, developed, and emerging countries
  5. Impact of industrialization and urbanization on energy intensity in the developing economies
  6. The relationship between triple deficit and economic sophistication in the member countries of economic corporation and Development (OECD)
  7. The role of forest activities and urban income towards controlling the environmental degradation in selected economies
  8. The main socio-economic factors that affect the purchasing habits of the household; a microeconomic study in MENA region
  9. Nexus between human development index and governance indicators: a panel data analysis in European Union Countries
  10. Occupational differences and segregation of wages in labor markets of selected countries


if you need more research ideas even in the presence of the above mention top research paper topic in various subjects, then you should get help from our experts who have vast experience in the field of research papers and easy writing. These research topics will help the students to choose the topic for their research paper and project, and sometimes teachers are assigned the topic of the research to their students, and sometimes they give freedom to students to choose the research topic of their choice. So this research work helps the students to find impressive research ideas for their research paper because this article also identifies some research topic selection techniques that help you to choose the best research topic in your specific field of study.

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