Money makes the world go round English Literature Essay

Money makes the world go round meaning

Money is an essential element of society. Money is not just a word or a need to a human being. It is the wheel over which we as humans are living our life. To understand the importance of money, first of all, we need to see what does money stands for in economics. Before that, we need to see what is the purpose of money. Even if we need to buy bread in the car, the house, the foreign trip or if we need to finance our education, everything is done using the money. Money is the most valuable asset which is required in order to buy or even ret any good, commodity, or service (Brewer, J. 2002).


The money is the object which can be exchanged to buy any purpose in the world. In economics, the word money is defined as Money o, money one, and Money 2. This is the range of liquidity. Such as money 1 is the most liquid form of money, which is easiest to use. The money two is least liquid but is the form of money and can be used in the form of money to buy anything in the world (Fisher, I. 2006).

Money makes the world go round proverb

There is a famous quote that says, ‘Money Walks Everyone Talks.’ This quote is an accurate depiction of how powerful money is and what it can do. The money is a powerful tool and element that has a robust demand. This is why anyone is willing to do anything for anyone so that is the reason by which we can say that money is one of the most demanded objects of this world. This is why we can say that with money, we can control any person, any company, or organization, and this is why money has turned into a powerful commodity (Zhou, 2009).





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