Best Techniques for Creative Writing in 2022 & 2023

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People with good creative writing skills are valued. But have you ever thought about why is it important? The answer is simple, who would not like ice cream with extra topping? Similarly, creative skills add extra flavour to your writing and make you outshine others.

Creative writing reflects your imagination, broadens your thought processes and boosts your expressive skills. You feel confident in thinking rationally and easily voice your opinions. 

What are the Different Types of Creative Writing?

Creative writing is an innate skill, however, some may brush up on their aptitude as they grow up. The skill is imperative for every student, starting when they enrol in their early year’s education and throughout their student life. As it is important to perform well in academics, you must know its basic types.

Fiction Writing

Fiction writing has several categories and sub-categories, whether you are writing a short story or a complete manuscript. Every writer has their themes, styles and details to amuse the reader. So, when you are writing fiction, you are free to structure an inspiring story inhabited by fictional characters and interesting scenes. 

Creative Non-Fiction Writing

This creative writing category includes various creative writing skills and legendary styles to communicate ingenuous and non-fictional tales. So, when you write memoirs and personal essays, the best approach is to embed emotions and focus on the story and tone. 

Dialogue Writing

Dialogue writing knits a tale into dialogue and actions. The art is to set and interconnect the scenes and follow a three-act context to illustrate a story. Typically, the scripts are required by TV plays and movies, however, the advancement in technology and the latest streaming devices have supported many formats.


It is a type of creative writing that is used as guidance for live stage performances. So, plays can be one-act long or many. However, due to restrictions on space, special effects and live competencies, playwriting typically uses imagination to illustrate an engaging story.

Poetry Writing

Poetry is a rhythmic style that writers may use to musically express their ideas. The poetry can be written or performed to engage an audience. It can be either brief or comprised of several verses. You may write it in a rhyming scheme or a repetitive one.

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What are the Basics of Writing an Exemplary Essay?

If you wish to write an outstanding essay, below are some of the basics of it:


To write an exemplary essay, you must include good content to add value to it.


A well-written essay has properly organized and well-connected ideas that boost its credibility.


Your essay presentation is mainly about style, use of vocabulary and right words, spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehensiveness. You may divide your writings into paragraphs or even headings to make them more presentable.

Which Steps to Follow to Write a Commendable Essay?

If you wish to write a commendable essay, the writing method is quite simple. Just follow these steps to amaze your readers:

Focus on the Audience

Remember that as a writer, you need to hook, engage and persuade the readers. So, it is important to structure your essay accordingly. Include sentences and paragraphs that your target audience would be interested in reading, and illustrate them most fascinatingly so that your reader remains hooked till the end. Moreover, your writings should reflect your sound knowledge, as it will develop the reader’s trust.

Frame Your Ideas

Your writing is all about how well you present your ideas. Imagine a person who has a very creative mind, and can generate credible ideas, but lacks good writing skills, their ideas won’t be of any worth.

So, the best way is to carry out research, brainstorm and think out of the box. It will help you analyse all aspects, and enable you to choose the best ideas, and illustrate them in the most presentable manner.

There are three genres of ideas for topics that you may use to write an exceptional essay that may include theoretical (main idea of the body), conceptual (explanation of the body), and empirical (supporting the main argument through evidence).


Now, that you understand the audience, know how to hook and engage them, and have organized your ideas, it’s time to start writing. Connect your resources and thoughts, to write something extraordinary and impress the audience.

How to Assess a Creative Writing?

Creative writing has many aspects that reflect its quality and worth. Below are some of the metrics used to evaluate creative writing:


When you write creative writing passages, it reflects your level of knowledge and awareness. While knowledge is related to facts, your writing is mostly about how beautifully you illustrate it.

Writing Skill

A well-illustrated piece of creative writing shows strong writing ability. However, if your writing skills are weak, you won’t be able to impress your reader and earn appreciation. 


Though you may have good vocab and grammar, however, to connect ideas with text, you need to use them properly. If you are successful in doing it, it provides flow, cohesiveness and sequence to your writings.


While other aspects are important to evaluate the quality of writing, a rational structure also has equal worth. So, as a good writer, you should know the art of clustering ideas and logically organizing them. 

What Are Different Techniques Used in Creative Writing?

If you are very much interested in improving your writings, you must follow the below-mentioned creative writing techniques:

Know Your Reader

As a writer, you need to understand that whenever you write something, you create it for a particular audience i.e. your readers. Hence, it is important to know your reader well as it will enable you to illustrate the most inspiring piece of writing. So, you must identify what will interest your reader, what info is most useful for them, and what writing style and tone will keep them hooked. This way you will be able to adapt your writing accordingly.

Framework Can Make Your Writings Impressive

It can prove very helpful if you create an outline or framework of your essay before you start writing. You should carry out research, brainstorm ideas, think of your opinions and write them down on paper. Then, organize all points in relevant sections such as intro, body and conclusion.

It is a very useful writing technique as it will not only save you time but also help you create a more impressive piece of writing. Remember that outline does not need to be complex, a simple write-up with sections, and relevant points can serve as an ideal road map when writing.

Imagine and Feel Your Writings

Do you know that secret to the success of highly accomplished writers is to live within their writings? You might be wondering what living within the writing mean. As a writer you must be fully immersed in the writing, you should be able to imagine and feel it. This is the only way, you can engage your readers well, and know the impact of your writings.

While this is true for story writing, it also implies essay writing. As a good writer, you should know and understands every specific of your essay, and make sure that it closely matches the requirements.

To add more value to your writings, try to include relevant facts and theories from the literature and reflect your understanding of the subject. The more your writing is convincing, the better your writing will be and the higher the marks you will earn.

Tempting Opening

The beginning of your writing sets the mood and interest for the rest of the work. So, it is important to focus on the intro and create the best possible opening to entice your reader.

The opening should be able to hook the reader and keep them engaged till the end. Some suggestions include adding facts, questions, or thought-provoking questions to create the max impact from the beginning and attract the audience to continue reading.

Remember, you have to create an impression on the reader from the beginning, so the best way is to structure an appealing and solid structure. Also, if it’s an academic essay, don’t forget that your professor has many essays to evaluate, so writing a relevant, precise, engaging and interesting essay has a better chance of earning a good grade.

Adding More Details Can Enrich Your Writings

Doesn’t add more nuts to ice cream make it more delicious? Surely it does. Similarly, you can enrich your writing by adding more details. Though, relevant details and descriptions are sufficient, however, adding a bit more detail may raise the reader’s interest, and add excitement to the work.

On the contrary, it might not be true for an essay with a limited word count. However, you can still try to make it more comprehensive, complete and enticing. An ideal way to do this is to create a picture in the mind of the reader.

Although adding extra details is not a benchmark to excellent reading, it reflects your learning and confidence in the topic. And if it’s academic work, it will surely earn you more marks.

Avoid Uncertain Endings

Creative writers have varied views about using uncertainty as an effective creative writing technique. Some feel that an open ending can be ideal for letting readers interpret on their own, and develop their unique views. On the contrary, some audiences are annoyed by uncertainty as they are very much interested in the ending.

So, it mainly depends on the writer’s choice, and how they satisfy their readers. Make sure that you always close your essay and reflect on your understanding of the topic. It will create a good impression on your examiner who would be eager to give you a better grade.

However, make sure that your conclusion is simple, clear, concise, and includes the prospect. Being uncertain and fluffy might frustrate the readers.

Revise and Edit

It is an undeniable fact that even expert writers are not able to write a perfect piece in their first attempt. So, revising and editing the essay is fundamental, otherwise, it may impact your outcomes. After you have written your essays, proofread them for any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or structural mistakes. It will create a nice impression on the professor and the reader.

Include Your Viewpoints

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, including opinions and viewpoints in any manner can make your writing more credible. For instance, fiction writing is usually based on a story, or lesson, while a storyline without an objective will make it pointless. So, a writer’s perspective can make a huge difference, and leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

Use Literary Devices

Literary devices such as simile, metaphor, imagery, symbolism or flashback are a very effective way to write brilliantly and create inspired scenes. This technique boosts a writer’s creativity, helps paint influential pictures and reflects a good writing style. Moreover, you may also use alliterations, consonance, and assonance to enrich the sound and rhythm of your writing.

Enrol in a Writing Workshop

If you are very much interested in improving your writing skills, you may enrol in a writing workshop. You will get a chance to interact with a community of expert writers, learn new writing techniques and master your writing skills. So, whether you are a budding writer, or committed to learning more, writing groups can be ideal for inspiration and motivation.

Explore Your Consciousness

Take a blank page, and begin writing. Whatever comes to mind related to the topic, write it down. This technique of free writing can activate your conscious mind and become a source of some very interesting and unique ideas. Just let your brain and fingers connect, and see the miracle.

Story Starters Can Add More Value to Your Writings

Story starters or writing prompts can make your writing more valuable. You might think that what are story starters or writing prompts? The answer is simple. These are short paras that act as a catalyst in writing.

You may have several questions about writing prompts: do we need to create ourselves, or where we can find those? The great news is that there are much writing prompts online, you just need to research them, choose the one that you like, and include it in your writing.

Write a Letter to Your Younger Self

How interesting would it be to talk to your younger self? Even the thought of it is amusing. The most inspiring thing about this activity is that you know the best about yourself, and it feels awesome to guide yourself and make life better. So, doing this activity will not only improve your writing skills but also boost your mood.

Work on Creating a Mock Advertisement

You can choose any company, and create a mock advert for it. However, before you begin creating it, you should choose a topic, and know the format. Remember when you write adverts, you need to carefully choose words that will effectively persuade the target audience to take an action. This activity will teach the skill of identifying the target audience and learn the skill of hooking and engaging them. You will agree that this technique is vital to every good writing.


Though there are many writing tips to follow, the most effective of all is to practice. Not everyone is inspired by writing, and would never be willing to allocate their free time for this activity. However, you should try to change your perspective, writing for a blog or online magazine may give you a sense of accomplishment, add to your skill-set, and boost your career.

Learn to Structure Your Writings

Imagine a beautiful room with enticing furniture that is all messed up. Will it appeal to you? Not. It’s similar to wasting resources.

So, learn to structure your writing logically and coherently. Every paragraph should be interconnected with the other. The intro and conclusion should meet the benchmarks. Moreover, you should make sure that your essays match the format, style and directions.


Whether you are doing creative writing or academic writing, you should know that both are much similar. These writings aim to hook and engage the audience and convey a message, theory or viewpoint.

Hence, creative writing techniques can be quite helpful, and enable you to create inspiring, engaging and better quality work. Above is a complete guideline on how to master your creative writing skills. You will understand the basics of becoming a skilled creative writer, learn the techniques and see your writings outshine among others. However, if you start directly, you may learn from your mistakes, and it will waste a lot of time and effort.

So, a sensible approach is to focus on every technique, try to make the best use of it, and sway your professor and audience. It will not only improve your academic performance but also help push your career to the next level.

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