Russian Interference in USA Elections Essay

Russian Interference In USA Elections Essay

The Russian interference in the Presidential Elections of United States, 2016 has its roots in the political, economic and social changes that Russia wants to force on America. The roots of this interference can be linked with the tussle between the two countries. The two countries have never come close to each other because both of them pursue different ideologies. The current interference is evidence that Russia wants to utilize President Trump who somehow has stakes in Russian ideologies.

Furthermore, the Russian attempt to interfere in the elections is also backed by its motive to destabilize the US on a political basis. The Russian interference in the Presidential Election of US is proved by several pieces of evidence. The motive of this negative interference was to damage the political stability in the US. However, the Russian interference has also put strains on the free and fair election process in the US, and also opened several ways for Russian by which it can harm the US national security.

The Russian interference in the elections of US has been proved by several agencies and independent observers. However, a minimal effort has been put by Russia to retaliate to the situation and claims. The Russian government was accused by the Homeland Department of Security soon after their interference in 2016. The Homeland Department of Security claimed that the Russian Government was directly involved behind the email hackings to interfere in the elections (Masters, 2018).

The Current US Relations with Russia:

Furthermore, the department also claimed that the planning to interfere the elections was made in Russian at the government level and that many big names such as Vladimir Putin were also directly involved in ordering the alleged interference. The interference has been recently proved through evidence presented by the Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the Russian interference in US elections. The US elections are riddled with cyber-attacks and social media campaigns. Mueller has recently proved that 13 people and three Russian agencies were involved in meddling with the elections.

These individuals and agencies worked from 2014 to plan their interference. Mueller also alleged that the approval of this interference was given by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. However, he did not give direct evidence for the alleged approval given by Putin. The US top agencies including the FBI and CIA are investing the election scam. On the other hand, the US President, Donald Trump is continuously denying the results and evidence of Mueller and the investigating agencies (Jon Swaine, 2018).

Donald Trump also sees this investigation propaganda against him. The controversial Presidential win of Donald Trump has already created a divide within the US. People are divided on the unexpected winning of Trump. Therefore, Trump took the benefit of the situation and termed the investigations as an attempt to impeach him. On the other hand, the Russian investigations are slow paced. And lack the interest of their government agencies. The Russian foreign minister has recently quoted that how could 13 people challenge the billion dollar budget of US intelligence.

The relationship between the United States and Russia Since the cold war:

The statement of Russian foreign minister is also a faceoff to the current situation that Russia has successfully created in the US. The statement of Russian Foreign minister is also evidence of meagre security resources of US intelligence. The US cyberspace is one of the best across the world. However, the Russian interference in the US election has proved that the US intelligence agencies and cyberspace security is at stake. The question here is not limited to the breach of intelligence security or the cyberspace (Demetri Sevastopulo, 2018).



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