50 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics 2020

50 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics 2020


The effect of a parent, teacher, or friend on your life

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Different individuals affect the life of a person among which parent, teacher, or a friend are major. Therefore, studying the cause and effect relationship between a parent, teacher, or a friend on the life of someone is an important issue to be discussed critically.

Why you selected your major

Education is one of the major causes behind the successful personal and professional life and has some positive effects. Therefore, selecting a major involves a cause and effect relationship one can easily determine while observing life changes.

The effects of cramming for an examination

Cramming for an examination has some positive and negative results on the physical and mental health. Therefore, there exists a cause and effect relationship between cramming and health issues of students that need further research.

The effects of peer pressure

Peer, directly and indirectly, influences others’ lives in terms of establishing a strong personality character. Therefore, a peer becomes a cause for the effect on the characters of others.

Why some students cheat

Cheating is one of the ways to attempt exams or other tasks or assignments wrongfully. However, performing wrongly for the cheating purpose has some serious effects on the life of students. Therefore, cheating becomes a cause for students to face issues during their studies.

The effects on children of a broken marriage

Marriage is the direct relationship between two opposite gender as a result of which children are produced. Therefore, broken marriage has both positive and negative effects on children’s lives, in both direct and indirect manner.

The effects of poverty on an individual

Poverty has become one of the most controversial and critical subject matters globally. Poverty leads towards various issues in personal and familial life of a person and, therefore, poverty acts as a cause for many serious issues in the life of an individual.

Why one college course is more rewarding than another

Studying one college course can be more rewarding than another to improve skills and talent in that particular course. Therefore, one college course becomes a cause for more rewarding as an effect than another course.

Why many people don’t bother to vote in local elections



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