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The effect of a parent, teacher, or friend on your life

Different individuals affect the life of a person among which parent, teacher, or a friend are major. Therefore, studying the cause and effect relationship between a parent, teacher, or a friend on the life of someone is an important issue to be discussed critically.

Why you selected your major

Education is one of the major causes behind a successful personal and professional life and has some positive effects. Therefore, selecting a major involves a cause and effect relationship one can easily determine while observing life changes.

The effects of cramming for an examination

Cramming for an examination has some positive and negative results on the physical and mental health. Therefore, there exists a cause and effect relationship between cramming and health issues of students that need further research.

The effects of peer pressure

Peer, directly and indirectly, influences others’ lives in terms of establishing a strong personality character. Therefore, a peer becomes a cause for the effect on the characters of others.

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The effects of peer pressure

Peer, directly and indirectly, influences others’ lives in terms of establishing a strong personality character. Therefore, a peer becomes a cause for the effect on the characters of others.

Why some students cheat

Cheating is one of the ways to attempt exams or other tasks or assignments wrongfully. However, performing wrongly for cheating purpose has some serious effects on the life of students. Therefore, cheating becomes a cause for students to face issues during their studies.

The effects on children of a broken marriage

Marriage is the direct relationship between two opposite gender as a result of which children are produced. Therefore, broken marriage has both positive and negative effects on children’s lives, in both direct and indirect manner.

The effects of poverty on an individual

Poverty has become one of the most controversial and critical subject matters globally. Poverty leads towards various issues in personal and familial life of a person and, therefore, poverty acts as a cause for many serious issues in the life of an individual.

Why one college course is more rewarding than another

Studying one college course can be more rewarding than another to improve skills and talent in that particular course. Therefore, one college course becomes a cause for more rewarding as an effect than another course.

Why many people don’t bother to vote in local elections

The local election has little to do with people’s political interests and views due to which people do not bother to vote in local elections. Therefore, personal interests act as a cause for not voting in a local election that has some kind of effect on the political view of society, as a whole.

Why more and more students are taking online classes

Online classes have become one of the ways to transfer study without physical interaction. Online study offers various benefits to students due to which online classes become a cause for the beneficial way of students’ learning process as an effect.

The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination

Discrimination is one of the causes behind social tensions among people both at the individual and collective level. Race, sex, or religion act as a cause for discrimination with its direct and indirect effects on the lives of individuals and, thus, have a cause and effect relationship.

Why people exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain both physical and mental health. Therefore, there are various health-related causes due to which people do exercise which have positive effects.

Why people keep pets

Loving animals like pets can be regarded as a way to love other natural creations. Animals like pets cause people to feel better and in the company due to which pets have direct and indirect effects on people who keep pets.

The effects of computers on our everyday lives

The computer is one of the modern forms of technological advances with its multiple uses in almost all life fields. Therefore, the importance of computers in our daily lives poses some positive and negative effects.

The downside of smartphones

Smartphones have changed the way of interacting with the digital world of the affair. In other words, smartphones have made it easier to even get entertainment. Therefore, different life experiences through smartphones become a cause for the change in using modern mobile technology for interaction with its direct and indirect effects.

The environmental effects of bottled water

Environmental degradation has many causes, among which using bottled water is one. Manufacturing of bottles in plants poses a serious threat to the environment. Therefore, bottled water is one of the causes of various environmental effects that occur as a result.

Why reality shows are so popular

Reality shows cause people to become famous among others, in different manners. In fact, appearing in reality shows sometimes leads to a successful start in life’s professional career. Hence, reality shows act as a cause behind the successful and unsuccessful growth of a person’s professional life.

The effects of pressures on students to get good grades

Students become unable to perform effectively when they feel pressures. Without pressure, the student can perform in the best manner over their studies. Therefore, pressures cause some serious effects on students’ lives when it comes about getting good grades.

The effects of a coach or teammate on your life

Personal growth of a person has a cause deeply rooted in the training, learning, and understanding of a person about various aspects of life. Therefore, a coach or teammate has direct effects on an individual’s life both directly and indirectly.

The effects of not keeping a personal budget

Living a luxury and free life costs too much budget, as money is required to fulfil a person’s personal needs in time of need. Therefore, not keeping a personal budget for self-enjoyment or need has direct effects on a person’s personal life.

The causes of noise (or air or water) pollution

Pollution of any type, directly and indirectly, influence society and its people, as pollution has many severe effects on the natural environment in which people live. Therefore, different causes of pollution like noise, air or water have different effects on people’s lives.

The effects of noise (or air or water) pollution

Noise pollution is one of the severe forms of environmental pollution with its direct effects on people’s lives. Noise pollution directly influences people with the inability to stay normal under noise pollution and, therefore, directly linked with each other in a cause and effect relationship.

Why so few students read newspapers

Reading takes more time and more concentration due to which it sometimes becomes harder to stay with continuous reading. In this regard, there are many causes due to which few students read newspaper among which the objective nature of the study is the major cause which affects students’ reading nature.

Why many Americans prefer foreign-built cars

The automobile industry is widespread globally. The global opportunity to experience driving foreign cars have changed the automobile industry, in terms of establishing automobile business, especially, Therefore, foreign manufacturing acts like a cause which has its direct effects on people perception about cars and, therefore, many American hold perception over which they prefer foreign-built cars.

Why many adults enjoy animated movies

Animated movies involve both the world of fantasy and a mixture of multiple characters with their special appearances. Also, due to adventure involve in animated movies, many adults enjoy animated movies. Therefore, different features of animated movies cause many adults to enjoy animated movies as an effect.

Why baseball is no longer the national pastime

Not all people love and play baseball, but those who are more likely to see themselves as hardcore people than others to some extent. However, there is less enjoyment, and other factors like no elite class audience involve watching a baseball match due to which baseball is no longer the national pastime.

The effects of stress on students in high school or college

High school or college study offers student limited time and burden of content to study and grasp all the knowledge. Therefore, the heavy load of study material acts like a cause behind the stress develops among students.

The effects of moving to a new town or city

Living in a new town or city is not as easy as it appears. When someone leaves his home-town or city, it becomes difficult to survive under the same living conditions. Therefore, different survival factors and personal satisfaction level act like causes behind the stressful way of managing life in a new town or city. Therefore, moving to a new town becomes a cause behind various negative effects on a person’s life.

Why sales of DVDs are declining

Modern technological advances, along with the global presence of the internet’s online platform, have changed the world today. Technology is changing every day due to which old technology has less importance now than before. Therefore, modern advances in technology and the internet become cause which has its effects on the use of old technology by people today.

Why growing numbers of people shop online

Today, various factors have caused people to shop online, among which the Covid-19 Pandemic is on the top list. Also, shopping online saves time and energy. Therefore, some factors cause people to shop online as an effect.

The effects of the rapid increase in the cost of going to college

College study is costly today, as most colleges are private in nature and require a lot of fees to enrol students. Other factors are also responsible for the rapid increase in the cost of going to colleges, such as purchasing books, doing a research project, and preparing a short-time assignment that needs both money and time. Therefore, the rapid increase in the cost of going to college has many negative effects on students’ educational lives.

Why students drop out of high school or college

At the college level, students become mature enough to decide about their educational life. In this regard, many students adopt some positive changes and some negative changes. Those with a negative change in college face issues like drop out due to different causes that directly affect the educational lives of students at the college level.

Why college mathematics (or any other subject) is so difficult

The study at the college level is not as easy as it appears because it is the tough stage for students after which they are identified as successful students. Therefore, studying tough subjects like mathematics is so difficult at the college level, as it needs proper time and concentration to deal with mathematical issues.

Why some roommates don’t get along

Study life at a hostel or a private room is too much different than studying and living in a home. Different roommates belong to diverse cultural background, ethnicity, religion, race, socio-economic status etc. Therefore, such factors act as a cause behind fewer roommates to get along with each other as an effect.

Why adults have more fun than children on Halloween

Adults enjoy themselves on Halloween parties than children. Adults have more access to proper budgeting, place and friends as well. Also, adults have support from their parents and peers as well. Hence, many factors become cause behind adults more fun at Halloween than children.

Why so many people eat junk food

Today, people are living a very busy life, even a student. People with duties to act responsibly in life while supporting others have less time for eating. Also, it took less time and offers more fun to eat junk food. Hence, there are many reasons due to which people are more likely to eat junk food.

Why many children run away from home

Children run away from home due to several reasons. Meeting with friends daily, spending more time with neighborhood friends, watching movies, and going in fun-flex like places encourages children to run away from home.

The long-term effects of unemployment on a person

Unemployment means fewer resources for life and limited survival conditions. People who are unemployed experience an ill form of life, both at the personal and collective level, due to limited financial resources. Hence, unemployment has many long-term effects on a person as a whole.

The influence of a book or a movie on your life

Anything in this world can influence the life or mindset of a person. In this regard, a book or a movie also influences a person’s life, as both have direct and indirect effects on the personal, professional, and social life of a person. Therefore, a book or movie acts like a cause that affects the life of a person.

The effects of music downloading on the music industry

The music industry is full of musical items from all over the world and, thus, directly links with the global world. In this regard, downloading music has many positive and negative effects on the music industry.

Why texting has become such a popular means of communication

Communication is one way of expressing ideas, sharing thoughts, commenting on someone, and delivering useful facts and figures within seconds. In this regard, texting has become the most useful and effective way of communicating with people effectively. Texting technology is easy and takes less time to communicate with the global world and any place.

The effects of working while attending school or college

While attending school or college, working is one of the hardest things to do, during student life. The burden of study and financial do not go along with each other, as they are indirectly linked. Therefore, there are many negative effects of working while attending school or college.

Why workers in fast-food restaurants often have low morale

In fast-food restaurants, workers have to work fast and gain less reward from the company and customers. Anyone can start a fast food restaurant without having experience in making fast food. Therefore many face that act as a cause of moral or workers in fast-food restaurants.

The effects of not getting enough sleep

Why increasing numbers of children are overweight

Why TV shows and movies about zombies are so popular

Why bicycles are the best form of transportation

The effects of video games on young children

The causes of homelessness in your community

The causes of eating disorders among young people


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