The Change management process, whether it is a personal level or organizational environment, has some viable concern. In the organizational context, three significant changes take place:

  • People (inside and outside the organization)
  • Competitors
  • Social, Economic, Technological, and Political Environment

In the present competitive environment, organizations whether small or larger have to change themselves to keep abreast with the unprecedented changes and remain productive and efficient. This is also called changes management. The volume and size of change could be strategic in nature or operational; however, it may involve all the departments (such as Finance, Human Resource, Marketing & Sales, etc.) or only one department depending upon the need of the organization. It has also been observed that most of the organizations bring strategic changes in their culture and management structure to remain successful in the long run.

However, an organization has to be clear about the three factors: people, competitors, and the external environment. Furthermore, these factors don’t act in alone, they are interdependent, and change in one factor affects all other factors. Thus organization has to think in 360 degrees to effectively manage the transition.

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Change Management is composed of two words Chang and Management. Thus transformations as well as management functions of controlling, leading, organizing and planning take place in an organization. It has been seen that change is not an easy step to be taken; it has to face resistance from every direction such as people, organizational culture, management structure, and operations, etc.

Change Management process

In the Lincoln Electric context, the change management process will involve pace and scale of change, people management, change management content plan, and implementation of the plan.

Pace and Scale of Change in Lincoln Electric

It means Lincoln Electric will have to figure out the level of change and the number of people to be affected with the introduction of the proposed system in the existing organizational environment. For effectively managing this change, Lincoln can take different methods. However, it will have to know exactly the affected employees after the new system has been installed. It will also have to know how often these employees will have to alter or change their attitudes and behaviors in the workplace. Time is also an important consideration. Lincoln will have to know the period during which the old system would be replaced with the new computerized system.

As Lincoln Electric is going to bring a new system in place, it will also need a sponsor and initiators and motivators for this change.  The research shows that seniors can be the best fit for this role.  Another important step that Lincoln will have to take is the identification of champions and change agent who will speed up this system replacement process in the organization.

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People Management in Lincoln Electric:

People management is thought to be the most difficult and complicated process of change management process. Most of the time, people are the final user of the change.

Moreover, employees have their reservations regarding the proposed change as they feel unsecured with this change. However, these issues can be managed effectively through some flexible policies and procedures by Lincoln Electric. Firstly, it must properly communicate the change to the staff to be affected with this change. Moreover, the benefits and opportunities of the proposed change should also be communicated. Secondly, Lincoln should also hold training sessions including briefings, presentations, and regular staff meetings with seniors to reduce the level of hindrance.

Lincoln Electric’s Change Management Plan

Change Management requires step by step process for the change in an organization. Thus if Lincoln has undertaken a change plan, it will have to face certain drastic difficulties in this regard. The major hurdle comes from employees. Following are the steps of Change management plan contents:

  1. Initial Knowledge (Foundation)
  2. Implementation Plan

Initial Knowledge

For the change process to take place, the initial knowledge would work as the foundation.  In fact, Lincoln Electric can have a strong impact on the stakeholders who may pose resistance to the change by having a strong introduction to its change requirements. Over the years, it has been observed that the impressive introduction to the problem or the change need can increase the chances of success in the change management process.  Lincoln should thus develop an effective introduction which includes the objectives, needs, rules, and procedures to deliver change effectiveness for proposed changes in future.

 Implementation Plan of Lincoln Electric:

In future, when Lincoln thinks that they need change, a change management team has to be composed so that it could seek, produce and properly communicate the evidence to the top management in support to the proposed change. As employees will present the greater hindrance to the change, it will be important for Lincoln to take them in confidence. The proposed implementation plan is as follows:

  • Measurement of readiness
  • Employees’ involvement
  • Employees’ training

Measurement of Readiness:

When the proposed change plan is made effective, Lincoln should properly measure the employees’ readiness towards using this change in day to day operations. Through this measurement, it will be clear for Lincoln that whether this change would be ambiguous and difficult to implement for employees. It will also be transparent that whether the proposed change will harm the employees’ performance by having an adverse impact on their jobs. It is also possible that the new system may replace the existing experts. However, most of the staff may embrace the change if they find it easy to use.

Employees’ Involvement:

For effectively implementing the change process, it is much important for Lincoln to have sufficient employees’ involvement in this change process. By giving due regard to their opinions and suggestions, it may reduce the resistance from them. Furthermore, they would also feel affiliated with the change process and consider it as their success. It will also help the management to keep the negative words of mouth and rumors away.

Employees’ Training:

It is proposed that Lincoln must hold some training sessions for its staff who would use the new system.  It is also another way of reducing resistance to change from their employees. Furthermore, this training would increase the efficiency of the change process and avoid any risk that may arise during the implementation process.


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