Some Current and Good Topics for Writing an Accounting Research Paper

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Are you looking for accounting research topics? Finding accounting research paper topics is not a problem. This article is a complete guide to inform students and other intellectuals about various research topics in finance and accounting. No doubt, accounting is a technical subject and needs technical support to write proper research paper.

Currently, because of the trend of online freelancing, most of the students hire writing expert online with the intention to accomplish their academic and non-academic assignments of accounting and other subjects as well. However, many students who are talented enough to write their research papers without any expert support are more likely to do some online research regarding current research topics in accounting. For this purpose, this article will help students who are looking for some current and good topics for writing an accounting research paper.

However, before talking about accounting research topics, it would be beneficial for hardworking and deserving students along with weak students to become aware about the nature of a research paper so that it becomes clearer that why there is always a need for a good and appropriate accounting research paper topic.

For many students, conducting proper research in any field of study is not as easy as it appears, by means of the fact that students who never learnt anything about the nature of doing research become unable to even find good topics or ideas to establish research proposal. In this regard, a research paper is a thorough study of a one single topic of a certain subject matter like accounting. Within the research paper, different methodologies along with the past researches and facts and figures are used to have fresh and authentic information which is further analyzed by using some technical tools to calculate the reliability and authenticity of the research-based outcomes.

However, different methodologies along with technical tools are used for various types of researches, especially due to the difference of subjects. For example, in social sciences-based research, most of the information and data are collected through past researches and, therefore, mostly researches in social sciences are based on literature review. While, on the other hand, fields like economics, accounting, finance, mathematics etc. involve tools and other technical support to prove various points of the research, while performing the research in a practical manner.

Until, now, this paper has talked about the brief overview of the nature of research and it has become clearer that research papers vary according to the subject matter and technicality of the topic selected for doing a research paper. It has also become clearer that before the selection of a research topic as final topic, let say about accounting field, it is better to select the techniques and criteria to conduct the research regarding the selected topic so that each aspect of the research can be made clearer. Below are some current and good topics for writing an accounting research paper along with their brief overview in order to understand their importance as useful accounting research paper topics.

  • Need for accounting software

This topic is about the need for accounting software and doing research regarding this topic is useful in the domain of accounting to identify the need for accounting software, when dealing with different accounting projects.

  • Latest developments in accounting software

This topic is also a research topic in accounting with the help of which a researcher can easily know about latest development in accounting software through conducting a research.

  • Dilemmas of accounting ethics

Sometimes, the use of accounting in different situation pose serious issue of ethics, a way to use accounting for some personal means. Therefore, to find to what extent unethical practices are acceptable in accounting would require a proper research to do so.

  • Historical prospects for best accounting practices

Accounting is a not a new field and it has its root in history as well. In this respect, finding answer about how historical accounting practices were different or same from current accounting practices need a thoughtful way of approaching history through a proper research in accounting filed   

  • Value of rapid information for modern accountants

No matter which field you are studying and what type of research required to have information about a subject matter of that field of study. Information always changes and that matters a lot when time passes. Therefore, to study the value of rapid information for modern accountants there is a need to conduct a research to find valuable information required for modern accountants, in different aspects of their accounting-based life experiences.

  • Risks in the design and analysis of accounting systems

Working on a topic of accounting is one thing, but the way to identify risks in design and analyze various accounting system is another. Therefore, to identify risks in design and analysis of accounting systems a proper research is also required.

  • How to develop and improve accounting systems

Many researchers have already developed and written about various accounting systems. Therefore, a broad way to reach their ideas about developing and improving accounting system is required to understand their efforts for some future study.

  • Effective ways of tax reduction for organizations

In general, many topics have been proposed regarding the idea of tax reduction for organizations. Therefore, to conduct a research regarding effective ways to tax reduction for organizations will need a little research to collect the information and, thus, useful research for organization to overcome their tax-related issues in future.

  • Ways to escape financial fraud

In the field of accounting and finance, fraud is one of the issues remained overwhelming especially for big-size financial firms. Therefore, to find and identify ways to escape financial fraud can be a good research topic particularly for financial institutions.

  • Essential skills for forensic accountancy

Some research provide reliable and authentic information that is already useful for many users. Similarly, identifying essential skills for forensic accountancy through a research paper will be a useful way to collect information regarding skills for forensic accountancy for its relevant users.

  • Meaning of accounting theories for business

Today, businesses are more likely to take help through modern and traditional theories of accounting to promote their business companies. Therefore, conducting a proper research to evaluate the meaning of accounting theories for business would be a great idea as a research paper.

  • Issues with normative theories of accounting

Not all information available online is authentic and reliable, especially when it comes about finding critical reviews about a topic or a subject matter. Therefore, finding issues with normative theories of accounting is one of the way to provide authentic information in a critical manner, while conducting a research paper.

  • Problems in implementing theoretical concepts in practical accounting

No doubt, first comes theory and then practical work. So, some issues always encounter by practical accounting. Identifying such issues to support both theoretical and practical accounting is useful way to conduct a research.

  • Internet-based accountancy

One of the current topics in accounting is internet-based accountancy within which the evolution of internet has paved the way for modern outlook of internet-based accounting. Therefore, conducting a research regarding various aspects of internet-based accountancy would be a great effort for future.

  • Modern technology in accounting

Use of technological advances in the accounting is also a good and current topic in the field of accounting, as technology is going along with almost all aspects of life and, therefore, a proper research can be conducted in order to identify some major technologies and their uses in accounting so far.

Some Accounting Research Topics-based Research Questions

  • What accounting systems are the most effective for accountants?
  • What are the loopholes in advanced technology for accounting sphere?
  • When to hire personal accountants?
  • How to make correct accounting decisions?
  • How to avoid the growth of debt?
  • How to investigate forensic accounting?
  • How cultures influence accounting theory?
  • How to assess tax on organizational earnings?
  • What factors caused the global financial crisis of 2008?
  • How to become a certified accountant?

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