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Resonates with the spirit of leadership:

SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP qualities is part and parcel of supervisory functions. As a leader, I believe in working with people and not subordinates and target goals which are mutually beneficial. I like to set examples for my followers in accepting challenges and managing hardships with commitment. Collaborative leadership based on the management practice which is focused on the leadership skills across the organizational and functional boundaries. The management operates to control the resources of the company, inspecting the how, when and where, but the leaders empower the human resource through asking questions such as why and what (Tichy & Cohen, 1997).

There are overlapping skills and characteristics in the management and leadership such as both require effective communication, emotional intelligence, and team building. But, the managers have a narrowed perspective, and short-term vision and leaders share a long-term vision. The leaders have the ability to improve the performance of their employees within the organization. The leaders lead the team and work to enhance their performance.

The leaders who adopt the transactional leadership will focus on the needs of employees.  Integrity and leadership have a positive relationship which is frequently used in management. Integrity is about the sincerity, credibility, and truthfulness. Being a leader, it is important that a leader is emotionally intelligent, passionate and energetic. Leaders should be self-motivated so that they work consistently toward their goals. Leaders have extremely high standards for the quality of work. A good leader has the ability to make their decisions independently with no input from the rest of the group.

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He has the ability to make the right decision in short time he has the strong interaction with the employees and he listens to the complaints and new ideas of the employees and brings creativity and innovation in organizational operations and procedures (Bass & Riggio, 2006). The collaborative and inspired leadership Resonate me in the variety of meanings such as I am highly inspired from the decision making, analytical and problem-solving skills of the leader and also how they make teams and improve the performance of an organization in a challenging situation.

Collaborative leadership:

In the organization, the leader plays a vital role, and the leadership strategy also plays a vital role in the business atmosphere.  The leaders have the ability to improve the performance of their employees within the organization. The leaders lead the team and working to enhance their performance.

The leaders have given the path to their employees on which they work to achieve their goals. The path-goal theory of leadership is used to develop a good atmosphere in the workplace.  The effective leadership strategies are used to make the effective values as the outcome. Within the organization, effective leadership has the ability to control the different type of conflict (Hallinger & Heck, 2010).

Through this the leadership strategy to set the goal of expectancy and enhance the services and performance of the employees. The most fundamental and important ideas in management systems are leadership, personality building, and evaluation, motivation, communication skills, and decision-making ability. For a good and efficient manager or director, it is necessary to first and foremost evaluate the management systems. For that reason, I have learned that a well-rounded manager or director has a pleasant personality and can motivate and engage a multitude of different characters at the workplace.

I think that well-rounded managers or directors must have the ability to evaluate situations and persons around him/her and make smart and well-supported decisions accordingly.  Decision making and personality development are the pre-requisite for the establishment of any organization. To practice good management of people and for attaining the goals of the company in a better manner, following the principles of leadership and management are crucial.    It is the duty of the manager to keep a check on the whole company, and not only the materialistic affairs but also the organization and the relationships among people are also looked upon by the manager.

To understand how self-regulation is supportive of students achievements and development, it is important to comprehend the definition of self-regulation which is, a productive procedure in which learners try to attain, examine, normalize and regulate the thoughts, the performance, and the motivation by setting goals and lead these aims by relating them to their surroundings. A manager has to be a good and vigorous personality, in addition to this, the ability to lead the whole company is also imperative.  The manager has to keep a check on each and every aspect of the business, hence having the tendency to evaluate people with justice and upon their ability.

I was a team leader in my university, the teacher was given us the presentation, and in my team, I have five members in my team. I have assigned the task to the rest of the team, and I have listened to all about their expertise and gain different ideas from all. I did vast research on the topic and share the information with the rest of the team member. On the day of presentation, the one member of the team was stuck in the traffic, and he was not able to come, so I and one of my team member have decided to perform on his place. I have good decision-making skills as well.  In my future, I will continue my collaborative leadership skills because through this I would able to collect the vast information and communicate effectively with my team. Through this leadership skill, I would enhance the productivity of the company.

My spirit of leadership Area:

I think that I have the courage to avoid shrinking before challenge because I have the courage to accept the challenging task because I know I have the ability to understand the challenging task and to complete it.  I will manage my peers, my class fellows, and my colleagues and make some effective decisions. Leadership skills help me to be more dynamics and broaden my vision to handle the issues in a leading way. To become the more likable leader I have to express the innovative ideas and also include the humility practicing.

Through leadership skills, the one should know about the behavior of the different people, and he should know how to handle the people in different situations. To adopt leadership skills in life is important for the people who are going to lead the team in the organization. The leaders have some qualities which are different from the other employee.  Leaders, the person to lead the whole team and make a decision for the company.

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My challenging spirit of leadership Area:

I think that I have poor rational communication skills because I am failed to convey my point of view to others.  It is hard for me to convey my point of views to others I cannot freely communicate with others on different issues it is challenging for me to change my habit. I am trying to overcome this problem but it is not possible for me to communicate with by sub-ordinates effectively and convey my point to them.


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