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  1. Describe in a paragraph (6-7 sentences) how Kouzes and Posner (2010) explain the “truth” you are discussing. Include the “truth’s” major themes in your description.

Kouzes and Posner reveal the idea of truth while making different arguments about the nature of truth. In this regard, they defined the notion of truth as best leaders are the best learners (Kouzes, 2010, p. 120). This definition of truth implies the fact that the person who possesses the leadership qualities also shows its ability to learn things, in a rapid manner. In addition, the truth is all about learning that counts as a master skill. Through learning one can improve life and can feel the taste of success (Kouzes, 2010, p. 122). Another theme of this truth revolves around the fact of adopting a growth mindset. This theme implies that good leaders are not likely to learn, but the way to learn (Kouzes, 2010, p. 124).

  1. Make a list of X people who exemplify or demonstrate the “truth”. Those chosen must be publicly known or publicly accessible…?
  • Alan Mulally
  • Bill Clinton
  • General Joe Dunford
  • Bono
  1. Describe in five or six sentences how each person exemplifies the particular “truth”…?


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llan Mulally, as a CEO of Ford company, shows the truth of ‘the best leaders are the best learners’ as Mulally has established the growth mindset of giving his employees part of the profit. In reality, Mulally has developed the environment over which he tends to regard his employees, as a result of their commitments based on professional values. Secondly, Bill Clinton also shows the idea of the truth of ‘the best leaders are the best learners’, as he acted as a leader to demonstrate the issue of HIV/AIDS and greenhouse emission, through the learnings of his life about needy people. General Joe Dunford also shows the idea of truth, over which he always ordered his soldiers to have good people around to become successful, as a result of learning good habits. Finally, Bono was a leading singer who shows the same truth, as he tried to persuade leaders to write off debt from the poorest nations through his singing talent. In other words, he practices his ability to sing to convince leaders of the world and so adopted the truth of practicing learning to become better to others.

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Kouzes, J. M. (2010). The truth about leadership: The No-fads, heart-of-the-matter facts you need to know. San Francisco: CA: Jossey-Bass.


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