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The book titled, “Lexus and olive tree: understanding globalization” is written by Thomas L. Friedman. The main theme of the book is related to the concept of globalization. Globalization is the term that shows that the whole world if united on a single platform, having no or fewer differences as the flow of information and exchange of stuff between them is very easy. The book considers globalization, not as some practice or trend but Thomas L. Friedman says that Globalization is an entire international system. According to him, globalization has taken the place of the old system of cold war and the bi-polarized world under which the several rules and regulations were made, directing the people according to its own will. Presently Globalization acts as the driving force that leaves a deep impact on the on-goings of the whole world.

According to Thomas L. Friedman, political affairs, environmental issues, the world economy, and geopolitics, hence every important aspect of life is influenced by globalization making the world a place running on the rules of globalization. The aim of Friedman behind writing this book is to convey the audience about the role of globalization in transforming the global politics, economy, commerce, capital, technology, etc.  A balance between the old traditions, customs and the immense progress in the era of globalization is suggested to get maximum advancements in life.

The Lexus and Olive Tree study guide

The Lexus and Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization,” represents the thought of Friedman which he wants to convey through his book. From Lexus author meant anything that indicates the growing markets, technological advancements and developing financial institutions in the international world. It can be referred to anything that fosters nourishment, modernizes or spread prosperity. On the other hand, Olive trees

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symbolize anything that creates an identification of us, by locating us on the international platform. I think Thomas L. Friedman in The Lexus and Olive Tree: Understanding globalization, created such an amazing impact on the readers that in spite of it being a business directing book, a connection of it to the normal living world was felt by everybody (Friedman, 2000).

I liked the way the author conveyed the concept of globalization. I think he justified with the term globalization and explained it amazingly. As it has been stated in the book that;

“… there are some things about this new era of globalization that we’ve seen before, some things that we’ve never seen before and some things that are so new we don’t even understand them yet…”

Also, Friedman tried to explain the two concepts of globalization, indicating the modifications that were witnessed between the different eras of globalization saying;

“If the first era of globalization shrank the world from a size ‘large’ to a size ‘medium,’ this era of globalization is shrinking the world from a size ‘medium’ to a size ‘small’.”

The title justified with the main idea of the book, showing the connection of technology, capital, global marketplace, globalization and business all together under one title. Globalization is the term referring to mostly politics and involves the flow of information around the world with ease and also showing international relations.

But the book discussed the idea of globalization under the theme of development and advancement resulting in a placed of people in the international society. It refers to the growing market and the identification of the businessmen through the growing market around the globe.

The whole reading is although very professional but also very close to reality. Associating the dry business terms with the words like an olive tree (which is very beautiful, different and prominent in it) and Lexus (showing prosperity and popularity) makes the reading more attractive and beautiful. However, one aspect that bothers me is the association of the title with the inside material.

It although shares some features but if considered deeply, the title and the body of the book is quite different. As the name reflects, the body is not expected to be having scientific and political terms, but the body of the book is composed of such facts, showing the association of market with the international world (Friedman, 2000).

I found a few aspects laid down in the book very interesting making the readers know about certain facts of the global economy and the international world. As it is stated in the book;

“Many world markets are only recently freed, governed for the first time by the emotions of the people rather than the fists of the state. “

The Lexus and Olive Tree Quotes;

And also Friedman stated that;

“The spread of free markets and democracy around the world is permitting more people everywhere to turn their aspirations into achievements. And technology, properly harnessed and liberally distributed, has the power to erase not just geographical borders but also human ones.”

The whole writing is although very good, but for me, the book did not answer the real question regarding the impact of globalization on the stability or instability of the world. Friedman just discussed the Historical role of globalization in the advancement or development of the international world. The question discussed throughout the book is that whether the old convention of globalization will remain the way it is or will add up to more advancement in the society. For me the discussion on the dependence of stability of the society on globalization is missing in the book, making it a little incomplete. Otherwise, the whole discussion on the evolution of globalization, done in this writing is worth applauding, making Friedman a great contributor in political business literature.

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