I would determine employees’ strengths and contemplate making new teams with a tailored mixture of skills. If Company encompasses a project, I would produce a task force combining workers with diverse expertise levels as every individual can make unique value addition. If younger team members give energy and optimism; veterans would give insight from past expertise. I would also encourage innovation through an egalitarian culture, versatile schedules, few conferences, and interdisciplinary project groups. I would encourage teamwork, eliminate exclusive-looking non-public workplace suites and assign everybody workstations in proximity to jump-start communication.


I would address the prevailing insecurities regarding health among consumers of Pepsi products by strategically positioning Pepsi in the common people’s mind as a redefined health conscious product. I would put marketing teams to reshaping the perspective of consumers that Pepsi cares for their health and it puts the health and medical issues of its consumers on top priority. For that we would establish new marketing strategies, for instance, it can introduce new healthy high fibred & low-calorie snack brands as solutions to the increasing health concerns; it can also foster the trust of consumers by making these products readily available in public platforms like schools, hospital cafes, sports complexes etc. To make its decision to go healthy loudly, I would suggest the managers have an alliance with medical experts while marketing the products and promoting them through places like gyms, hospitals restaurants, and public parks etc.



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