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A good man is hard to find is one of the most popular short story written by  Flannery O’Connor. This story is originally published in 1953 based on the genres of southern gothic short story. This story is about one of the southern family who is going on the vacation to the Florida State, while the actual journey of their trip takes place inside the lives of the family. One of the questions that arise in this short story is that what is the actual definition of the good man and how there exist only a few of these good men in this world. In this story, numerous of the characters think themselves as the good individuals on the bases of the moral codes and practices that they conduct and standby. All of these moral practices and codes are extremely flawed nevertheless, leaving each of the character blinded by their self-righteousness (O’Connor).

A good man is hard to find Theme:

In this story, the grandmother of the family recognizes herself as taking the greatest values and norms. She entirely overdresses for a trip in the hat of navy straw and the cuffs and collars, so that if any accident occurs people will easily recognize that she was the lady (O’Connor 368). The writers reported that she gazes down upon the other individuals as well. At the start of a story, the grandmother criticizes her daughter in law for not taking her kids to the different areas of the global world and being the extensive (O’Connor 367).

She also tells John Wesley her grandson who is 7 or 8 years old to be highly respectful toward his parents and the native state. In spite of becoming high judgemental, she never criticizes and analysis his selfishness, hypocrisy, and dishonesty. When grandmother criticizes the John Wesley related to

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the native states, she calls him the little black boy in the unchanged sentence (O’Connor 368).

She after that says that the little black children don’t have stuff as they organize and that “certainly she painted, she must paint this picture. She later painted this picture with the romantic good old times story on southern plantations. The definition of the grandmother related to the good man is also flawed. The writer stated that she married the Edgar Teagarden because he was the gentleman who purchased the stock of Coca-Cola that makes him the rich man (O’Connor 369).

The misfit is the person who escaped from prison and meets this family during their trip. At the end of the day, when Misfit is killing all the members of the family one by one, the grandmother told him to pray for himself. However, grandmother never prays for other members of the family and not begs from the Misfit to release them. The grandmother is even acted dramatically when she pulled the handkerchief out for using it as the fan and states the Misfit that you wouldn’t murder the lady or would you, by this, she efficiently trying to protect herself as compared to saving her family (O’Connor 373)

Misfit is the unlikely person that can have morals, but as compared to other characters he has a deep thought, while others are a lack in it. Misfit is reprobate with the all perverted morals as he is stick and consistent on all of them. Misfit know himself very well when he tells his Grandmother about him that he is not the good person and on the same way he is not that much worst. With his self-awareness and consistency, he relies on his moral code to guide himself in life. It is shown at the end of the story when the Bobby Lee said to take the fun while shooting with Grandmother on which Misfit was not satisfied by him as there is no pleasure to kill. Misfit knows that he kill her and remain stick with this (O’Connor 374).

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The Grandmother who already fails on living her life by her own created moral code around the story. The morals and values of the characters that people in the story have made up. The moral codes of them are not more like the set of the beliefs that the culture trusts to be the right one. His Grandmother believes in the values based on your appearance and the place from where one can come. She thinks like a lady and deceives and manipulates all of them that used to be close to her. The Grandmother place herself at the high standard with lack of self-awareness and compassion (O’Connor 377).

The moral code of Misfit twisted is consistent and strong and allow the Misfit to live his all the life by following it. He is not like his Grandmother; he does not lie about himself, as he is true on who is and from where he belongs. In this whole story, the good and gentleman is hard to recognize and find. When the Red Sam tells his Grandmother about the whole story of his getting swindled for gas, the Grandmother calls Red Sham the good and brilliant man. The Grandmother also tries to call Misfit and tell that he is good because the Grandmother believes that he would not kill the lady.


She didn’t understand to realize the fact that she is not calling them good by their moral, but she is calling good because of the same values they have like hers. The Grandmother always finds herself as a good person who is not right. Misfit thought she could be a good woman if there were someone who can shoot her whole life, even every minute of the life she had spent early and will spend latterly. In the whole story, there is only one person who is a real good man that he is the Misfit, the reason is that Misfit is the only one person that remains stick and consist to his all those principles having prevented and twisted moral codes.

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