Paper Pills Story Summary

Paper Pills is a famous story of George Willard, along with five other stories in his book. Doctor Reefy is the major character of this story, and it is good to say that the major theme of this story is loneliness and then disclosure in the end when the doctor died in love with George’s mother, Elizabeth.

The major emphasis of this story is on hands, and the story talks about a lonely old man. The old man, in this case, is Doctor Reefy, and the paper pills are small pieces of paper on which the doctor writes his thoughts and ideas. In the same manner, he jots down his life experience on these pieces of paper.

It is the major reason that the author calls them paper pills as these pieces of paper are a source of peace for the doctor (Flear, 2014).

The doctor uses his big old hand to put these scrap of paper into pockets of his frayed suit rather than throwing them, and the major reason behind this action is that the doctor does not want those other people to misunderstand his words written on these papers.

The story tells that the doctor finds a person to share his thoughts or feelings for a little period. She was a tall black girl of mid-ages who passes by his home as it was her family way. She was a doctor, and she was courted by two young men.

The first young man was a jeweller who talked about her virginity. However, she dreamed that she was bitten by him in her lust. The second young man, in this case, was less talkative, but he did not only bite her but. He also made her pregnant as well.

She went to Doctor Reefy for help after this incident, and she found that he was taking out the tooth of another patient. The girl felt from the behaviour of the doctor that he was against the bestial lust, and his behaviour was the enemy towards it (Yin, 2014).



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