Summary Of The Book Wonder

Main Idea Of The Book Wonder

The major theme of wonder the book is kindness and helping others. The paper suggests that small and simple acts of kindness and help can make significant differences, and they can give peace to the mind and soul of an individual or a community.

Moreover, the book states that everyone has a choice and an ability to choose kindness so that is not a difficult task to do small acts of kindness. The story of this book revolves around the story of August Matthew “Auggie” Pullman.


The author states that “Auggie” Pullman was born with a facial abnormality and he was suffering from a mixture of Treacher Collins syndrome and hemifacial macrosomia. It was the major reason that he was unable to attend mainstream school until the fifth grade and then he was enrolled at Beecher Prep.

However, it is important to note that Auggie is not a real person or it is good to say that his character is a fictitious character and the author of the book RJ Palacio has tried to give a lesson to teachers or schools and parents of children like Auggie through this story that small acts of kindness can make a personal hero and they can make it easier for an individual to live his life like a legend.

However, RJ is trying to describe the real-life story of Nathaniel Newman, 13years old child who was suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome and hemifacial macrosomia in reality. RJ was inspired by his story and Nathaniel Newman’s family has no issues to write a book on his life and RJ changed the character of Nathaniel Newman with Auggie to explain the real story of Nathaniel Newman by a fictitious character Auggie (Berlatsky, 2019).

The most important thing about Auggie in the book is that he is wearing a helmet throughout the book when he goes to school. The helmet symbolizes an act or way of experiencing the world without actually living in this world.



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