Those Winter Sundays Theme | Analysis

The author Robert Hayden (whose birth name was Asa Bundy Sheffey) poem. “Those Winter Sundays” explores different themes and from which the two most prominent are ingratitude and love. The love theme is right from the beginning line. In the poem, the fact stated that the father of the speaker used tp arose up early on “Winter Sundays.” To gather wood for a fire to keep his children warm, which shows the vivid love of a father for his son and his family. While his son still lies in bed and father arose early for the love of their family to give them what they needed.

The father used to go up early may sometimes be without his consent, or maybe he wants to rest that day, but he got up first without his genuine consent as no one is them to fulfil his duty. He is the one who is going to keep his family warm and healthy. Many fathers do their task and want their son ti to arise early, not for that, he wants something for himself. But to make his son learn how to take and perform the responsibilities of an adult.

Those Winter Sundays Analysis

Nevertheless, his father did not show his love overtly in his words, but he shows it symbolically through his effort and attitude. He does not crave attention for love has given to his children. Father enacts this love, which the quality of a father. He only wants to see you succeed, but he does not want to show how happy he is. His natural warmth is represented by fire as it gives the figurative warmth in winters that are. How the father affection is and despite sometimes house was filled with chronic anger of the speaker’s parents.



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