A Beautiful Mind Summary Essay

This movie “A Beautiful Mind” is the American human drama biographical movie, which is based on the inspired events from the life of John Forbes Nash Jr, is the Economics’ Nobel Laureate. It is somehow different from the book and main focus is on the memory issues of John Nash and how he faced all the difficulties around him. John Forbes experienced all the depths of the depravity in his life. The young mathematical genius made the discovery in his early career and also stood for the international acclaim.

A Beautiful Mind Review

This arrogant and very handsome Nash latterly found on the harrowing and painful journey on his discovery. He was awarded a Nobel Prize after doing struggle from years in his life career in his legacy of mathematics. The brilliant Nash accepts to work secretly in cryptography in that way his life starts turn towards the nightmarish.

The 2001 movie is directed by Ron Howard having Ed Harris, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly stars in the cast. The writers Akiva Goldsman, who write the movie and Sylvia Nasar was the book writer on the life of John Nash. The movie also won awards and an Oscar in best director, best picture, best cast, and best screenplay. The movie also grossed $313 million at worldwide. The story is on the mathematics Nash whose game theory was overshadowed from decades of the mental illness. The movie starts with the first day at Princeton in 1947 where the main actor arrived with other students as a graduate one. Nash got the scholarship from Princeton University. Nash is the dismissive and so arrogant with all his classmates except one Charles which is his roommate too and become Nash’s closet friend that is Paul Bettany.

A Beautiful Mind Delusions of Reference:

Charles suggests Nash take a break and go to visit bar when he pursues his studies. Nash seeks the original idea on his thesis paper and he was also pressured to do the work on the thesis. After he got rejected at the bar from the women he inspires his work with the concept of dynamics governing that is the theory of mathematical economics. After that, he receives the appointment from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with his friends Bender and Sol. He started doing the job eventually after completing his studies from the university.

His success impresses the entire faculty and in his teaching period at that institute, Nash starts doing interesting problems that he gives his students to do on the chalkboard. Nash starts dating to Alicia who was his student and usually came to his office for solving the problem in which she found difficulty, Alicia was younger than Nash but both fall in love with each other and planned to get married soon. Parcher came to Nash and enlists him to work as the codebreaker along with workers group who scans magazines and newspaper to find the Russian hidden codes that embedded in that text. For Parcher, Nash work is to leave codes in the secret box.




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