Global Warming Essay


Global warming is a significant aspect of climate change, and it refers to the gradual increase in the long-term or average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Various pollutants like CFCs and the greenhouse effect are the most prominent reasons behind global warming. The issue of global warming gained importance after 1950 when a considerable increase in the earth’s temperature occurred. Various natural events, along with human activities, are responsible for global warming, and it has now become the most critical issue regarding climate change. Global warming does not occur alone due to an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface, but it also occurs due to the rise in the average temperature of oceans.

The essay aims to determine natural events as well as human activities, influencing global warming. Likewise, it seeks to determine the effects or impacts of global warming on earth and suitable methods or actions to limit or stop global warming.

Causes of global warming

Global warming is not a single issue; instead, it is the amalgam of the various problems that contribute to climate change. It is not as simple as it seems as multiple elements are influencing global warming, and it is affecting multiple forms of life on the earth. Two significant categories regarding

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the causes of global warming include natural causes of global warming and human causes or influences of global warming. The study discusses both reasons in detail to understand the various natural event and human-made activities that are enhancing this issue.

Natural causes of global warming

One of the most significant logical reason is the rotation of the sun. The natural rotation of the sun is influencing the temperature of the earth for centuries. The sun comes close to the earth’s surface, and it moves away from the earth’s surface, depending upon its natural rotation. The intensity of sunlight is responsible for increasing and decreasing the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the first and the primary natural cause of

global warming is the natural rotation of sun that changes the intensity of sunlight continuously to increase the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and earth’s surface altogether.

Greenhouses gases are the most notorious natural cause of global warming. These gases include carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide. These gases are highly reactive and dense, and they are responsible for ozone depletion. Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide trap the sun rays hitting the earth’s surface and do not allow the reflection of these rays. Sunrays are ultraviolet rays having a high temperature. Greenhouse gases catch these rays, and they increase the temperature of the earth’s surface and the earth’s atmosphere as a result.

The table shows the contribution of various significant greenhouse gases to global warming.

Another potential natural cause of global warming is volcanic eruptions. Carbon dioxide is one of the chief greenhouse gas, and it is almost 72% of the total greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions are the principal source of the production of carbon dioxide and ash. Volcanic eruptions discharge high amounts of carbon dioxide and ash into the atmosphere that results in the trapping of sunrays to increase the temperature of the earth’s surface and atmosphere, respectively.

The graph shows that the relationship between carbon dioxide production and volcanic eruption is almost exponential, and it is an alarming situation.

Methane is another most significant natural cause of global warming. Methane is a renowned greenhouse gas, and the heat of sunrays trapping power of this gas is almost 20 times greater than that of carbon dioxide. Another significant thing about Methane is its natural occurrence and availability. The gas is readily available, and it has multiple occurrence spots. It is commonly present in landfills, petroleum extraction systems, and mobile explosions. Likewise, natural gas, cattle farms, and industries wastes are the chief sources of methane. The image shows the complete mechanism of how methane traps sun rays, and it increases the average temperature of oceans, earth surface, and earth atmosphere.

Ozone depletion is another crucial natural cause of global warming. The ozone layer is a protective layer in the earth’s atmosphere that protects the planet from dangerous and ultraviolet rays of the sun. It does not allow high-temperature sunrays to enter the earth’s atmosphere, but ozone depletion is eliminating this defensive shield gradually. The significant causes of ozone depletion are human activities and greenhouses gases along with CFCs. Ozone depletion is directly positively influencing global warming as there is no protection around the earth’s atmosphere, and sun rays are hitting the earth’s surface directly to increase the average temperature of earth gradually.

The image shows how the ozone layer prevents the earth’s atmosphere and the earth’s surface from ultraviolet solar radiation.

Anthropogenic effects

            The main reason for the global warming is due to the anthropogenic contributions that human is creating with greenhouse gasses: the modernity, new lifestyles and modern technology included in people activities which produce greenhouse gases like; combustion of the fossil fuels, farming animals, deforestation and industrial action. The increase in the industry all over the world with consumerism rising results in producing goods by using direct or it can be indirectly fossil fuels. (Hawken, 2018)

Mining causes natural gas and methane to get escape from below the earth where it trapped.  Many companies that drill for fossil fuels like oil, which ends the burning of all-natural gas rather than store it as it is not much economically viable for doing this. This is problematic because all over the world, the supply of fossil fuels and natural gas is limited. Deforestation is also the most significant cause of global warming. Cutting of trees is not just a thing to make the goods to transport by using fossil fuels; by the removal of the tress, the loss in photosynthesis leads to carry out less food by plants. The carbon dioxide in this process turned in the oxygen and makes plants food and also cleans the full atmosphere. The removal of the trees on a large scale affects the biodiverse life that increases carbon dioxide that is not possible to be converted in the oxygen, due to which it creates a problem in global warming.


Greenhouse gasses and Global warming are problematic because they raise the temperature of the earth. Global warming affects the polar ice caps, which can melt, and it will increase the intensity and frequency of harmful natural disasters, and the economy can be detrimental to the progress of societal. The melting polar caps are also the biggest problem for human society. When the temperature of the earth gets hot, it will melt the ice caps and snow and raise the sea level all over the world. The glaciers can also melt, which creates problems for the land. From scientific research, if ice and all snowmelt, then the sea level would be raised over 200 feet worldwide, and it would affect the low islands and most areas and countries that contribute least to global warming.

When global warming occurs, it will suffer all over the world. Many species die because they won’t adapt to that environment, and migratory patterns will be ruined of these species like; many birds will lose to migrate for food.  Due to global warming, the plants content less nutritious to eat and also reduce animal niches. Natural like hurricanes can cause to increase in economic effects. It will spend billions of dollars on rebuilding all the societies to provide relief if hurricane damage all. And it is difficult for communities to offer that much support if every global warming effects, which is the biggest problem. Hurricane is so strong that the natural disasters from the tornadoes will increase the intensity.

How to prevent global warming?

            There are many solutions in society to prevent it from all the harmful effects of global warming. To stop the burning of fossil fuels, it would be easy to live. People of society should change their living ways and embrace new practices in light of global consumerism and capitalism.

If people change themselves and use public transport buses and others instead of driving cars, hybrid cars reduce gasoline consumption. The solutions to the problems are most cost-effective, so the question is because of the people who don’t want to change the ways, as they want goods. Recycling is also another technique to adopt that produce less carbon dioxide. May the technology will help to reduce global warming with hardcore engineering, that is, use large mirrors that reflect the radiation in the atmosphere to provide cooling influence in global warming. (BlackSmith, 2017)

Global warming essay conclusion

            There are so many effects and causes of global warming at the end conclusion. The problems because of global warming will quickly increase in the coming years if no immediate action is taken to stop them. Problems will increase until unless the hard reengineering will be developed, and people of each society give sufficient cooperation and incentives in their lifestyle and their ways to bring the better change all over the world to reduce global warming causes and its effects.



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