Global Warming Essay


Global warming is a significant aspect of climate change, and it refers to the gradual increase in the long-term or average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Various pollutants like CFCs and the greenhouse effect are the most prominent reasons behind global warming. The issue of global warming gained importance after 1950 when a considerable increase in the earth’s temperature occurred. Various natural events, along with human activities, are responsible for global warming, and it has now become the most critical issue regarding climate change. Global warming does not occur alone due to an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface, but it also occurs due to the rise in the average temperature of oceans.

The essay aims to determine natural events as well as human activities, influencing global warming. Likewise, it seeks to determine the effects or impacts of global warming on earth and suitable methods or actions to limit or stop global warming.

Causes of global warming

Global warming is not a single issue; instead, it is the amalgam of the various problems that contribute to climate change. It is not as simple as it seems as multiple elements are influencing global warming, and it is affecting multiple forms of life on the earth. Two significant categories regarding the causes of global warming include natural causes of global warming and human causes or influences of global warming. The study discusses both reasons in detail to understand the various natural event and human-made activities that are enhancing this issue.

Natural causes of global warming

One of the most significant logical reason is the rotation of the sun. The natural rotation of the sun is influencing the temperature of the earth for centuries. The sun comes close to the earth’s surface, and it moves away from the earth’s surface, depending upon its natural rotation. The intensity of sunlight is responsible for increasing and decreasing the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the first and the primary natural cause of


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