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The marketing mix includes the product, promotion, price and place. They are an important tool for making effective strategies for the long-term success of the companies (Martin, 2014). In this competitive and complex business world, technologies are changing rapidly, and this put high pressure on companies who deal in technology-based industries like Laptop manufacturing companies to introduce innovative products and features in their laptops and also make effective marketing strategies in regard to promotion, distribution and the prices of the products for attracting a large amount of the people in the global world. In this report, we analyze the marketing mix of the laptops 2023 to 2024 to examine who different brands differentiate their marketing and product strategies for attaining a competitive edge and high sales volume in the international and local markets.

Marketing mix analysis of laptops (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Macbook ) 2023


The products include the physical and tangible goods and the intangible services that the companies offer to the global consumers for the sake of earning profits and for capturing the huge market shares through making innovative and high-quality of products and services as compared to the competitors.

Here in this marketing analysis, the selected product is a laptop, one of the most usable electronic gadgets nowadays. It’s not used only in offices but also at homes and educational institutions. After the high adoption of e-learning, the demand for laptops rose, enhancing the number of companies manufacturing this product. Also, they make constant modifications and add useful features to attract a huge volume of the target audience and to enhance their competitive position in the global market. The laptop is considered a portable PC that fits well on the lap of the user and is highly convenient for people to move it from one place to another and also to carry it to the place where they want to take it because of the portability feature that makes it more efficient than the traditional desktop PC.

In the section of the products, the consumers have numerous choices related to the various levels and features of the product because in market different company’s laptops are available that are different in regards to size, style, price, portability, memory space etc. In fact, the same company offer many different version of the laptop like Dell Inspiron, dell 8th gen, dell laptop i7, Dell laptop i5 generation 6 etc. are some of the examples of laptop products that are offered by Dell Corporation in the global market (Corporation, Dell, 2018).

Laptop Brands

Consumers can also find laptops in the market with different brands like Dell, Sony, Apple, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Orient, Haier, Vaio, Asus, Razer blade, LG, Toshiba, and Samsung and several more companies’ laptops in the global market with different unique features. (Techbargains, 2018). All of these corporations have launched a variant of the laptop products that are different from each other based on their styling, safety, functionality, repairs, packaging, warranties, accessories, services and supports.

Laptops Market 2023

Different companies make different packaging and offer products in different styles and accessories to attract customers and also to make their products different from the competitors in the market. For example, the Z series of the Del Inspiron will be compared with the Lenovo Think pad series of laptops. Both have some common features, but their styling, packaging and warranties are different according to the policies and strategies of the company’s marketing and design team (, 2018).

The corporations who deals in the laptop industry introduce a variety of series of laptop products and make some modifications in the new launches according to the current and future demands of the market and customers for catering each day developing the customer’s segments.

The companies also introduce different series of products for the different market segments. For example, the Dell company launched the Vostro laptop for small businesses computing, XPS performance for large and medium scale businesses because it offers more unique features like high-speed RAM etc. and the Dell OptiPlex is also launched for the business segment with the features that fulfill the demand of the business users for ensuring the high efficiency of their work performance.

Whereas the XPS line of the laptop of the Dell is launched to target the gamers segment or the graphics professionals like the G series includes gaming laptops, Alien ware is also a Gaming laptop of Dell company (Corporation, Dell, 2018). The Market share of HP is high in the market because it offers durable products at reasonable prices (Statista, 2018).

marketing mix of laptops 2018
Figure 7(Statista, 2018)


In contrast to the Dell Corporation’s varied series of Laptops, the competitors in the international laptop market, like Apple, HP, Samsung, Acer and Lenovo etc., also have their laptop series lines like Apple I core 3, I Core 5 etc.. They launch their unique products differently to grasp the attention of a high target audience and become the leader in this market (HSN.Com, 2018). The consumers’ purchasing decisions will be directly influenced by a few main factors that are important for them and considered highly while making the decision regarding purchases.

These factors might be speed, memory size, graphics quality, weight etc. For Example, if the businessman wants high memory, they consider the memory space in mind while making the decision. When gamer wants high-quality graphics, they see this and purchase the laptop that is most popular in respect of gaming features and graphics. The build quality and the design of the laptops are considered the essential factors that influence the process of the decision-making of the consumers in the global market, and they are the features that all target segments consider for making purchase decisions related to laptops (Techbargains, 2018).


marketing mix of laptops 2018
Figure 6(, 2016)

The place is considered the second major factor for the marketers of the company. For the success of the products, the place plays the most important role. If the product is available and located at a place where people see it easily, this raises the sales volume, but if the product is not available at good stores, this might reduce the sales volume. So, the marketers of the company need to select the appropriate place for the laptop where they are easily available and visible to the target audience to ensure its high sales volume (Richter, 2012).

For this, companies use alternatives like laptop outlets, websites, personal stores, supermarkets etc. The website is considered the medium from which consumers can easily view a laptop and its features and compare it with other laptops of the same and different companies and make their purchase decision more effectively. So, to attract more customers, the companies post videos and pictures and also give information related to features of their laptops on their website and also post them on third-party sites by making a contract with them to grasp the attention of more target audiences.

The laptop corporations also organize authorized dealers and establish sound relations with them to give a reliable platform to consumers to visit and purchase their laptops (, 2016).

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marketing mix of laptops 2018
Figure 4(, 2018)

Price is also one of the most important factors because most of the customers in the market make their decisions on the basis of the prices of the products. The companies have to set their laptop prices on the basis of the fact that how sensitive their target market is in respect of prices. Like if the target consumers are low and middle-class who purchase laptops which are lower in price but are durable that they stay with them for longer periods then to capture them, more discounts will be offered low-cost price strategy will be used to attract more customers like the Dell use (Corporation, Dell, 2018).

While Apple targets the upper-class society, so their laptop prices are higher as compared to other competitors (HSN.Com, 2018). The companies of the laptop also use seasonal pricing, wholesale pricing, and volume discounts. The strategies of the pricing of the companies are changes for responding effectively to the market and consumer’s needs (KB, 2018).


Different companies offer different promotions to attract high customers because customers are more price sensitive, and low prices attract them. The Apple Company uses various promotional strategies to attain a high market share. The company at starts launching its products at high prices, but after some time, it offers a promotional discount that lowers the prices and grabs the attention of the customers (Dunn, 2017). The company also advertises its products effectively on social media, magazines, and events. HP Company also advertises its products effectively and offers many discounts that enhance its sales volume and make it the leading company in the laptop industry (Statista, 2018).

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