The marketing mix includes the product, promotion, price and the place. They are an important tool for making effective strategies for the long-term success of the companies (Martin, 2014). In this competitive and complex business world the technologies are changes rapidly and this put high pressure on companies who deal in technology-based industries like Laptop manufacturing companies to introduce the innovative products and features in their laptops and also make effective marketing strategies in regards of promotion, distribution and the prices of the products for attracting a large amount of the people in the global world. In this report, we analyze the marketing mix of the laptops 2018 for examining who different brands differentiate their marketing and product strategies for attaining the competitive edge and high sales volume in the international and local markets.

Marketing mix analysis of laptops (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Macbook ) 2018

marketing mix of laptops 2018
Figure 1(Martin, 2014)


The products include the physical and the tangible goods and the intangible services that the companies offer to the global consumers for the sake of earning profits and for capturing the huge market shares through making innovative and high quality of products and services as compared to the competitors.

marketing mix of laptops 2018
Figure 2 (Corporation, 2018)

Here in this marketing analysis, the product that is selected is a laptop which is one of the most usable electronic gadgets nowadays. It’s not used only in offices but also at homes and educational institution. After the high adoption of the e-learning, the demand for the laptops raises in the market that enhance the number of companies who manufacture this product, and also they make constant modifications and adding useful features in it to attract a huge volume of the target audience and to enhance their competitive position in the global market. The laptop is considered as the portable pc that fits well on the lap of the user and is highly convenient for the people to move it from one place to another and also to carry it to the place where they want to take it because of the portability feature that makes it more efficient than the traditional desktop PC.



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