International Marketing Report and Promotional Strategies

In International Marketing Report V: Promotional Strategies, the reconciling international advertising, and sales promotion effort with the cultural uniqueness of markets is the challenge confronting the international or global marketer. There is an influence on media choice, cultural issues to be considered, as well as the media choices themselves – personal selling, advertising, and others. The global advertiser is confronted with legal and tax considerations in linguistics limitations, media limitation, cultural issues, and production and cost limitations. These limitations must all be dealt with effectively, however; these problems are generally mechanical and can be easily overcome by long-range research.

In Russia, corruption is one of the biggest problems both Russian and international companies have to deal with. In the poll carried out by the Advisory Council for Foreign Investments in Russia, more than 150 foreign companies named bureaucracy as the main hindrance for their activities in Russia. Corruption stood in the second place. These issues will directly affect the promotional activities as the U.S Company is dealing in the Russian markets where bureaucracy can delay the implementation of the promotional strategies and corruption can increase the cost of promotional activities (Warren, 2008).

Hence, for the U.S Company who wants to penetrate in Russia would encounter these problems while exporting the IT-based medical treatment services. However, with the help of agents mentioned in previous reports, the U.S Company will be able to resolve a lot of problems. The U.S Company would take the services of lawyers, researchers and project manager to undertake all the necessary information for knowing the trends of the Russian society and embedding the same in their promotional services.




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