Which topics can be included in the current affairs essay?

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Current affairs are a matter of great importance to getting in touch with the events happening worldwide. It will keep the people updated about the world to become much aware and getting the hype of the situation which is greatly helping the business icons and the great personalities that are going to work for the betterment of their followers alike as the politicians, businessman, corporates, analysts and the news anchor with the many other prominent figures of our societies. Therefore, writing the essay on the current affair must be based on the latest policies, collaboration or the issues that are being in the limelight at the current time. Moreover, the individuals who are studying to take the government exams have been reading such articles or essays to be aware of the world’s current affairs because they will be going to be part of their exams. Therefore, it will give great significance to the article to be used as the source of information to get into the depth of the situation and keep them updated.

As the current affairs essay writer, you must keep in mind that you are following the latest news articles and the known news channels like the BBC, CNN and others to get reliable information for your essay. They are the major players in the information and NEWS industry to deliver the current affairs and issues to the public. Currently, in current affairs following highlights has been scrolling in the NEWS websites and the channels:

  1. Global Education Summit In London

It is the global partnership for the education of the child by the United Kingdom and Kenya to raise the 5 billion USD funds to facilitate the deserving students to study. This partnership program has been facing the biggest challenges due to the uproar of the Covid-19 pandemic all over the world. Even the properly running educational institutes have to be closed because of this abrupt viral attack. Serious setbacks in the program happen, but they have handled the situation by delivering the education through the online platforms during the covid-19 lockdown. It becomes one of the elaborative topics for the UK current affairs because this holds great significance in the management of their educational syste4m to guarantee the education for every child, which is their right.

  1. The UK Reported The New Infection Of The “Norovirus.”

In the UK, the government has recently issued a warning for new viral infection because 154 cases have been recorded in England that creates a health concern for the nation and it has been popping up in current affairs of the UK because this infection is also getting worse due to contaminated water that patients have been consuming. As they have recently survived the coronavirus attack, it makes the government much hesitant to leave it ignored because it may have the possibility to develop immunity in their patients.

  1. The UK Has Allowed Driverless Cars On Their Roads For Public

It is the first country that has passed the bill to let driverless cars running on their roads and become the frontline player in normalizing autonomous driving technology for the public. Analysts and the government are forecasting that soon, 40% of the UK vehicles will be based on self-driving features by 2035. It will also be opening job opportunities for 38,000 individuals. It has captured the whole world’s attention and makes it the prominent current affair that the UK government is dealing with the help of the ministry of transport, which is starting with the Automated Lane4 Keeping Systems (ALKS). The UK government will monitor these technologies by keeping the speed limit in check. This technology is also formed with the collaboration of the world’s biggest organizations like as; Google, Uber, Tesla and Nissan. Therefore, it is a worthwhile topic to be included in the current affairs list of the UK.

  1. Crime And Police Bill In The UK

A number of people are protesting on the roads of the UK against the newly legislated law that was introduced in the British parliament. This protest is called the “Kill the Bill,” which is against the legitimation of the protest management policy that this new bill has modified. In the past, British police have been using the Public order act 1986 to manage the protest in the country, but the new bill will limit the noise, smells, behavior, and dangerous activities happening in the protest. A fine of 2,500 euros has been declared for the lawbreakers and if anyone tries to assault the emergency service worker, then they also have to be sentenced to jail for their conduct. It has caused the public to get heated and come on roads to protest against this bill being nullified.

  1. World Largest Radio Telescope-Square Kilometer Array

In the recent meeting of the Square Kilometer Array Observatory (AKAO) council, it has been approved that they are going to plant the world’s largest radio telescope for the development of radio astronomy. It will be planned to settle in Australia and Africa, the SKAO will supervise the whole activity and maintenance. It will expand the resources to see far in the galaxy to know much about our solar system and study its life cycle. NASA also gave the statement regarding this plantation that it will boost the scientific goals of the humans to measure the hydrogen of the cosmic time, which will help accurately measure the timing of the signals coming from the milky ways. It is creating the great expansion of our astronomical technologies, which makes it the most to keep topic in the current affairs because it is changing the future of mankind.

  1. British Embassy Employee In Berlin Is Being Accused Of Spying On The Russians

Another worthy topic for the current affair is the case of the British national man is arrested in Berlin in November 2020. It makes the British and the Russian investigators jointly work on this investigation. In the start, he has been kept in pre-trial detention, but as the case proceeded, the German federal prosecutor officers accused him of working as the foreign secret service provider. The metropolitan police counter-terrorism command will be going to be responsible for the investigation of the allegation by the UK government to confirm that either he is involved in the official secret act. It has created tension in the relation of the Russians and the UK authorities that is a concerning aspect for the government to discuss in the current affairs.

  1. Holocaust Memorial Construction Fall Into Controversy

As the authorities, planning to build the holocaust memorial in the heart of the city. They are thinking of opening their door in 2025. But the public doesn’t seem to be happy with the decision. However, the government has approved the construction of the memorial at the Victoria tower garden in London’s Westminster district. The conservative officials under the ruling PM Boris Johnson have overruled the decision and the authorities start cruising the decision about the location. Many scholars of the well-named universities write to the British parliaments that it will be going to exaggerate the role of the British people that they have performed in protecting the Shoah. It has gathered the attention of many prominent figures to make it a hot topic in the news and discussion forums. It is enough to justify the significance of the topic to ensure its position in the current affairs of the UK.

  1. Iran And UK War Over The Oil Tank Attack

There is tension between Iran and the UK government over the Israel-managed oil tank that is being suspected to be droned attack by the Iran forces. UK prime minister has given the statement that Iran has to face the consequences for their unacceptable deed that has killed two innocent people. At the same time, the Iran government is completely denying the fact that it is not an act done by our forces. It developed the argument war in the officials’ that has been telecasting in the news over the attack happened. Iran is also taking the full step forward that they have the power and the full right to fight back the UK if they plan to hold Iran for this incident. They have said in their response that they will not be going it let it be passed if they try to threaten Iran for any unknown resource conduct of terrorism. The spokesperson’s statements have added fuel to the fire. It totally created tension in the atmosphere, which also disturbing the peace between many other nations. It makes this topic to be essentially included in the current affair lists because Iran has been under the attack in a few months back that is upraising the question either it is the counter-attack for that incidents.

Current affairs are the source of information and knowledge for the people who are interested in getting updated with eh world events and the incidents happening. It is important to give them details to plan out their strategies according to the changing circumstances.

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