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This novel by A. J. Finn’s is the latest edition of “The Girl on the Train” and “Before I Go to Sleep.” It is the first novel by A.J Finn. In The Women, in the Window, things are not exactly as they appeared in the novel story. This novel is liberally lacing and brilliantly crafted with characters. There are many thrills surprise in this novel. In 2019, the thrilling movie in this novel was also coming, which is directed by Joe Wrighter.

The novel’s narrator is Anna Fox, who is a child psychologist. She lives in the posh Manhattan brownstone. Anna is in middle-age, alone and depressive because her daughter and husband are far away. She lives alone with a cat, take neighbor’s photos and spy on other lives and also play chess. Anna usually talks to her daughter and estranged husband on the phone. She was facing a severe medication. Anna fascinated by one family who lives at Russell across the park. She also visited their house and met Ethan’s mother.

The woman in the window Spoiler

One day she hears the bloodcurdling cream from the family house she liked so much. She thought of murder, but the police don’t trust her. Anna gets frightened and confused. This is because she takes the medication for the psychological disorder, which causes hallucination. The police didn’t believe in Anna and said she was just on her mind. The Russell’s family claimed that nothing happened in their house, and Anna take the woman who claims

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to be Ethan’s mother, Jane Russell. Anna gets too much confused because of silly and strange things happening with her.

Anna noticed that her phone code automatically changed, and some pictures from Jane Russell emailed to her. She told the police about everything, but they convince her that everything is happening because of herself. Anna was so helpless because no one believes in her. Police didn’t trust her truth of her daughter and husband were killed in some car wreck. When she revealed major truth, Anna discovers herself in her activities.  She recognized that she could live without all trauma.

Involvement of Russell Family

Anna’s life is better and comfortable before the Russell family came across the street. She drank merlot, spied her neighbors, played chess on the internet, counseled people who were suffering from agoraphobia, and watched movies. She meets once a week with a psychiatrist, and he warned her not to drink alcohol with the medications. The physical therapist also recommends she not drink the wine so much.  Gradually she started liking Russell’s family and watched daily to their house which across the street. Anna drank a lot of wine, even during her medical treatment.

Role of Ethan in Anna’s life

The time before Anna’s sickness locked her just in the house; she had a successful practice in working with children.  Anna thought that Ethan was a good child and was so much afraid of his father. When she met with Jane Russell, she felt she was Ethan’s mother. Jane and Anna became excellent friends when she spent some time to drink wine and playing chess. Jane also challenged her to show her photography skills, and then Anna snapped her sunset picture with her iPhone.

People told Anna about mental disorder, and her sense was not stable, but she didn’t believe them. Her depression was killing her day by day. Anna learns all the truth about the cross street Russell family and the boy Ethan.


The day when Anna hears the scream

When Anna hears that screams, she get in trouble. Both Ethan and Alistair explained the truth, nothing was wrong at the house, but Anna thought Ethan was scared. The next day Anna looked at Russell’s home, she saw Jane was screaming at someone, and she got distracted. When Jane walked near to Anna’s range, she looked like the small hilt with sticking blood soaking from her blouse and chest. Anna called the police, but they criticize her because they didn’t find anything wrong from Russell’s house. Police blamed Anna because of her hallucination experience and drugs and alcohol she drank. Even one cop went so far for accusing Anna of making up stabbing and claimed that she just wanted attention.

Anna’s accident with her family

Anna also shares her feelings about agoraphobia. Anna starts dating her partner, and Ed, her husband found out about all her practices. Her husband also wanted a divorce, and Anna wanted to go out with her family on vacation. Ed also forced Anna to tell her daughter Olivia about their separation. When their daughter heard about their parent’s separation, she insisted to them that they go home together. Ed made her wife Anna to drive through slick roads and in the snowstorm weather. Ed also distracted Anna form driving when she received a call from her lover. Anna was controlling the behavior of her husband with patience. Lately, Anna knew the incident of the car that car was sailing off the cliffside. And it was just 33 hours when Anna, along with her husband and daughter, were found.

The woman in the window book club questions:

Detectives investigate Anna’s report and confront the truth to Anna that her daughter and husband died in the car wreck. It was hard for the people to believe that she was alive; she loses her faith after that. She led other people to think that their family is still active. Anna thinks that if she can talk with dead people, then she could have hallucinated stabbing.

She contemplates suicide until she proves the woman who she believed that she was Jane. She finds the pieces of evidence to show that Jane did exist. Anna researched a lot on her disease, and her mental disorder condition took all from her. People don’t like her and even don’t believe her. She presents the proof to the police and all the other people who didn’t believe her.

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