The One Thing by Gary Keller: Book Summary


the one thing by Gary Keller book summary

Gray Keller writes the book “The One Thing”. The theme of the book is to discover one thing. It means discovering hidden skill or ability. Every person has some hidden skill or ability. Most people are not aware of their hidden skills. The authors emphasize to discover these skills. Moreover, the author urges to devote lives according to these skills. It is essential to identify that one thing that can help people to do their work easily.

People can learn various skills in their lives in schools and colleges. However, there is one such thing they find it easy to do as compared to other things. The author suggests people find that one thing to make their lives easy. Furthermore, the author suggests people devote their lives to achieving their targets and goals.

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Significance of time

Time plays a vital role in achieving goals and targets. It is the key to success. Therefore, time management helps people to achieve their goals. A person unable to manage time finds it hard to meet goals.

Importance of the Domino effect

Domino effect helps the business people to figure out the important aspects of their organizations. Every businessperson needs to identify one important thing in his business. Moreover, this one thing is the root of their business. They need to make it target for their business.