How Online Exams Work: 10 Tips for Taking Online Exams

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If you remember the pandemic phase, you would know how drastically life changed. Everyone had to adapt themselves for safe survival. Life activities, businesses, education, the health sector and every industry transformed. New trends emerged such as online shopping, work from home, and virtual learning. Now, that life is returning to normal, some elements from the past still exist.

Online learning was the safest and most feasible way to sustain education activities and minimize the spread. However, some might find online learning challenging due to the reliance on technology, and adapting to the new way of learning.

Before you learn how to excel in online exams, you should understand what it is. So, here is a complete guide on how online exams work and what tips to follow to score well.

What is an Online Exam?

The online exam is when you appear for a quiz or test virtually. The examiner tests your knowledge and skill about a particular topic. You will have to attempt the exam remotely thru an online exam platform.

Online examinations usually feature modules, MCQs, and short answers, and give instant results. As online exam time is pre-determined you will have it to submit within the timeframe. The test window disappears as soon as the online exam ends.

The results are automated if the exam is solely MCQs. However, for typing questions, the examiner evaluates the answers and grades them accordingly. If you have appeared for an online exam, you may access the results via email or website. If you need more info, you may contact online exam help in UK.

How Do Online Exams Work?

For online tests, the examiner sets the online testing environment and uploads the questions and sets exam specifics (such as time, and other details) on the website. You will have to log in to the website to attempt the exam.  

Online exams are usually pre-recorded and intensely monitored via an artificial intelligence-based invigilator. It helps detect any cheating activity. After you submit your answers, the virtual exams are auto-evaluated and provide a real-time report. However, the outcome and grading can be adapted and shared further. After that, a comprehensive group-level examination of the overall online examination is carried out and tailored by the examiner.

10 Tips for Taking Online Exams

So, if you have to appear for online exams, you may follow the below-mentioned tips and improve your academic performance and career.

Study in a Motivated Environment

The initial step to excelling in the exam is to study in a motivated, inspired and dynamic environment. However, if you live in an environment where there are a lot of people with different commitments, you should consider creating your own private space, where you can concentrate well. Working in shared spaces might be distracting and not create admirable academic results.

Inform Your Roommates and Family About Your Study Schedule

Create your study schedule, and inform everyone in your apartment or home. You will be able to make arrangements and limit interruptions. However, if you live in a shared space, try to schedule your study time when everyone is out, or busy. Another useful way is to plug in your ears with headphones and block the distracting noises.

Attempt a Mock Examination in Online Exam Settings

While you might have practice for in-person exams, online exams are a bit different. So, you can try attempting a mock paper to train yourself, and boost your performance. For this, you may discuss it with your professor, if you can use the exam software for the task.

You may set exam conditions for yourself, and use your chosen study space to see if it suits you. Also, check that you should have an uninterrupted and swift internet connection as it will easily navigate the exam software.

Attempting a mock exam will improve your time management skills, and enable you to perform better. It will teach you how to attempt different types of questions, and how much time to allocate to each question. You may also learn the art of attempting the online exam, like you may skip a difficult question for time being, and return to attempt it. It will give you time to think about it, and reduce your errors.

Check Your Exam Software

On exam day, it is important that you get ready at least half an hour before the exam starts. No matter which exam portal you have to use, you should perform pre-exam checks before starting. For this, you may try scanning your student ID in your computer’s camera to ensure you don’t use revision notes.

Also, your internet connection, webcam and microphone should be working perfectly or you may lose. A majority of the exam portals will use these checks to detect any cheating activity, so if any of these things disrupt (like the camera turns off or the internet disconnects) you might be signalled for distrustful behaviour.

Know What to Do If You Face Any Technical Difficulties

Though you might be very responsible in checking everything before the exam, still things may go wrong. No need to panic. Discuss it with your instructor. A majority of the institutions provide a contact person whom you may contact in case you face any technical problems during the exam. You should keep the contact safe, and approach them in case you need it. Such people will immediately notify your invigilator about the issue, and your exam will be paused till the issue is fixed. It may save you from the exam cancellation risk. Exam help in UK can also be supportive in this case.

Comfortable Clothing

While there are many challenges associated with online exams, one of the greatest benefits is that you can dress up in your most comfortable attire. You won’t be allowed to leave your space during the exam, so anything uncomfortable can impact your exam performance.

Make sure to review the exam guidelines in advance as rules and regulations might be different for in-person exams. It is not a good idea to be ignorant and violate exam rules.

Breaks Are Necessary If You Have Consecutive Exams

If you have in-person exams consecutively, they will be naturally scheduled with a break. So, you will have time to eat, freshen up and relax your mind. You might not realize how important breaks are, and how they can influence your exam performance.

So, when you sit for the first online exam, you have a high concentration level. Hence, you can focus well, and carefully attempt answers. When you are finished, and you have another exam scheduled, take proper rest. Inhale some fresh air, rest, eat snacks, drink fluids, relax your muscles, talk to your friend or do something that makes you happy. These things will help keep your mind focused.

Keep Track of Your Time

Though online exams are different still you have to give the same protocol. Another very useful tip for performing well in online exams is to keep track of your time. So, when you sit for the exam, you should click through the pages to review all the questions before you begin. This will develop your mind about what to expect, and your brain will already start formulating answers.

However, when you sit for an in-person exam, a large clock or invigilator will be there to remind you of the time. It might be different in the online exams. So, you will have to regularly check the clock to keep track, so that you can allocate appropriate time to all questions, and don’t end up with a surprise (if no time is left for the last question(s)).

Know the Paper Format

If you are planning to take an online exam, you should be informed about its format, and what type of questions will the examiner include. For instance, your preparation and practice will vary depending on the exam questions such as MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks, short answers, or detailed answers. However, if the exam is a combination of all, you may have to prepare more comprehensively. If your professor offers you a practice exam, don’t forget to attempt it as it will help in real online exams.

Collect Material Required Before the Exam

Being organized is another great tip for online exams. You should collect all material that you are allowed to use before you sit for the exam such as a notebook for question-solving, stationery, key info, and exam guideline.

Moreover, you should keep water and light snacks near you, in case you feel thirsty or exhausted. You are not allowed to talk to anyone during the online exam even if it’s about asking for water. Furthermore, make sure you are ready for the exam, sitting in a comfortable space, and prepared to attempt the exam in a limited time.


Even after the pandemic, the online exam trend exists, so following the above-mentioned tips will not only help improve your academic performance but also boost your career. However, if you still need help, you should contact Online Exam Help.

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