The Artists that Impress Me Essay

Michael Jackson, Agatha Christie, and Leonardo Da Vinci are some of the artists who have influenced me. Jackson has a golden voice and amazing skills in dance, a combination that lifts the soul. I first read one of Agatha Christie’s books at around nine years of age. It was the first mature book of around four hundred pages I first read as in my early years I only read children’s short stories such as Snow White. By looking at the book I thought I would never finish it, nevertheless, I did the book in a week. The book inspired my writing reading and thinking skills. Leonardo has been termed a genius by experts all over the world; Da Vinci focussed more on the laws of science and nature. He expressed his love for these through painting and sculpting. I admire all his work especially his famous painting Monalisa which influences me together with other painters.

Michael Jackson is one of the greatest American artists and probably in the whole world, who ever lived. He ventured into several genres of music including pop, disco, rock, and jazz. However, his prowess was most proved in pop music, thus the nickname “King of Pop”. Jackson was a great dancer who invented many dance styles for the music industry. The most prominent move is the “moonwalk”. Many artists have encouragingly tried to emulate this but have not been able to live up to “the king of pop’s” standards, unfortunately. He also brought along fashion during his “tenure” in the music industry. The multi zipped leather jacket, the pegged pants and the fedora is a little of fashion innovation Jackson inspired. Most dancers wear gloves on stage today all thanks to the King of Pop. His presentation on stage was eccentric and all that he wore seemed to inspire the generation at that time and continues to inspire more today(Pratt).

The videos he shot for the songs were narratives themselves unlike most musicians who preferred scantily dressed models as their storylines. Video clips of some of his works like Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It and many more others were more of mini-movies than just video clips accompanying a song. His videos possessed plenty of art in them than most ordinary videos at the time. Today, most artists have followed the example set by Jackson and use their videos to give the fans a cinematic experience just like the “founder” did. It, therefore, goes without a say that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest musicians one will look out for when searching for a role model in the art arena(Pratt).

Agatha Christie is a famous novelist who inspired the novel writers by her astonishing crime fiction writing style (She is the world’s second-best writer after Shakespeare). Her impacts are felt worldwide to date in the many stories she told in her novels though she passed on almost 4 decades ago Christie had a deep understanding of human nature and inquisitiveness that led to solving many mysteries with intense concentration and intuition. Having previously worked as a nurse during the First World War, Agatha implemented the knowledge she acquired in her writing. She wrote what she saw happen, for example, poisoning. In most writings, she used this as a method of one character killing another character in the stories, just as she saw in the medical field(Agatha Christie).

She cultivated into the generation at that time a reading culture due to her captivating writing style. Most people sought novels as a source of entertainment, this trend continues as her works continue to entertain even more people than before today. Some writers have been motivated and have tried the same style, (which is encouraging) but cannot surpass the ultimate “Queen of Crime Fiction”( Agatha Christie).

Leonardo Da Vinci is an artist who lived in the thirteenth century, whose early innovations were ahead of time but later modified for man’s better living. Through his paintings, Da Vinci inspires today’s artists of how to combine different colors to come up with a different color that can best describe nature as it is. His drawings of human muscles also provided a foundation for the study of human anatomy being actualized today(Andrei).

Da Vinci also was a great innovator of the machines we use today. The common parachute we see for safe landing from an airplane was a Da Vinci innovation over 500 years ago. Thanks to him today soldiers can use these in warfare and passengers too can use them from an ill-fitted plane. The flight was a favorite topic for Da Vinci. He studied the flight of birds and used the idea to try and come up with an airplane, however, at that time the innovations couldn’t be met with the insufficient resources thus had to wait for centuries before actualization (Andrei).

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