Diversity Essay

Introduction of Diversity:

Diversity is an important of frequent study the organizational behavior. Diversity means that one company has people from different background culture and ethnicity. These people were present different groups of the society and different culture and even religion as well. In most organizations today the gender diversity is very important any many cases whenever a company is recruiting new employees the recruiter keeps space for girls and boys. In short, if they hire 10 boys they will keep a place for 10 female staff as well. This maintains the ratio of 50%. The diversity also highlights the percentage of the diverse people who are working in an American Society or any other country of the world. Different diverse groups increase the chances of a particular person to reach the management position. Moreover, diversity also creates an impact on customer service because when the company has a diverse workforce they will be able to serve different types of employees and customers as well. So each and every customer group can relate to one type of person and more than one because they are different types of people working in a company who belong to different ethnic groups. So diversity is very important for the company to grow internally and externally because it is better for the workforce as well and it is beneficial for the customer and market image of the company as well.

There are many reasons why diversity is an important topic to study and the main reason is that it is important for the growth of the employees and for the company as well. The company is made up of its workforce and management so when the company is growing the workforce grows as well. So when a company has a diverse workforce the chances that the brand image and image of the company will improve because a diverse workforce will be able to target a different type of people and different customers and target groups.

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So diversity is important in the workplace because it creates a synchronization and improve the image of the company in front of its consumers, investors, shareholders, other stakeholders.

Literature Review

The research done in the past claim that workplace diversity is very important and it has many advantages. The research and data claim that the diversity is all about how many different types of people and backgrounds of people are considered while recruiting people in the company. A study claims that the diverse workflows create a better impact on the customers and audience. Is a concept of Glass ceiling which was introduced by a research which states that the positions in the top management or reserved for the white people as people who are from different backgrounds do not get opportunity to reach the top level. Although this was a positive initiative, top level management was still reserved for whites and while people of color was stopped by the “glass ceiling.” The article’s main findings are that although the white labor force remains in the top management position there are three looming fears they face. This is not an example of diversity however this phenomena goes against the concept of diversity. On the diversity means that everybody has an equal chance in getting the job and in growing to the level of top management positions as well (Estape, E. S., Quarshie, 2018)

Another research which was done in the area of healthcare in professional skills talk about diversity in a different perspective. It declares that doctors who belong to a diverse group and section them were most popular amongst the patients. The patients were more satisfied by being cured by those doctor who belong to a diverse background that represent it their society and ethnicity. This means that a hospital should employ doctors from different backgrounds and religion so that it creates a diverse workforce. So that whenever there is a patient who belongs to a certain section of a society the same doctor can entertain that patient or he can interact with the patient so that he can feel more satisfied and better. This is the reason why in the Healthcare sector and Hospital the diversity has advantages and it is promoted at every day (Gomez, L. E., & Bernet, P. 2019).

Another research claims that multiculturalism and diversity in organisations are important tools in the workforce. The research talks about how different organisations are recruiting people from different backgrounds and they also prefer the minority when they are interviewing different people. The research conducted a questionnaire and survey on to studies and the 142 participants took part in it. So the research has claim that there is no effect of the diversity however it does attract the organisation to a large number of employees. The study also says that the diverse background must be included in the company to start a multicultural and diverse program (Jansen, Often & van der Seek, 2005: pg. 825).

Research found at race and gender disparities are sensitive issues and it is emotional to some of the people so it should be raised with caution. The study says that in US the demographic changes are very rapid and the labor force is increasing in America which is why 80% of the total growth in the labor force has been seen in the last few years. The research says that by 2050 the black Americans will increase to 6.4 million of the entire workforce and this is the reason why diversity is very important. If the American companies do not want to hire anyone except white Americans then they will be left with very few options because the entire labor force will consists of many different groups. Moreover if the companies do not promote diversity then the unemployment will also increase (Velasco & Sansone, 2019: pg. 17).

Research which was conducted on the same topic claims that the cultural process is very influential when it comes to the context of adaptive Sports. It talks about communication and diversity and says that these are useful between everyone who is working. research say that in sports the commentators need to take care of prejudice and discrimination and they cannot come up with any kind of comment which offends of find anyone in the ground (Wells, Duffy, Fleming, Stone, Townsend & Stevenson, 2019: pg. 224) According to the authors this study aims to understand the cultural processes that influences program implementation in the context of adaptive sports. Language barriers posed an issue even with supplies that needed to be shipped from one place to another. It does not matter if people understand a sport, if they do not communicate in a culturally diverse manner then it leaves room for confusion and errors. Limitations included for therapeutic recreation professionals to be aware of possible differences in regards to their own cultural diversity to ensure appropriate treatment of their clients.


Research on diversity is very important because the topic is very common these days because the population of many developed countries is increasing and many different people from different religion and racial backgrounds are becoming a part of the labor force. So organisations are forced to hire people from different backgrounds and therefore they should understand how diversity is important and beneficial for them as well.

The future direction of the research on this topic is that the companies and Research group should look into the factors which will motivate the people if they are working in a diverse environment. For the future we search it is also recommended that they look at all the problems that diversity can cause and if it is able to create any type of dispute on this agreement.


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