The Goal of Higher Education in the U.S Essay


In the US the Americans face the crisis in the higher educational learning. Many of the college graduates in the US are not ready to think creatively and critically, write and speak clearly and cogently, not able to solve the problems mainly who are new and complex, realize the complex issues and problems, accept the accountability and responsibility, take others perspective, or not able to meet the hopes and the expectations of the employers. So, in the short US is losing their minds. The main reason for this is that the Academy of the US lacks the severe learning and teaching culture. When the students don’t learn things enough the one question arises, that is the higher educational institutions provide the appropriate value in order to justify the cost of education or is the teachers not perform their responsibilities ethically (Barrow, 2015).

Goals of higher education

Its observed that for the country economic growth and people better living style the higher education is highly significant because it enables the individuals to improve their skills and knowledge and allow them to express their ideas in the more effective way and increase their understanding and thinking related to the community in which they live or the world. The higher education helps the people to get the better career opportunities. The studies show that each dollar that is spent on the college education will result in $34.85 raise in the lifetime income, so it’s not the lousy return (Allen, 2017). In order to improve the higher education in the United States, the primary educational goals are to develop the learning culture and the teaching practices.

Cultural shift

In the past, the higher education of Americans was not knowledge based it is based mainly on the character formation. But after the 20th century, the aim of the schools in the United States begin to change. They in the past follow the United Kingdom education pattern but at start of 21st century they started investment in constructed their own education culture that is based on the knowledge that focus on improving the skills and expertise of the individual and prepare them to solve the complex problems that arise suddenly this help them to make the practical decision at workplace and improve the American businesses growth (Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), 2013).

The US has reduced the K-12 schooling system to the basic skills attainment that efficiently leaves many of the learners underprepared for the college-level education. They make the bachelor education the ticket for a good job. In the US still, after many changes, the culture of the higher education is not much effective that impose a negative impact on students learning and chance to get a better job in the future. The learning and the teaching culture in the US are not much powerful to support the proper higher education. For improving the culture and promoting the higher education in the United States the appropriate allocation is required that support the facilities, programs, activities and personnel in the development of an educational culture of US toward the knowledge and learning based that realize the importance of human capital development (Apple, 2014)

Changing of teaching structure and practices

The process of teaching and the teacher’s involvement also plays an essential role in the development of the educational sector in the US. The teachers have to ensure high ethical practices and guarantee the equal education without any favoritism based on Racism in the US to promote the higher education. They have to adopt the modern techniques like e-learning etc. to raise the number of admission in higher education in the US (Strike & Soltis, 2015)


It is concluded that the goal of the higher education in the US must be based on knowledge sharing culture and must ensure the high ethical practices of teaching in order to ensure the students skill development and make them able to solve the complex issues and meet the expectations of the employers.


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