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Social Media means that any personal sharing information or communication on the internet which occurs through mobile, computer, and tablet. Numerous apps and websites contribute to it to make it possible. Now social media is becoming the most significant and widespread communication source rapidly.

Social networking and social media provide people a free platform to share their content, news, ideas, and information at a faster speed.  It helps many people to connect and finds new friends and shares their details and experiences of life. Social media also provide you with the service of buying and selling. Social Media is a tool that serves thousands of people to connect remotely. Some versions of the electronic device are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

WhatsApp is the most popular platform for messaging and calling purposes. And it can also provide you with the service of voice messages, videos, and photo sending.  All the contacts from the mobile can be transferred to the WhatsApp contact list. Twitter helps you with instant news. It is the microblogging network that allows you to share different multimedia content. Twitter gives you a platform that can discover the rest world. Facebook is a primary social networking source among people on the internet. It is the second popular app that is also used for messaging. We can even get knowledge about someone by checking his profile on Facebook. YouTube is also the commonly used website and provides all the current news about the country, movies, and informative tutorials on any problematic thing. Pinterest gains the highest praise that attracts thousands of unique customers monthly. It also infiltrates the market for shopping.

Impact of Social Media

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As technology is increasing in lifestyles and communication and making life more comfortable, social networking is also rising with some good or bad impacts on society and individuals. Both categories of people, adults, and teenagers are now joining social media to interact with their friends, strangers, and families. People get an awareness of social media to make their lives easy and comfortable. It has a significant influence on people, and technology is also increasing because of social media. It is also changing every person’s life and also causes conflicts that can be impacted negatively or positively in each person’s life.

Good Influence

Social Media can immediately access to information among people. As twitter delivers the details on the condition that is happening all around the world by many sources. So, it can’t miss anything. It also helps in advertisements for increasing the business. Businesses can now speak all over the world through social media, that is the best option. The best information in academic and general are giving on the sites. Anyone can buy anything whenever and wherever they want. It makes life easy. People can get information, even about another person on social media.

Bad Influence

The adverse influence is that through social media, communication skills become better without actions. Now hashtag is trending among people that cause to vent without taking any action in the end. Many of them are using social media to hide their identities. There are hidings for mischievous reasons so that habitual trolls and pranksters are founding in the platform.

Social Media in Business

Social Media has used verbal communication, and some sites also have webcams that provide the conversation along with online screening to watch each other. Social media is touching in both business and personal lives. It is not for the Department of Public Relations and Marketing, but also includes an overall strategy of the company. Social media is breathing and living for touching at every part of the company for customer service, Information Technology, and human resources. As social networking increasing, the advertisement of the business is also successfully growing. It also helps organizations and businesses to reach their customers up to millions of users daily. Enterprises are now advancing more than government jobs with the help of social media.

It provides the platform to advance and exceed the business all over the world. Online marketing is now getting successful, and people like online shopping to avoid traveling towards the markets.

Social Networking on Teenagers

Social media is not only giving a positive impact but also a critical role in the lives of teenagers. High technology gives literacy skills, developmental growth, and information management to teenagers, but they are not readily accessed. They can discuss creative ideas on their assignments and talk about their homework by connecting with their friends on social media. It provides fun and entertainment in a teenager’s life. It develops awareness in teenagers, the groom than to face all responsibilities and problems in their life. The skills of reading and writing of teenagers can also get better from social media. Diversity and tolerance are building in teenagers, and it connects them all coming from a different culture, religion, and lingual background. 68% of teenagers are claiming that they are getting support from social media in every difficulty.

Teenagers are spending more time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are wasting their time on that and not giving attention to their students. Students are scoring bad grades because of social media. By the excess use of social media and these apps, it can cause many health and brain problems in them.  Depression, Anxiety, Envy, and Sleep Deprivation are the problems that can develop among teenagers. It helps them to learn technical skills. Online movies and games are making violence. Teenagers are not able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Social media is building their interest in sex and drugs, which is making them confused. And only because of its unwanted pregnancies and sexual attitude are increasing among our youngsters.

Now happiness is coming at the price because everything is becoming commercial. The advertisers are now targeting teenagers for the ramp to increase their revenues due to which teenagers are dropping their studies and lacking in educational institutes.

Handling of Social Media bad influence

Exposure to social media is a part of today’s modern life, but it has many adverse impacts on the youth, which have to be changed. Children should know how to identify the wrong side of social media. Parents should try to keep check and balance on their children, on what they are watching on TV and a mobile phone. Their parents should check the messages and interests of teenagers. Parents should try to negotiate rules and limits on them and choose to ban those games and apps which they don’t feel comfortable in allowing them.

Children should positively use advanced technology. The websites and videos that are not good for them should have to be ban from social media. Schools should provide their students with the real purpose of using social media. And parents should guide their children the right way to use each site on social media. And the Government should make some provisions for the guarantee of the authenticity of the information on social networking. Teenagers should build the ability to distinguish online details correctly.

Responsibilities of Social Media

Social media is responsible for taking the position towards the real world, and it comes in the lives of all the generations and grows with stereotypes and images of the person that is not able to enjoy the qualities and advantages. Businesses use media for promoting themselves, which is very beneficial for them. Children are taking information from them. Women and men get advice, facilities for shopping, searching, connecting, and stalking from social media.  If one doesn’t have the facility of social media, they can surround anyone who is using social media too much. Social media has developed itself in everything that is going in the entire world.

Social Media Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, social media will further continue to facilitate us and get sometimes harmful if something is not done for it. People don’t use beyond the excess limit, and they should care about it because it can cause problems, nationally and internationally. Social media is constructive in creating connections and networking but should have to be careful about the negative effects of social media. And people should indeed change destructive patterns of the use of social media before it gets exceed and become the reason to destroy society. Easy and fast access to information is beneficial in our community.

In short, the social media essay sheds light that the negative impacts of social media outweigh the positive effects in society having children, teenagers, youngsters, and older people. Social media is the best tool for people if they use it correctly, but most the people abuse it and misuse it in different ways that are destroying today’s generation. It could not make anyone feel alone, as it is best to get entertain. Despite all, it is the reason why technology is increasing rapidly in the world and why every country is progressing in its matters. Social media makes the advanced world.

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