A persuasive argument with a proposal claim-Student Motivation


The education and the effectiveness of the youth is one of the most important factors that help economies to get the high level of growth. But it is seen that the motivational level of the students creates the problem of high grades and the productivity in future that impose a negative impact on the success of the business organizations in which they work in future. The students only learn the things to get the grades or pass the semesters not for improving their skills whose big reason is their low level of motivation. Most of the previous studies reveal the fact that motivation is a process that acts as motivating and inspiring the students and the persons to act in a progressive way that helps them to attain the high success. Without motivation, people are not able to attain high success because lack of motivation imposes a negative impact on their willingness to work hard. So, it’s essential to understand that what are the factors or issues that affect the motivation level of the students and how they can be overcome to improve the skills and grades of the students.

The motivation is mainly linked with the engagement of the students when the students are not motivated their level of the engagement also gets low that impose a negative impact on their grades and the development of the learning. The teachers have to understand the significance of the motivation and realize the fact that motivation matters a lot because it is considered as the central to the students learning. The motivation also helps to determine how much the students are engaged in their learning and work, how well the students preserve during the challenging time and how hard the students work (Saeed & Zyngier, 2012).

In this the reward, student mindset and the relationship between students and teachers are essential. As nowadays most of the students uses modern learning method and most educational institutions for the ease of student’s offers online courses. But it is observed that in the e-learning the motivation of the students are most important for attaining the success as compared to the traditional class room learning.due to lack of motivation not achieve the good grades or sometimes leave the course without completing it (McKay, 2015)

Consequently, knowing the issues that affect the motivation level of the students are most important for students, academic policymakers, parents and educational institutions to improve the student’s engagement and motivation level. This research paper will analyzes the major issues that link with the motivation level of students and suggest the ways to improve it.

Knowing the issues that affect the motivation level of the students are most important for their future career development and their present grades. Education is important for the growth of economies if the country literacy level is high this show that they have talented people that support the economy to develop effective strategies that boost the economic growth and also the foreign direct investment. Therefore, this study is much important for the students, teachers, and all other stakeholders that are related to the academic sector because it helps to identify the issues that reduce the motivation of the students which affect their performance and engagement level, and also suggest the techniques through which the motivation level of the students will be improved.

The motivation is undoubtedly the essential factor that educationalists can target to improve the learning. Several of the cross-disciplinary models have been suggested in order to explain the motivation. Whereas each theory has few truth, but still now no theory appears to sufficiently explain all of the human motivation (Williams & Williams, 2018). The one solution that is most effective according to me to improve the motivation of the students is a teaching environment. In the teaching environment the classroom environment, teachers interaction with students, classroom setting etc. because its observed that when the environment of learning is effective and boost the competition-based environment of learning it will enhance the engagement level of the students and improve the communication between students and teachers, and among their peers they get motivated, and as a result, their performance will be improved.

The educational institutions through changing and introducing the new ways of learning like competition and game theory implementation this increase the learning motivation level of students. For this, the institutions have to provide training to their faculty member to change their way of teaching and adopt the way that improves the engagement level and ensure high communication. As a result student’s motivation raise and they try to learn the things with their heart. By this proposal, the students, teachers and the educational institutions will be affected and get many benefits of this research. The resources and the things that are needed for the implementation of this proposal in practical life includes the training  to the teachers in order to improve their learning skills, implementation of competitive learning environment and the learning courses that improve the student’s engagement. By this implementations, this proposal work in reality not only in theory.

The alternative solutions to improve the motivation of the students are reward system, proper evaluation system, changing the mindset of the students, ensure the teamwork, offer flexibility to students, giving the students the sense of control, use the examples and become the role model, set the realistic performance objective and punishment policy, etc. like when on the good performance students attained the reward they become motivated and other students also work hard to get the rewards. The teamwork is also essential for improving motivation because in this the students learn from the other team member that enhance their learning. Flexibility also enhance the motivation because in that case students learn the things when they have time and able to do the things with full concentration that enhance their motivation and level of engagement

The recommendation of using the effective environment, engage students in learning and competitive based environment is most effective and preferable because it not only boosts the motivation level of the students but also help them to improve their skills that proven useful for them to attain the high future career growth.


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