Saunders Research Onions Essay

Introduction to Saunders research onions

The research onion is a popular phenomenon in concept which was developed by the researchers.

This research onion has several stages and phases involved in this, and the concept is helpful in the research work and Research Development. Moreover, Research is known as onion because it has many layers, just like the vegetable onion.

In other words, the name gives a more detailed analysis and description of all the phases of the research process, which is involved in theoretical research.

So whenever the researcher is working on a topic, and he has to work on research, then there are a lot of things that have to be done. So all this task is incorporated in different stages, and their port research has some steps and procedures, or we can say that it has layers.

So an effective research methodology that is designed must include the number of layers and stages which can help the researcher is working on the research, and it is producing significant research as well.

The researcher who developed the onion research methodology came up with this idea that the research onion has to go from an outer layer to the inner layer, and this is the reason why this concept involves a lot of layers and stages (Nevins, 2018).

Saunders stated that each layer of the onion has an association, and they define the research process in a particular way. Therefore each and every segment is important, and it will add more details to the research topic.

The research process was very important for him, and therefore, he has used the idea of onion research to emphasize the research process, which is essential for the researcher.



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