In Leveraging Good Will: Strengthening Non-profits by Engaging Business, author has delivered the text that is of great importance for non-profit governance improvement. Korngold has poured the light over the facts that how the non-profit organizations must recruit, attract, orient and deploy the volunteers from different enterprises, persistent with their potential responsibilities as board members.

Her book is the good and most effective part of the guidance for those people who want to learn about the non-profit organization’s rules and deployment of the employees for successful committed workforce production in non-profit organizational scenario. New insights are packaged in the book as it is written for the practitioner audience, on the basis of standard good practices. It format is entertaining and the reading is user friendly that makes it more popular among the business class. A matchup of the business organizations and volunteers for non-profit organizations is the crux dealing of this book.

The author has the writing power being a large time frame matchmaking ability holder. Grounded upon the inner flap and the title of the book jacket, I perceived that a reader can find a descriptive analysis of non-profit organizations and business also including but not confining to the volunteers projects regarding services, marketing of cause relating issues, along with the joint ventures. Readers who are interested in the books might be disappointed about book’s limited nature. A wealth of the advice is given in this book regarding strengthening power of non-profit boards and motivates business for facilitating workforce’s involvement in the volunteer factors like non-profits, mainly as board members, with a later emphasis on working as the consultants of volunteer management.

A cheerleading and positive tone of the book with some potential problem’s acknowledgement and possible responses towards them is best about book. Each chapter is started with the inspirational quotes and success stories about judicial cases are cited in the parallel manner with all concepts. My cynical nature was at restlessness by the ending of book reading about more sticky issues and controversial issues regarding board of governance. More than I do expect from author in various issues and problems uncovered include stakeholder’s representation by board of members, appropriate differentiation strategy for staff responsibilities and board and the employer’s interest consideration for the non-profit organization by board of members.



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