Essay On COVID-19

Definition Of COVID-19:

CO is for corona and VI stands for virus and D is for the disease. This disease refereed as2019 as it invented in the end of 2019. Coronavirus is the new virus linked to the same family of the viruses as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and a few types of the common cold.

The World Health Organization declared this virus as a new and dangerous virus that is originated in China. Coronavirus family cause illnesses that range from the common cold to severe diseases like severing the SARS and MERS.

Effects And Causes:

Coronavirus also circulates in animals and transmitted between humans and animals. Different coronaviruses circulate in the animals which haven’t infected the humans yet. The coronavirus is on seventh known for affecting the humans named the COVID-19.

The common signs of infection like fever, breathing, and coughing difficulties and issues. In severe cases, it also causes pneumonia and multiple the failure of organs and deaths. COVID is contagious before the symptoms appear and by which people infected by the virus.

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Infected patients by the virus can asymptomatic by the mean that doesn’t display symptoms that despite having the virus in systems. WHO was alert by China to the cases of unusual pneumonia in the Wuhan, a city of China? COVID-19 originated in the seafood market that which wildlife sold illegally.

According to Chinese researchers, a virus spread from the infected animal towards humans by trafficked illegal pangolins and prized in Asia for medicine and food. Coronaviruses are the group of the related virus which cause diseases in birds and mammals. Coronaviruses also cause the respiratory infections tract which ranges from the mild to the lethal.

Coronavirus causes just mild illness and it makes people ill. It is a disease that can be fatal. Most of the older people and pre-existing conditions of patients like blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems appear as vulnerable. Antibiotics don’t work against viruses. COVID is the virus in which antibiotics not used for the prevention and for the treatment.

Symptoms of coronavirus are simple cough and fever and headaches and sore throat. Coronavirus strains that coronaviruses appear for stabling at the lower and the freezing temperatures for the period, food safety, and food hygiene practices that prevent transmission by food. People of different ages infected by a new coronavirus and people having asthma, heart disease, and diabetes appear for moving the vulnerable to become ill with the virus.

The coronavirus is the respiratory virus that spreads by droplets that generated when the infected people sneezes or coughs by droplets of discharge and saliva from the nose. Coronaviruses are roughly spherical and large particles with the bulbous by surface projections.

Structure Of COVID-19:

The structure of the coronavirus is like an envelope in the electron micrographs that appears as the shells of electron-dense. This envelope also consists of the lipid bilayer and has 74 particles and a subset that has a shorter spike surface of the protein.

There is a nucleocapsid that formed several copies of nucleocapsid protein and it is bound with a positive RNA genome. The infected carries shed the viruses in the environment and interact coronavirus protein with the complementary receptor of cells to determine tissue tropism.

Coronavirus also targets the epithelial cells and transmit it from a single host to another host that depends on coronavirus species.

COVID-19 Pandemic:

COVID-19 is an extraordinary challenge for this world. It affected more than 150 territories and countries and virus upended the lives of families and children, placing the huge strain that overburdened education and health systems.

Coronavirus pandemic defines health issues worldwide of the greatest time and challenges faced by World War II. Countries spreading viruses through treating and testing patients and carrying the contact tracing by limiting the travel and canceling the gathering like events, schools, and concerts.

Coronavirus transmits from one person to another person and it usually contacts the infected patient as the household workplace and care center. There is no vaccine up till now and researchers and scientists are still working on it to make some vaccine for the prevention of this virus.

Awareness About COVID-19:

It has a new strain and no specific vaccine is present by which it can be treated. WHO spread awareness among people and the treatment of the patient based on a clinical condition? The government of Chinese locked down in Wuhan and the virus spread to almost all of the continents except the one Antarctica.

Countries expanded the screening of international travelers. It is also affecting the economy and worries mount the prolonged quarantines and supply chain also disrupt and reduce business travel and tourism and it weakens the global economy and cause a recession. UNICEF preparing for an epidemic of coronavirus around the whole world by knowing virus spread to families and children in communities and countries.

It also continues working with the government to stop the transmission of the virus and keeping families and children safe. The virus transmitted by direct contact to someone with the respiratory droplets of the infected person and it also touches the surfaces by contaminated with the virus.

The symptoms of the COVID also include shortness of the breath and it causes breathing issues. It usually affects more to the already unhealthy people and that have some disease.

Precautions Of COVID-19:

Precautions are very important to avoid this disease. As WHO recommended to people to wash hands and cover nose and mouths with the tissue or elbow while coughing and sneezing. It is important to avoid contact with flu or cold symptoms.

It also seeks medical care and at the start, people have a cough, fever, and fewer breathing issues.  This virus affects pregnant women and children and it is also possible that it may go age for infected with the virus. Coronavirus is fatal in rare cases among older people by pre-existing medical conditions.

It is recommended that coronavirus patients need to be isolated and stop interacting with others to stop its spreading as it doesn’t have any vaccine yet.

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