How to Write Narrative Essay and Choose Best Narrative Essay topics


What is Narrative Essay? How to Write Narrative Essay? These are the questions we usually think about before writing a narrative essay. Some might think a narrative essay is similar to telling a story. A narrative essay can be written for sharing your personal experience as a complete summary, or you can write it as making a point. The narrative essay can be written to prioritize the importance of some experience. The narrative essay can be practical, private, and anecdotal to allow the students and writers to express themselves in a creative and innovative way. Everyone enjoys the best experience and a good story that captures the mind of the reader and takes them into their imaginations. However, the narrative essays go further in capturing the imaginations. The purpose of the narrative essay is not to tell an entertaining story, and the objective of the narrative essay is to tell the importance of the experience. The narrative essays involve the elements of non-fiction. The writers can write the true stories by plotting a proper building technique of the narrative essay.

Why are the narrative essays written?

The narrative essays are written to tell stories that are based on real-life examples and fictional stories. The narrative essays are written for the complete conventions, storytelling, the climax, and a proper start, plot, and the ending is described in the narrative essay for the reader.

The writer writes this essay in the 1st person, and the fundamental purpose of the writer is to tell the readers about the personal experience, not only experience the writer also makes the clarification of points for the understanding of the readers and to tell why the story or the narrative essay is important to share with the readers. Why are narrative essays assigned?  The narrative essays are written to test the ability of the student to tell a story in an interesting and clear way.

Characteristics of the Narrative Essay

What are the characteristics of the narrative essay? How are the narrative essays written? The narrative essays are written in an informal essay writing style. The narrative essay is written in a style of to inform about some experience not to create argue in the mind of the reader or teach about something. The narrative essay describes a person, event, or tells a story in detail. A narrative essay is non-fictional; it tells about the personal experience of an individual. The narrative essay must contain the beginning or starting point of the story or experience, a certain plot, the main points, and the climax of the narrative essay. The combination of different verbs, adverbs, adjectives is used to write a narrative essay.

  1. Narrative Essays are written always written from one person’s point of view.
  2. Narrative Essays can range from important to insignificant topics.
  3. Narrative Essays are always told chronologically.
  4. Narrative Essays always have a purpose.
  5. Narrative Essays may include dialogues, and there is a proper method how to punctuate the dialogues in a narrative essay correctly.
  6. The writer must be aware of the words and the transitions used in the paragraphs.
  7. The choices of words used in the sentences must be descriptive, innovative, expressive, and informative. The extraneous details in the narrative essay are added to attract the attention of the reader. If the extraneous details are distracting the attention of the reader, don’t involve such details.
  8. It is always written with bright portrayals, descriptions, and imaginary images with sensual details that involve the reader.
  9. It is written in a descriptive and merely informative form to convey the event in more detail.
  10. The writer conveys the large message effectively to the readers. For example, the event that happened in the writer’s life on which he is writing the narrative essay will allow the reader to identify the climax, life lesson, goal, achievement, or conclusion.

Steps for Writing Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are not just written for describing a story it is written to develop the mind of the reader to understand the Lesson that the writer has learned through his/her personal experience. You must create an outline for what experience you are going to share with the readers. The sentences used for writing narrative essays are short and small sentences. The writing process gives the better and best result for the

  1. The words used in the narrative essay must be interesting, vivid, and colourful so that the writer must feel the same experience while reading the essay as you have experienced.
  2. Narrative Essay is usually expressed chronologically.
  3. A narrative essay is written in the first person context, but it can describe the third-person perspective, or the third-person perspective may be used in the narrative essay.
  4. All the elements used in the narrative essay must support the point you are explaining. The elements must support the point in the first sentence and 1st
  5. In the narrative essay, you can use flashbacks and flash-forwards to build a climax in the narrative essay.
  6. The sequence in the narrative essay must be like an interesting story.
  7. The narrative essays must be written in the prewriting phase. It is particularly important. When and how to start the narrative essay about your life experience, goals, achievements, and fears.
  8. Once you have chosen a topic, spend time sorting through the memories and recalling the events, season, people, memories, objectives involved.
  9. Keep in mind that small events, incidents, and memories can make a good narrative essay topic.
  10. Once you have chosen a topic, spend some more time creating an outline of the narrative essay. It can help you in the narrative flow of the essay.
  11. After creating an initial draft, you must use techniques to make the story alive. And use the form of verbs, especially the first person “I,” can give imminence and engage the reader.
  12. After writing an essay, just read it again for the understanding of the progression events? Do the transitions make sense or confuse the reader.
  13. Does the transition in the essay make sense to the reader? Does the essay involve the attention of the reader or confuse the reader?

Choosing a best narrative essay topic

It’s not an easy task to choose the best narrative essay topic. Narrative essays are a part of the student’s life, and every student must have to write narrative essays once in their semester. Narrative essay assignments vary from most important fiction stories to least important. And students are usually assigned the narrative essay, and the directions for writing an essay are given by the teacher. But how to choose the best narrative topic is a complex problem? Sometimes the topic is assigned by the teacher, but mostly the students have to choose a topic. If you need help in choosing the best narrative essay, you can find our help.

In structuring a narrative essay, it’s the writer’s choice how to connect the theme and the experience and how to reveal the significance of the experience while involving the attention of the reader. Choosing a topic will help you to start your creativeness and innovative ideas to write an essay about your experience.

Best Narrative Essay Topics

The top best narrative essay topics for increasing your creativity and writing skills are given below:

  1. My first day in School
  2. My Secret Talent I never shared with Anyone
  3. My favorite vacation with my family.
  4. The best birthday party I ever had.
  5. How I dealt with the monster in my dreams.
  6. The Lesson I have l have learned from the Hardest time in my life.
  7. A trip with my friends that I will never forget.
  8. My achievement that I am proud of.
  9. The worst nightmare.
  10. My most enjoyable Christmas.
  11. The Thing I Fear the Most.
  12. Seeing a deer for the first time in my life.
  13. An experience that put me in Danger.
  14. Losing my friend was the hardest time in my life.
  15. The best teacher from my school I will never forget.
  16. A teeny tiny Treasure Box.
  17. He left soI could Learn.
  18. I learned a life lesson from my experience.
  19. What I would do if I were invisible.
  20. The School rules are really missing.


The narrative essays are written to involve the reader in the experience of the writer. The narratives essay upfront the reader in understanding someone’s personal experience. Normally the essays are assigned as the task by teachers, and students must have to write the best narrative essays for the creative writing purpose. The writer must follow the structure and characteristics of the narrative essay to make it more understandable for the reader. The choices of the words, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and transitions must be chosen carefully.

The proofreading of the narrative essay is compulsory to check whether the larger message has been conveyed effectively to the reader. The writers make themes and connections of the objectives involved in the essay from the opening paragraph to the closing paragraph.  The correction of grammar, mechanics, writing style, and clarity is important after concluding the essay.

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