70 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For 2021

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Essay writing is the matter of critical thinking, presentation, and illustration of the data to plan the structure and write the latest information regarding the selected topics. In each English essay, it is important to begin with the main introductory section that is going to develop the base of the topic that will help in creating the understanding of the point of view for the readers or audience. The argumentative essay can be based on the diversified ideologies, methodologies, and interests of the writing or the hot-topics that are causing the uproar in public to influence them for brainstorming work. While writing the foreign language exam and argumentative essay, it is essential for the writer to be proficient in the foreign language to delay their concept in a well-organized manner. Besides this, many other factors are also helping in writing up the qualitative form essay by reading, translating, and listening to the comprehensive data and material available regarding the topic to write or answer the language exam questions much efficiently. This relay of the information is the most significant step that holds importance because the whole work, brainstorming, and the efforts put in preparation are being illustrated through this phase.

Preparing for the foreign language exam is usually focused on English essay writing. It requires in-detailed analyses of the English essay topics to come up with a worthwhile subject to discuss with the authentic literature and information. This point came up with the topic and gathered all relative material is little tuff job that can build the base of the whole concept to develop the structure of the essay. This whole task should be performed with the interest and dedication that is a little tuff job to do. It can help the student to understand the format and flow of the ideas that they are going to present in their exam writing.

What should we need to keep in mind while selecting the topic for the argumentative essay?

It is better to choose the topic of interest when you are working on selecting the topic for the argumentative essay because it will create a much higher chance to grow through the literature with personal interest to generate the topic, which is much easier and exciting for you to discuss. As you select the area of interest, then you must need to keep in mind, the topic should have an impact on strengthening the existing literature that can provide great significance to the selected topic in front of the examiner. The second step is based on the data collection for the topic that should be based on the authentic information and literature from reliable resources that will make the argumentative essay much more liable to get much higher marks in the exam.

Most importantly, the structure of the essay holds great importance because no matter how much qualitative data you had, if it is not relayed properly, then it will lose its significance in front of the examiner, for getting the inspiration to read the best and the popular essay of your interest to write the good structure and organized essay for yourself. The following sections hold great importance in the structure of the argumentative essay.

Introduction_ This session is the face of the essay. If it was written in good form, then it will develop an image of students writing skills and help in the development of the main theme of the topic in front of the examiner. It is the quickest and basic way to present your point of view to highlight the central idea of the whole concept. It should not be too long because you need to focus on this section but not put extra effort to keep building the base thicker and thicker that it will consume the time of the other important sections.

Body_ This section is based on all collected information and the literature that you want to convey to their examiner for justification and support of your topic. It could be a little longer than the introductory portion. It started with the simple statement that got stronger and stronger with the flow of concept that will be backed up with stronger statements about the topic, which can extend to few paragraphs to provide evidence for the ideology you are promoting. It is ended with the objective aspects of the topics to make it a multi-dimensional concept. This makes your essay pack with all the possible aspects that need to be discussed regarding your topic. It also presents that you have thoroughly have gone through the topic while creating your point of view. This type of approach can make the essay much stronger and familiar with numerous points of view to make the work much stronger.

Conclusion_ The ending of the essay should be done through the conclusion section that will restate the whole concept in a summary manner to convey the clear-cut ideas in stronger sentences to leave a long-lasting impact on the readers. Sometimes, people avoid reading the extensive context, or even a few paragraphs is too much for them. They prefer to read the conclusion to get the idea of the essay to select for their worth and significance before putting time into reading the whole. In conclusion, although it lacks the depth of knowledge, it can express the nature of the completely argumentative essay to show that it is good enough or not.

Best 70 Argumentative Essay Topics

The latest argumentative essay could be based on any genre and field, which holds your interest, and you are confident that you can back up the idea with authentic data. Argumentative essays are the most common and widely written type of work, which are written in schools and colleges to improve the English skills of the students for preparing them to get good remarks in language exams. For as if you are preparing for ILETS or TOFEL, then it will be going to reflect your English skills and opinion refection in the most effective way. There are examples of Argumentative essays that are given below for the convenience of the writers.

Latest Politics Based Argumentative Essay Of 2021

  1. Do the election system is making a fair selection nowadays?
  2. Is the death penalty is effective enough to control crimes?
  3. How much our electoral college is updated enough to justify the demand of raising complicated cases?
  4. Should the tax lowering bills be passed in parliament?
  5. How many more supreme courts needed to be developed for providing in-time justice in the pilled case?
  6. What age should be preferred for drinking?
  7. Are the religious war should be handled strictly?
  8. Do the country gun possession laws are enough to control gun smuggling in the nation?
  9. Can the smuggling of marijuana be controlled by creating new laws and policies?
  10. Should the court elected officials need to be done by the internal or external committee to make it fair?

Health Care Argumentative Essay Topics In 2021

  1. Does paid maternal leaves should be promoted in private sectors?
  2. Should men also give paternity leaves in all organizations?
  3. How can we limit smoking in public?
  4. Does completely banning smoking in public is the best approach?
  5. Should the diet and health promotional activities need to be taught in schools?
  6. Should the fat control required be essentially done by dieting only?
  7. Can health care services improve by developing the personal interest of the patients?
  8. Are teens age facing more health issues due to poor dieting habits?
  9. Can the government provide all the required facilities to their citizens?
  10. Can abortion is ethically acceptable in all countries.

Art And Culture Argumentative Essay Topic In 2021

  1. Which era is the best decade for pop music?
  2. Does present music is good quality than the classical ones?
  3. Do we need to reform the copyright policies and laws to protect the creative work of musicians?
  4. Can video games are elevating violence in teenagers?
  5. Do calligraphy and painting are making the student more creative than abstract art?
  6. Could the graffiti consider as vandalism or art?
  7. Could art education is as significant as applied sciences?
  8. Should music be taught as a compulsory subject to make the students related?
  9. Does music sharing is helpful for the artist to come up with new artwork?
  10. Can practical exposure is more helpful for art students than books?

Best Sport Based Argumentative Essay Topic In 2021

  1. Should the athletes give extra relaxation in attendance is ethical?
  2. Does the student-athletes are given enough supports for their career development?
  3. What are the best practices to increase the health and safety of sportspersons?
  4. Which country has the best sports professionals?
  5. Should the sports be categorized or periodize on a gender basis?
  6. Do sports students need to have much higher moral values than others?
  7. How can we inspire students to take part in sports?
  8. Can sports is part of a healthy lifestyle?

Technology-Based Argumentative Essay Topics In 2021

  1. Does our generation is much more dependent on dial technology?
  2. Is internet access an essential facility for all organizations?
  3. How is this digitalized era can effecting lifestyles?
  4. Must free internet access be provided in all public places?
  5. Is social media allowed to collect data regarding their users?
  6. Using social media is really affecting the accident ratios.
  7. Should wearing a body cam become necessary for the polices forces?
  8. Does the internet use id affecting the delicate mind of children negatively?

Short And Easy Argumentative Essay Topics In 2021

  1. Problems of youth being ignored by parents.
  2. Parents are getting distant from their children.
  3. Husband and wives having arguments because of third parties.
  4. Body language is the medium to study the mind of individuals.
  5. Gestures of politeness are helping society to lessen the stress level.
  6. Religious knowledge of teenagers is getting poor.

Trending Argumentative Essay Topics In 2021

  1. Global challenges faced by the organization during a pandemic.
  2. Policies and laws are stricken in the lockdown for the safety of the public.
  3. Technology is becoming the new medium of life during the covid-19 crisis.
  4. Political development and relations are being compromised because of the falling economic state.
  5. Online and home-based work is keeping the business running in this pandemic.
  6. The aviation industry and tourism have faced the biggest setback because of the social distancing and lockdown.
  7. Is competition in the market have a negative impact on the business profits?
  8. Do children become too much addicted to their phones?
  9. Should animals be used in drug experiments?
  10. Is technology making our lives easier?
  11. Should self-defense be taught as compulsory education?
  12. Do electric cars are the solution for the pollution in our ecosystem?
  13. Can cycling lessen the environmental pollutants?
  14. Organic food is economical for the residents of developing countries.
  15. A plastic ban is the best approach for controlling environmental issues.
  16. Why have wildfires been increased in the last few years?
  17. Increasing earth temperature is the aftereffect of global warming.
  18. Natural wind and solar power resources need to normalize for making the environmentally friendly approach.

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