Emerging Technology And Social Networking Essay

Paper with a futuristic view about the effect of emergent technology on social networking

Emerging Tech, Social Networking are becoming much popular in this phase of rapidly changing web technology, where web 2.0 is being replaced with web 3.0 Social Networking sites such as Orkut, MySpace have much replaced by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat etc.  with the advanced and emergent web technology and APIs. Moreover, smartphones with apps associated with them have enabled the young generation to keep in touch with their social network all the way. Now social networking applications have also enabled recruiters to facilitate an impromptu face-to-face meeting with top talented gays outside the structured assessment process.

Rich Internet Apps:

Rich Internet Apps is the emerging technology that has already revolutionized the web 1.0 and resulted in the growth of web 2.0 with the emergence of social networking, blogging, and video streaming sites.

The greatly anticipated Web 3.0 is just around the corner, as the concept of the web as an interconnected platform is once again changing the landscape and experts have started to leverage the RIA technologies that are accessible across various devices, the wide range of services, bloggers, and social networks. Based on the available technology of RIA, new contextual applications can be developed to offer a unified experience across multiple devices. This gives an edge to social networking as the users can easily and conveniently access information.

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